Hey! DJ! You call that music? I call it a racket! Stop scratchin' it around, and give me somethin' I can dance to! If I ain't movin' to the groove when that needle drops, I'm gonna collect your face like a limited-edition seven-inch single!
~ The Hole Punch threatening the DJ Toad on the first music track he plays, and also Hole Punch's first line.
Olivia: Hey! I know you're in the groove and all, but you totally blew all the Toads off the stage! AND you punched their faces out earlier! Did you do that just so they can dance with you? That's monstrous!
Hole Punch: Lady, I couldn't stop groovin' now if I wanted to. So I guess we're gonna have to... FACE. OFF.
~ Hole Punch before challenging Paper Mario.

The Hole Punch, also called The Disco Devil, is a major antagonist in Paper Mario: The Origami King. He is a member of King Olly's Legion of Stationery, guards the yellow origami streamer, and is the third member of the Legion to face Paper Mario. He is a sentient yellow hole puncher.


The Hole Punch was once a regular hole puncher used by the Origami Craftsman to make his origami. It and the rest of the Legion of Stationary were granted life by King Olly to serve as his minions in guarding the streamers, with the Hole Punch sent to guard the yellow streamer in the Scorching Sandpaper Desert.

Hole Punch took over the Temple of Shrooms in the Scorching Sandpaper Desert and imprisoned the sun within a large disco ball so he could turn the temple into a nightclub. He also stole the faces of the Toads of the temple, forcing them to become his disco audience.

When Paper Mario and Olivia reach the temple in the temple, Hole Punch and the end of the yellow streamer are behind a door at the back of a large disco room, with Hole Punch refusing to come out unless the music is changed, threatening to punch a hole in the DJ if he doesn't play music he likes. Paper Mario must find records around the temple and bring them to the disk jockey to play for Hole Punch. If it does not please him, Hole Punch insults it and demands a different song. Only playing "Thrills at Night" impresses him, before he asks Paper Mario to find an audience to join him on the dance floor.

Once Paper Mario finds all Toads in the temple, they hit the dance floor, eventually getting the attention of Hole Punch, prompting him to burst out of his room and onto the dance floor, challenging Mario to a "face-off" as he does so. During the battle, Hole Punch punches four holes onto the ring closest to his space, including the ON button. Falling in one of the holes wastes one turn. Attacking the front of Hole Punch does no damage, meaning Paper Mario must navigate his way to the monster's rubber back to deal damage. In retaliation, Hole Punch punches a hole in Paper Mario with his hole punchers, removing a fourth of his max HP. Hole Punch also attacks by spitting out paper holes, which restore the missing parts of the rings and even Paper Mario's punched out portion, restoring his health if collected.

After enough damage is taken, Hole Punch prepares a grand attack called "The Whole Punch" that deals a tremendous amount of damage to Paper Mario. To protect himself, Paper Mario must activate the Magic Circles and summon the Earth Vellumental, creating a high surface that protects Mario and causes Hole Punch to flip over when he charges at it. This leaves his base exposed, allowing Mario to deal massive amounts of damage to Hole Punch and ultimately finish him off. Upon his defeat, Hole Punch counts down to his body's explosion, causing him to release the punched out faces of the Toads, restoring them back to normal. Mario then destroys the yellow streamer, which also releases the sun from the disco ball and returns the desert to its regular state.

After Olivia's wish reverts her brother's actions, Hole Punch turns back into a regular hole puncher.


Hole Punch, as his name suggests, is a massive hole puncher, with a yellow handle and a black body. This black body has King Olly's face on the bottom.


I hate it! This song was overplayed the first time it hit the airwaves! They tried to make us love it by putting it on high rotation, but I'm not gonna fall for that. No way! Loop the best five seconds, put it in a car commercial, and throw the rest in the trash. I'm done with it!
~ Hole Punch's response to "Heartbeat Skipper".
I hate it! OK, OK, yeah... I can see why people like this song, but it's not for me, you know?
~ Hole Punch's response to "Deep, Deep Vibes".
I hate it! What am I, a tap dancer? The tempo's way too fast on this track! Drop the RPMs! Or better yet, drop the whole album in the dumpster. No, thanks!
~ Hole Punch's response to "M-A-X Power!".
Now that's groovy! Uhhhh! That bass line is making my body do things I never dreamed possible. I'm ready to get down!
~ Hole Punch's response to "Thrills at Night".
Wait, wait, wait... I'm not gonna be the only one down there gettin' loose. Why's this place so dead? Who killed the mood? I'm not gonna cut a rug unless EVERYONE is cutting a rug! Dig?!
~ Hole Punch commanding Paper Mario to gather the faceless Toads for the dance floor.
I am PUMPED. I'm gonna own this dance floor till the break of dawn. And, seeing how there's no sun to rise in here, that means this groove is never gonna end! HEY! C'mon!
~ Hole Punch
I'll start with some moves even amateurs can appreciate. Oooh, c'mon! One, two, PUNCH!
~ Hole Punch before using Hole Punch for the first time.
You wanna dance? You wanna DANCE, bro?! Let me show you what you're up against! Hup! One, two! Alriiight!
~ Hole Punch before attacking Paper Mario for the first time.
Is it time for me to bust out my super-secret dance move? Let's hear it! Make some noooise!
~ Hole Punch before charging The Whole Punch for the first time.
No way! You dodged my special move?! Get back down here so I can two-step your face!
~ Hole Punch after The Whole Punch is dodged for the first time.
Oh, man... Why you have to harsh my groove? We had it bumpin' in here! Let's keep it going anyway. Disco forever! Count it down!
~ Hole Punch's last words.





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