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The undead Hollows are zombie-like creatures that serve as the basic enemies of the Dark Souls trilogy.


The Hollows are undead people who have lost their sanity due to their prolonged degenerative state caused by the curse of the Darksign. The loss of sanity caused them to become destructive and hostile to any non-hollow creature, even to other undead individuals, like the protagonist.

The Hollows are some of the most frequently encountered enemies in the games, as well as the weakest as they are usually dressed only in drags and their fighting style is rather sloppy. However, they can be very dangerous in large numbers.

Although most Hollows are active and vicious, some of them are found in a catatonic state or emulating the activities they used to do when they were regular people.

Known Hollow Types


Regular Hollow enemies. While very weak, they can become hazards if multiple gang up on the player. They usually have broken straight swords or bow and arrows, although some are equipped with torches.

Hollow Warriors

Hollows wearing the Hollow Warrior set, wielding small swords or axes. At a distance, some throw firebombs.

Hollow Soldiers

Hollows wearing the Hollow Soldier set, wielding longswords or spears. The longsword wielders are agile and charge after the player, while the spear wielders block the player's attacks with their shields, only exposing themselves before they attack.

Hollow Thieves

Hollows wearing the Hollow Thief set and only found in the lower parts of the Undead Burg. They attack in groups, sometimes accompanied by Attack Dogs, using knives that inflict bleed on the player. Like the regular Hollows, they have little health, but are very fragile and dangerous when in groups. They have unique parry and backstab animations, where instead of just stabbing the player, they jump to their back and slice their neck before kicking them down.

Hollow Attack Dogs

Attack dogs which have gone hollow.

Balder Knights

Stronger Hollow Soldiers that guard the Undead Parish and Sen's Fortress, gaining their names from wearing the Balder Set. They can carry side swords, crossbows, and rapiers. The rapier ones are able to parry the player's attack when they point their weapon forward.

Berenike Knights

Heavily armored Hollow Soldiers that guard the Undead Parish, Sen's Fortress and the Painted World of Ariamis. They can carry maces, greatswords and the Tower Shield.

Blowdart Snipers

Hollows residing in Blighttown wearing wooden planks as armor. They have little health and can die to any attack in one hit, but the darts they shoot at the player inflict fast toxic build-up.

Engorged Hollows

Hollows with their heads bloated from toxins. They usually come equipped with torches, while others can throw fireballs. When killed, they release toxic blood that inflicts strong toxic build-up, only not releasing it when killed with a fire elemental weapon.

Catacombs Necromancers

Hollow necromancers who reside in the Catacombs, they can cast fireballs with their skull lanterns and reanimate skeletons.

Hollow Mages

Drangleic mages who have gone hollow. White Hollow Mages reside at Brightstone Cove Tseldora while the Black Hollow Mages reside at Huntsman's Copse. The Black Hollow Mages in particular can reanimate skeletons.


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