Homeless Emperor is a major antagonist in the manga/webcomic series One Punch Man.

He was a common tramp who encountered a mysterious divine entity, which he claims being "God", that gave him the incredible power of summoning energy spheres similar to little suns which explode at the first contact and create huge and flaming bursts. After receiving this power and after a long talk with "God", he ended up to desire the eradication of all humanity from Earth to fulfill his "divine task".


Homeless Emperor is first seen meditating in preparation for the upcoming battle with the Hero Association. He is later summoned with the other executives of the Monster Association before Orochi by Gyoro Gyoro. In this meeting, Gyoro Gyoro gave them instructions on which S-Class hero each executive should target for optimal battle results. He is also seen later feeling the impact from Saitama's punch on Overgrown Rover.

Homeless Emperor eventually encountered Zombieman, sneaking up on him while he was distracted by the sounds of Atomic Samurai and Black Sperm's battle. He proceeded to give the hero trouble by hitting Zombieman with so many explosions that his regeneration ability couldn't keep up and he couldn't fight back. Zombieman then began to distract Homeless Emperor by getting him to explain his backstory in order to buy his body more time to regenerate.

Moments later, Tatsumaki uprooted the Monster Association headquarters and Homeless Emperor emerged from the ruins on the surface, ganging up with the other Monster Association executives against Tatsumaki. He tried then to hit her with a full-power attack, but Tatsumaki shielded herself with her powers and, much to Homeless Emperor's surprise, took no damage.

When Bang joined the fight and slaughtered Fuhrer Ugly and Gums, Psykos contained him with her telekinesis while Homeless Emperor incapacitated him with a powerful blast. Moments later King showed himself, standing alone against the remaining executives: Homeless Emperor, Psykos, Evil Natural Water and Black Sperm. Homeless Emperor tried to make the first move, but just as he was about to attack King advised him that, since the headquarters was in ruins, he had to pay attention to the loose rocks under his feet in order not to fall. Homeless Emperor took it as a metaphoric way of saying that he was powerless against King, and that even a four-on-one fight would be no problem for the strongest man on Earth. This thought left Homeless Emperor in a state of shock, and his hesitation made the other executives uncertain about attacking King as well.

Eventually Fubuki arrived and took on Psykos, so Homeless Emperor decided to take the initiative on attacking King once again. While he was thinking of a good way to attack the most powerful man on Earth, Zombieman caught him by surprise by attacking him from behind. He pinned him to the ground, pointing out that now Homeless Emperor couldn't attack him with explosions without catching himself in the blasts as well. The hero then started interrogating him on the nature of his powers, but before Homeless Emperor could say anything he experienced a vision where he was in a giant field with God looming above him. God expressed its disappointment in Homeless Emperor before taking back his powers, killing him in the process and causing his body to disintegrate from Zombieman's grasp.


  • Murata has stated that the energy balls Homeless Emperor uses are the same as Vaccine Man and Choze's.


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