Hahahahaha, finally! Me, the Giant Ape-Dressed Man will be able to destroy Curitiba, all because I distracted Oil Man with his weakness, hahahahaha!
~ Homem Vestido de Macaco Gigante

Homem Vestido de Macaco Gigante (Giant Ape-Dressed Man) is a villain who appeared on the Oil Man sketch from Brazilian comedy talk-show The Noite. He was portrayed by Murilo Couto.

As his name implies, he's a giant man dressed in a ape costume. He starts stomping over the city of Curitiba, all while gloating since he had sent Oil Man's biggest weakness to attack him. Oil Man is approached by two of the villain's android hotties (as it turns out Oil Man's biggest weakness is hotties), who attempt to seduce him and prevent him from saving the city, but Oil Man resists the temptation and goes after the Homem Vestido de Macaco Gigante, using his secret growing oil to become giant. Facing the villain, Oil Man easily defeats him with his Oily Attack, causing him to explode.


Oil Man salva Curitiba The Noite (18 07 17)

Oil Man salva Curitiba The Noite (18 07 17)