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Holly Elizabeth Weaver is an anti-hero in the first two seasons of the Starz TV series Power, but is a supporting antagonist in the third season. She is the intent girlfriend of Tommy Egan.

She is portrayed by Lucy Walters.


Holly works as a waitress at James' club, Truth. As a child, she was molested by her uncle Sam Weaver. She begins to play hard-to-get with Tommy and justifies why he wants her, which Ghost disapproves of since she works for him.

Season 1 and 2

She encourages Tommy to look at the bigger picture to rise above more for his and her gains. After sleeping with him, she finds his stacks of cash hidden in a kitchen cupboard. When he reveals his ways of getting the money, she realizes he lied to her and avoids him until he becomes honest. While the FBI are trying to catch Tommy, who are trying to catch him to get to drug lord Felipe Lobos, they question Holly about him in which Holly refuses to give up any information. Ghost later pays Holly to leave New York as he didnt trust her. Whie leaving, he later tells Tommy everything that happened and cuffs him to a bed which upsets him. She later returns to a pissed off Tommy and explains everything to him. After having a falling out with Ghost, Tommy get back together with Ghost. However, Lobos, who is now locked up and just survived an attempted murder by Ghost, calls Tommy and offers to have him as his main distributor but tells him to kill James to do so, or he'll kill Holly and their dog Bell.

Season 3

While Lobos is putting the pressure on Tommy to kill Ghost, Holly keeps encouraging and coaxing him to do so especially after one of Lobos' henchmen kills Bell. Holly also becomes pregnant which she fails to tell him. She later hires some Jamaican gangsters to kill Ghost, which upsets Tommy. The Jamaicans were killed by Milan just as they were about to kill Ghost and she is accidentally killed by Tommy as he strangled her to death in a fit of rage upon learning that she hired the gangsters to kill Ghost.


She is shown to be a nymphomaniac and a supportive person in Tommy's acts. She seems to be knowledgeable about Tommy and knows when he is lying.


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