Hollywood is a recurring antagonist in the 1994 TV series Gargoyles. He is a gargoyle formerly of the Labyrinth Clan who serves as the clone of Broadway.

He was voiced by Bill Fagerbakke.


Thailog and Demona aged Hollywood to his peak physical age, leaving him radically discolored. Demona named him Hollywood, but Thailog programmed him simply "to obey Thailog". Talon planned to teach them to think for themselves and "to use verbs". Hollywood and his clan-mates held Claw at bay, then departed to Castle Wyvern to reclaim Delilah. When Delilah reaffirms much of the gargoyles to either renew their allegiance to the Labyrinth Clan or to return to Thailog's control, Hollywood decided to return to the Labyrinth Clan, abandoning Thalog for good.


Due to the artificial aging, he has peachy-orange skin, black wings, red eyes, black teeth, and a white mouth. In addition to the loincloth, he wears shoulder and wrist guards, and long metal blades on the wrists of his wings. Hollywood's eyes glow red, not white, as most male gargoyles' eyes do.


  • In the non-canonical the Goliath Chronicles, Hollywood contracted a degenerative virus that was supposedly the result of a flaw in the cloning process. The Manhattan Clan brought the Clone Clan to Dr. Sevarius for help, but he tricked them into chasing after an escaping Thailog, and, while doing so, Hollywood petrified. His statue was placed atop a building, awaiting the time when a cure for their condition can be found.
  • Hollywood is named after the famous district of Los Angeles, California, regarded as the center of the film industry. This is a strange coincidence, as Broadway is named after Broadway Avenue in New York City, famous for being a center of American theatre.
  • Of course, Hollywood was named by Demona after the famous motion picture headquarters in Los Angeles in part to contrast with Broadway's name, but also for Demona to make fun of the, in her opinion, ridiculous name choice of Broadway's.


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