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You can't change the past. But what would you do if you had another chance?
~ Hollow Vergil

Hollow Vergil is the main antagonist in the DLC pack Vergil's Downfall, in the video game DmC: Devil May Cry. He is the physical personification form of Vergil's evil side and seeks to Vergil to break the bonds to embrace the pursuit for power.


Upon Vergil's defeat at the end of DmC: Devil May Cry, and his death at the beginning of Vergil's Downfall, he finds himself injured and struggling his way through a personal hell. Vergil meets his ghostly counterpart soon after being tricked by Hollow Kat and then cut down by Hollow Dante. When he awakens, Hollow Vergil berates Vergil for his failures, and metaphysically steals his wounded heart, while also refusing to relinquish his amulet to someone he believes is unworthy of it.

After Vergil deals with Hollow Kat, he returns to Hollow Vergil and his heart. Reporting that he killed Kat, Hollow Vergil then goads Vergil into his desires for more power, and then hints at killing Dante to be the only Son of Sparda will help him acquire that power. With Hollow Dante defeated, Vergil returns to his counterpart with his brother's amulet in hand. Hollow Vergil speaks of the one who gave them the amulets, and guides Vergil to his next target to confront, his angel mother, Eva. With Vergil's heart mended, and his earthly ties severed, he still continues to seek greater power, aiming to take the amulet that Hollow Vergil possesses. A clash ensues, with Vergil as the winner. Standing over his Hollow form, Vergil strips him of his amulet, and stabs him as he pleads about them being "one and the same." As Hollow Vergil dies, his body disappears, and the remaining energy is absorbed into Vergil's chest.


Hollow Vergil is basically the representation of Vergil's dark and selfish personaility. He is manipluative, and power mad. He sought to help Vergil achieve greater power, first through negative reinforcement and then by influencing him to sever his ties with family and friends. Through the Hollow's guidance, Vergil begins blaming appearances of Kat, Dante, and his mother Eva for his shortcomings and justifying his descent into heartless evil.

Powers and Abilities

Char jafar.jpg
Jafar says: Read my lips and come to grips with the reality!

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  • Hollow Vergil has many similarities towards Hollow Ichigo in the manga and anime Bleach.


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