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The holographic security system that defends this area from intruders. It analyzes past battle data and produces one holographic security guard after another.
~ Pause screen description

The Holo Defense API is a security system designed by the Haltmann Works Company. It serves as an antagonist and boss in Kirby: Planet Robobot, being encountered in Resolution Road.


The Holo Defense API acts as the Haltmann Works Company's security system and bodyguard. It carries its duties with resolve, and it seems to have a good memory, as it is able to copy one of the earliest bosses, the Ice Dragon from Kirby's Dream Land 2, rather flawlessly, even improving on the dragon.


The Holo Defense API has four diamonds as a body. It has a ring of grey tablets surrounding its body. Its diamonds vary in their colour: the first diamond is white on the right and lime green on the left, referencing Kracko, the second diamond is purple-blue on one side and red on the other (normal and fiery Sphere Doomers), the third is green on one side and cyan on the other (Ice Dragon), and the fourth has a red and orange scheme (Coily Rattler). Once their respective hologram bosses are killed (signaled by their form being disrupted as the holograms disintegrate), the diamonds will shatter leaving behind their wireframe outline.

In the Extra Game, the Holo Defense API's diamonds change their shape to cross shapes, the first one has a grey and purple colour scheme (Kracko EX from Kirby Super Star Ultra), and the last one has a silver and red colour scheme (Coily Rattler DX). Its tablets are now blue, and it is called Holo Defense API 2.0 (2.0 is EX's Planet Robobot equivalent.).


Kirby encounters this boss in Resolution Road. The Holo Defense API initially does not attack, instead summoning holograms of past bosses Kirby has faced to fight the puffball. However, after all four of its holograms are destroyed, the API begins moving unpredictably around the stage. After Kirby hits him several times, the API will fly violently into several pillars around the area before exploding in a flashy manner.



Pause screen descriptions

This hologram was created by analyzing data of the cloud monster who is believed to have inhabited the sky of this planet since ancient times. It excels at electrical attacks charged by the atmosphere.
~ Holo-Kracko.
A hologram of monster nested in another dimension. The original Doomers were red and blue. They love to eat energy spheres, which contain an ancient technology.
~ Holo-Doomers.
A hologram of a spectral dragon - an ancient life-form that has lived through a number of ages. Most dragons breathe fire, but this blue dragon attacks with ice that it produces internally.
~ Holo-Ice Dragon.
The hologram of the icon enshrined by the People of the Sky. Its weak spot is the data on its head. It was only a snake puppet filled with powerful energy, but it used to be worshipped as a deity.
~ Holo-Coily Rattler.
Redesigned by the Mother Computer, this defense system is based on a blueprint found on another planet. It's missing a segment of data and is unable to demonstrate its full potential.
~ Holo Defense API 2.0.
They further analysed data of the cloud monster and discovered even more vicious attacks. The system redesign has implemented these attacks and made Holo-Kracko even more powerful.
~ Holo-Kracko 2.0.
These monsters were created by Susie entering data she acquired from her travels. Where and when did she encounter the original monsters from another dimension? Who knows?
~ Holo-Doomers 2.0.
This hologram was created from an ancient dragon. Dragons are no longer seen, but one of them may still be living quietly in a cave on an island somewhere. Who knows?
~ Holo-Ice Dragon 2.0.
It is said that the People of the Sky who enshrined this monster still exist. It seems that the mechanization invasion has not reached them, due to their remote location.
~ Holo-Coily Rattler 2.0.


  • The API's name is an abbreviation of Application Protection Interface.
  • Its battle system is similar to Ado and Adeleine, who also come from the Kirby series. All three summon minions to deal with their opponent, and can be taken out easily during their final phase.
  • The Holo Defense API's appearance is very similar to Pix from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Holo Defense API 2.0's description implies that its design was inspired from blueprints for Pix.
  • How the API flies throughout its room upon its defeat is very similar to how Topmaniac flies around in Super Mario Galaxy.

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