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The Holder of Justice is one of the Holders in the Creepypasta series known as The Holders, appearing in Holder of Justice. He protects Object 189, one of 538 objects that will cause some great unknown event if brought together.


To summon the Holder of Justice, the Seeker who wants to obtain Object 189 must go to any mental institution or halfway house they can find and ask to see the Holder. They will be given a dog leash and a trowel and led to the basement. After going through a trapdoor in the corner, they will emerge in a small room and be forced to escape from the creature that lives there, or their soul will be eaten. After getting out of the room, they will walk down a path, suspended above which are thousands of babies, hanged with their own umbilical cords. The Seeker will see many men tending to a garden. If one collapses, they will come back eventually, as anyone who dies in the garden becomes the Holder's property.

The Seeker must enter the garden and find one specific mandrake root. It is very difficult: the scream of a mandrake is enough to kill a human being, and every hour a monster emerges from the cave where the Holder is to feast on the workers. It will try to kill the Seeker, and is almost impossible to escape.

In the unlikely event that the Seeker succeeds, they will be able to enter a cavern. There they will find an old man sitting in a chair, with another chair across from him. If they sit in the chair, the Holder will rip out their throat. Instead they must stand and ask the man "What did They do wrong?"

The Holder will then answer them: mandrakes will only grow on the spot where an unrepentant murderer was hanged. In ancient times, he discovered this and began killing the perpetrators of unsolved homicide cases, but discovered that younger victims created sweeter roots. Hence he began to hang babies whose births caused the death of the mother, and that is why there are so many baby corpses outside.

If the Seeker shows any sign of outrage or sadness after hearing the Holder's tale, he will break their neck. Instead, the Seeker has to pick up the vacant chair and smash it on the Holder's head before carrying him up a hill, in full view of the workers, and hang him. A single, much less dangerous mandrake will then grow. This is Object 189, and it will wail in agony when they all come together.


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