​​​​Homer Katagiri is a major antagonist in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season 2. He is the Head Commander of the A-Laws, the Earth Sphere Federation's corrupt peace-keeping force.

He is voiced by Ryūzaburō Ōtomo in Japanese and by Brian Drummond in the English dub.


Homer is the head leader of the peace-keeping force A-Laws, after the reappearance of Celestial Being, Homer recruited colonel Kati Mannequin into A-Laws as she has experience in fighting Celestial Being.

Eventually, Homer's nephew, Billy Katagiri, also joined A-Laws, Homer has his nephew to be put under Mobile Suit development as the Mobile Suit Technical Chief.

Homer also take part in the Federation banquet, which is acknowledged by the Celestial Being, as a result, Setsuna and Tieria joined to investigate the A-Laws.

After the Celestial Being successfully escaped into space and sunk the ship of Lee Zhejiang, Homer decided to seek help from the Innovators. Who quickly assisted them with their new Mobile Suits.

Eventually,the superweapon Memento Mori is destroyed by Celestial Being, so Federation give the A-Laws complete control over the military, however, Homer fears thay it will lead to displeasure to the public and the military, which come ture when colonel Pang Hercuy take over the AEU Elevator. He also had commander Kim to send Sergei Smirnov to ask Pang to surrender and send Arthur Goodman to another Memento Mori to destroy the elevator. The AEU Elevator is eventually destroyed, and A-Laws blames it on Katharon and anti-government force during an announcement, however, Homer and Arthur are also told that the Memento Mori is destroyed by the Celestial Being in space.

Eventually, the A-Laws's corrupted and oppressive nature are exposed to the public, Homer committed seppuku to kill himself instead of facing the consequence.


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