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Just as it was foretold.
~ The Holder of Gore

The Holder of Gore is one of the Holders in the Creepypasta series known as The Holders, appearing in Holder of Gore. She protects Object 226, one of 538 objects that will cause some great unknown event if brought together.


To summon the Holder of Gore, the Seeker who wants to gain Object 226 must go to any mental asylum of halfway house they can find and repeatedly ask to see the Holder. Eventually, the clerk will lead them to a dark cellar and give them a torch. If it goes out, or the Seeker stops to discover the source of the screams coming from around them, they will die.

The Seeker will eventually come to a fork of two different hallways. One will be bright, and the other dark. If the Seeker does not take the dark one, they will be trapped forever as the torch will go out. After walking for a long time down the dark path, they will find a door covered in bloody handprints and with the skeletons of other Seekers littered around. The Seeker must stop and ask "What can hurt Them?" before entering; any other question will result in instant death.

When the Seeker enters, they will find three men hanging by their ankles. Using Object 225 (they must have this, or the ritual will not work) they must choose to either kill them or set them free. If the Seeker decides to set them free, the torch will go out and they will be devoured by the creatures that live in the dark. If the Seeker decides to kill them, and the kills are done in a slow, gruesome and bloody manner, then they will hear an evil laugh that may drive them insane.

Assuming they withstand the Holder's evil laugh, the Seeker will hear a voice asking them to put down the knife. Instead, they must demand for the Holder to show herself. She will hiss and lunge at the Seeker, who has to work out where it came from and dodge her. If they succeed, every candle in the room will light and reveal a woman with body of a snake, but with long arms with razor sharp nails on each finger. She will try to kill the Seeker, who is forced to fight her to the death. If the Seeker successfully stabs her in the heart, she will say "Just as it was foretold" and die. The final stage of the ritual is to remove her heart and squeeze it until it bursts, as Object 226 is her blood.


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