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Any last words?
~ Hood Sickle's catchphrase.

Hood Sickle is a supporting character in the Skylanders franchise, serving as a minor antagonist in Trap Team and Superchargers, and a supporting protagonist in Imaginators. He is an Undead trappable villain who was presumably a minion of Dreamcatcher, but eventually redeemed himself and joined the Skylanders.

He was voiced by J.B. Blanc, who also voiced Bane in Batman: The Enemy Within and Romeo the Admin in Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2.


Skylanders: Trap Team

Hood Sickle first appears where he is summoned by Dreamcatcher as a surprise to stop and prevent the Skylanders' progress from going to the Telescope Towers. After the battle, Hood Sickle gets trapped in the vortex. He also had a quest to stop Trolls from creating forged hats.

Skylanders: SuperChargers

Hood Sickle was a non-playable character in the air villain races.


Hood Sickle was hired by Master Eon to become one of the Sensei Villains to train new Skylanders. He would also fight against Kaos and his various minions.



  • His name is based on the Grim Reaper
  • He has red eyes in his artwork, but white eyes in the game.
  • He and Kaos are the only villains with Quests at the Skylanders Academy.
    • However, when Hood Sickle's Quest is done, it becomes unrepeatable.
  • He and Tae Kwon Crow are the only trappable villains each to have a catchphrase that ends with a question mark.
  • He had a rough voice in his first appearance, his later appearances he sounds more casual.

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