Holo Connie is a Holographic Sword-Fighting Representation of Connie Maheswaran, Appearing Exclusively in the "Sword Dancers" Steven Universe Flash game. They pose as an enemy to Connie, and must be defeated by her in order to progress in the game. Like Holo-Pearl, Holo-Connie was also created by Pearl to help Connie master her sword training. She has no voice lines, though, she is voiced by Grace Rolek.




Defeat Pose

When Holo-Connie is Defeated, She gets on one knee and makes a weak face. that means Connie, or another foe, has defeated her.

Damaged Pose

When Holo-Connie is damaged, she glitches a little, she makes a face that looks like she's screaming. That means that a foe made an attack on her.

Fighting Pose

When Holo-Connie is fighting a character, She makes a fighting pose and points her sword at the foe. It either means she is getting ready to fight, or damaging the foe.

Fighting Stance Pose

Her fighting stance pose is the same pose that she regularly has. that means her battle with a foe is about to begin.

Alt Fighting Stance Pose

The pose is the same, except, All of Holo-Connie's body is black, and her eyes are glowing red, angrily.

Holo-Connie's Opponent Icon

When she has her opponent Icon, she has her regular face, not showing her regular body, just her face.