The Honorable Bounty Hunter is the secondary antagonist in the Dragon Hunters episode For a Few Veggies More. He is the first bounty hunter to find and attack Gwizdo and Lian Chu after the Zimbranelle dwarves put a bounty on their heads.


He arrives at the Snoring Dragon Inn, demanding to know whether Gwizdo and Lian Chu are around. Gwizdo rushes to the man's side in the expectation to have a new employer. After he reveals his identity, the man draws his sword and orders Gwizdo to better surrender. He reveals that there is a bounty on Gwizdo's and Lian Chu's head. Gwizdo calls for help and Lian Chu rushes to his aid. Both men draw their swords and engage in a furious battle. Eventually, Jeanneline hears the rumor and screams at the fighters to continue their battles outside.

Lian Chu and the bounty hunter head outside, where they both walk towards the edge of the island to continue their battle there. While walking, the bounty hunter casually asks Lian Chu how the dragon hunting business is going. He continues to talk even at the edge and Lian Chu uses the man's distrection to push him over the cliff. The bounty hunter falls from the island, eventually landing on a small floating island underneath the inn. Back at the inn, the Dragon Hunters find out that the bounty on their head was cast by the Zimbranelle dwarves.

He is seen again when the Dragon Hunters, disguised as bounty hunters and accompanied by the leader of the dwarves, are hunting a Wologang. The bounty hunter recognizes the dwarven elder and asks why he is accompanied by other bounty hunters, having expected that the bounty was exclusively set for him. The dwarven elder assures the bounty hunter that Gwizdo and Lian Chu are incompetent bounty hunters, eventually angering Gwizdo so much that he removes the disguise and reveals their true identities. He regrets it the instant and the Dragon Hunters are forced to run from the dwarven leader and the bounty hunter. The bounty hunter eventually captures Hector but he, Hector and the dwarf are then trapped in a net by another bounty hunter who believes that his captives are the Dragon Hunters. As the Wologang is approaching, the dwarven leader is forced to sign a contract, stating that he revokes the bounty, by Gwizdo. After this is done, Gwizdo uses the bounty hunter's sword to cut the captives loose.

After the Wologangs' defeat, the bounty hunter goes his way.


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