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I will hold you hear for all time, and every night, I will mutilate you, rape you and murder you. I will murder everything you love, and make them see your face as the killer. I will ruin everything you find beautiful. I will twist your mind until you are as grotesque and perverted as the rest of us.
~ The Holder of Agony torturing the Seeker.

The Holder of the Agony, simply known as the Holder of Agony, is one of an unknown number of Holders (possibly hundreds) in the series of Creepypasta stories known as The Holders, appearing in the story of the same name. Like the other Holders in the series, the Holder of Agony protects one of 538 objects, in this case Object 65, that will presumably bring untold horrors on the world if brought together.


If a Seeker wishes to gain Object 65, they must go to any mental institution or halfway house they can find and ask for someone who calls themselves "The Holder of the Agony". The person behind the front desk will refuse to show the Seeker, and they must continue asking until they agree. They will then be taken to a room with no number, where the receptionist will kick them through the doorway and shut the door. A few minutes later, the door will open again, and a hooded figure will enter. This is the Holder of the Agony. When the door closes, it will be darker than before.

The Seeker will immediately feel the Holder pressed against them, and hear the words "I know you...". The Seeker will then feel every form of pain and discomfort imaginable, including being watched and being raped. The Seeker must then ask "Why are they in pain?", which the Holder will respond to by telling them that it will hold them their for eternity and mutilate, rape and murder them every night, which the Seeker will feel. The Holder will then stab the Seeker in the abdomen, impaling them, as it continues to whisper to them what it will do to them, all of which the Seeker will feel as it does so. The Holder will then plunge more and more blades into the Seeker's body. The Seeker must not scream or move at any point during the torture, or they will be trapped there for all eternity, constantly being forced to endure every form of agony..

If the Seeker survives the torture for long enough, the Holder will speak. If it says "This glory is reserved for those who have proven themselves”, then the Seeker will never leave, and will remain being tortured by the Holder, suffering so greatly that anyone who has seen their face or heard their name will have nightmares of their agony even in the afterlife.

However, if it says "Your whole existence of forever is untouched by this agony", the Seeker must reply "The agony fills us all until they have stopped hurting". Failure to do so will result in the Seeker "never know[ing] another moment without torture... each day [they] will consider the prior day's pain to be the tickle of a feather". If the Seeker correctly responds, then the Holder will cease its torture, and crumble into dust, leaving behind its cloak, under which will be a leather pouch which must never be opened, or "a plague that even Hell wouldn't condone" will be unleashed. The contents of the bag is Object 65.


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