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Homes and Jojo are the third and fourth villains in the horror movie Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan.


Homes and Jojo were young street criminals from New York City. They resided in a rundown area of the Manhattan burrow. Homes and Jojo often swiped money from any citizen who they encountered. This was done by using a revolver to threaten the victim.

One day, a group of high school students and their teachers traveled on a cruise ship to New York City. It was originally intended as a celebration for the students' graduation. However, everyone was forced to abandon the ship when they were stalked by mass murderer Jason Voorhees. A small handful of students and teachers managed to board an emergency lifeboat and sail away. They were adrift for several hours but managed to reach New York City. The group docked their boat at an empty pier in Manhattan. They were forced to walk through the city in order to find help. Meanwhile, Jason emerged from the water and followed them.

Later, everyone was approached by Homes and Jojo in a rundown area of Manhattan. The criminals used a revolver to threaten the group to hand over all of their money. They saw one of the female high school students and abducted her. She was taken to an alley and injected by a needle containing heroin. Homes tried to rape her. Before he could begin, Jason appeared and used the syringe to kill Homes. Jojo was frightened by Jason and used his revolver. The bullets didn't have any effect though. Seconds later, Jason grabbed Jojo's head and killed him by bashing his head into a nearby pipe. Afterwards, the chase resumed. The bodies of Homes and Jojo weren't recovered.


  • Homes is the 80th person killed by Jason Voorhees; Jojo is the 81st person.
  • They are the first people to be killed by Jason in Manhattan.