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The Holder of Slaughter is one of an unknown number of Holders (possibly hundreds) in the series of Creepypasta stories known as The Holders, appearing in the story of the same name. Like the other Holders in the series, the Holder of Slaughter protects one of 538 objects, in this case Object 93, that will presumably bring untold horrors on the world if brought together. The Holder of Slaughter also acts as the Holder's version of Satan, appearing as Ruler of Hell in direct opposition to God. However, unlike other versions of Satan, the Holder of Slaughter does not bother to tempt people into sinning before damning them to Hell, instead targeting anyone regardless of sin.

Summoning the Holder of Slaughter

If a Seeker wishes to find Object 93, they must go to any church where a wedding is being conducted, approach the organ player and ask to see the Holder of Slaughter. The organ player will then hand the Seeker a machete, and they must walk round the church locking all the doors, although nobody but the organ player will notice then. The organ player, who is in fact the Holder, will then strike up a sad, haunting melody on the organ. At the thirtieth measure, the Seeker must use the machete to kill the nearest person to them, and then walk through the church killing all the guests. As they do this, the Seeker must not hesitate or feel any remorse, or the dark forces within the blade will possess them and torture their soul with endless remorse while their body becomes a tool of the Holder. They must also not listen to the preacher's sermon about the good deeds of humanity, or the same fate will befall them.

Once the rows are clear, the Seeker must kill anyone trying to break open the doors and escape, and the survivors, including the bride and groom, will gather around the podium. Flames will then burst from the organ, and the Seeker must tell the terrified survivors that "Only the tainted fear death" before cleaving the groom's head in two. His skeleton will then leap out and attack the preacher, severing his arteries. The Seeker must then kill the rest of the survivors, with the exception of the bride.

Once all but the Seeker, the bride and the Holder are dead, the bride will collapse and begin to weep, and the Seeker must approach her and ask "Where is God?". If she begins to laugh, then God is in the church, and the Seeker will experience more suffering than all the horrors of the Old Testament combined for their actions in the church. However, if she continues weeping, then the Seeker must pull her into an embrace, and give the machete to the Holder, who will then use it to stab the Seeker, impaling them and the bride, both of whom will burst into flames.

The Seeker will reappear in a hellish version of the church, where all the dead from their rampage will be chained up, with the exception of the bride, who will be bound to a rack-like device. Clusters of grotesque, malformed demons will peruse the crowd, randomly grouping together and ravishing the helpless souls, staining them with gouts of saliva, semen, and blood. After an eternity of this, the demons will all converge on the bride, and will brutally rape her in unimaginably horrifying ways. If the Seeker so much as winces while watching this disturbing spectacle, the demons will treat them in the same manner. Instead, after the demons have departed, the Seeker must approach the Holder and ask him twice "Why do they kill?". He will then explain "the multitude of reasons they have for seeing so many dead". As he does this, the Seeker will see visions of atrocities projected to them by the Holder, with themselves as the instigator, but any show of disgust or sadness will lead to their damnation. Instead, they must ignore these visions, and the Holder will then touch them on the shoulder, incinerating them. The next day, they will wake at home next to a newspaper report on the mysterious massacre of an entire wedding, and a ring known as "the Seal of eternal genocide". The Seal is Object 93.


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