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Mors ultima linea rerum est. (Translated: Death is everything's final limit).
~ The Holder of Cruelty

The Holder of Cruelty is one of an unknown number of Holders (possibly hundreds) in the series of Creepypasta stories known as "the Holders series", appearing in the story of the same name. Like the other Holders in the series, the Holder of Cruelty protects one of 538 objects that will presumably bring untold horrors on the world if brought together.

Summoning the Holder of Cruelty

To summon the Holder of Cruelty, the Seeker who wants to gain Object 55 must enter a location where death has cursed and ask for an audience with the Holder. A black pedestal with a crumbling skull and a bowl atop it will then rise from the ground in front of the Seeker and an ancient voice will sound in the Seeker's head, telling them that "death is everything's final limit". The Seeker has to gather the beating hearts of their most loved friends and relatives and put them in the bowl. If they fail, or the hearts stop beating, they will "blacken". (No information is provided about what "blackening" is).

With all the hearts gathered in the bowl, they will melt into a black liquid. The Seeker will begin to hear the voices of the people who the hearts belonged to speaking to them in an unfamiliar language. The Seeker must ignore them, although what will happen if they fail is once again not made clear.

The Seeker must then gather the dead bodies of their five most hated enemies and pour the black liquid down their throats. The bodies will re-animate and "blacken", described in the story as "wicked puppets hailing to their cursed master". The Seeker must then feed the creatures five young, living children. If the Seeker feels remorse, they will die. The creatures will drink the children's blood right out of their veins before eating them whole. As they are eaten, the children will feel the pain of a century of torture (presumably caused by the influence of the Holder).

Once the children have been eaten, the creatures will surround the Seeker and demand his or her heart. They must remove it quickly and give it to Them to be eaten. The creatures will then disappear, leaving the Seeker alone. However, the Seeker will hear voices in their head. The voices are Object 55 of 538, and "when all is blackened, they will guide you to Him".


  • Given the horrific acts that the Seeker is forced to perform, the Holder of Cruelty can be considered one of the most evil Holders in the entire series.


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