After some punishing auditions, the developers have brought together the worst army ever, made up of the dumbest enemies. They’re dressed like potato sacks and are ready to use any old tactics, however ludicrous or dangerous, to stop Rayman and Globox.
~ Manual, Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc
Shooting, smacking, bombing, and slashing! These mayhem wreckers live to wreak mayhem! You'll have to take out as many as possible to keep the land from falling into darkness.
~ Manual, Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge

The Hoodlums (also known as Dark Lums, the Hoodlum army, Black Lums, Cagoulards and Kagoulards) are the primary group of enemies in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc and its sequel Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge.

They were created by André, the first Black Lum, who turned Red Lums into Black Lums by touching them. Under their leader, the army start stealing the fur from Bontons and weave it into costumes for themselves.

There are various types of Hoodlums, with different strategies, weapons, and weaknesses. Some of them shoot with their guns, the others throw or carry garnets. They also move big boxes from place to place and guard some of their buildings. In their free time, the Hoodlums practice shooting targets with Rayman and Globox's heads, playing cards, sleeping, playing tennis with bombs and drinking plum juice.

When the Hoodlums are defeated, Black Lums fly, leaving empty clothes on the ground. After Rayman wins the fight again Reflux, he gets the Grimace, a power that turns Black Lums back into Red Lums which he can absorb for health. However, he has to beat the Hoodlums before doing it.


Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

One night, a lonely Red Lum is frightened by Rayman's hands and becomes the Black Lum known as André. He starts turning Red Lums into Black Lums. His new army sew clothes, make weapons and build several buildings in Rayman's world. Their first big invasion is to break into the Fairy Council where the Heart of the World is kept. André hopes to use the energy of the Heart to create more powerful army then before, but is accidentally swallowed by Globox before reaching the Heart. The Hoodlums tried to free their leader until they are defeated by Rayman and turned back to Red Lums. Many of them also die during the explosion in Hoodlum Headquarters when the Horrible Machine blows up. The last Hoodlums are turned back during Rayman's final fight with Reflux.

Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge

In Rayman 3's sequel, some of André's evil spirit is still in Globox's stomach. André's spirit creates the new army of Hoodlums and Rayman with Globox have to fight them. Globox soon becomes possessed by André who transforms him into a clone of Reflux.

Types of Hoodlums

Note: This list contains only Hoodlums that appear in PC and PlayStastion versions of Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc.

Image Name Description
Hoodmonger.jpg Hoodmongers or Hoodblasters or Hoodmonger Privates or First Class The most common type of Hoodlums in the game. They wear brown sack-clothes and hats and use shotguns. They take three punches to defeat.
Slapdash.jpg Slapdashes The least intelligent and weakest soldiers in the Hoodlum army. They take only one punch to defeat and wear red and brown sack-clothes. They attack with a boxing glove on a wooden stick.
Hoodmonger Soldier.jpg Hoodmonger Soldiers or Artillerymen or Hoodstylers Their guns shoot three arrows at once, all of which are fast follow the same trajectory. They wear blue-gray and brown sack-clothes and take three punches to defeat.
Hoodboom.jpg Hoodbooms Explosive specialists, who throw jugs of plum juice on Rayman, making it blow up with him. They wear red and yellow sack-clothes and have scarecrow grin and black hair, scorched from all explosions. They usually laugh diabolically while throwing jugs. It is difficult to defeat them, as they take even six punches and easily get angry.
Master Kaag.jpg Master Kaag or Hoodstomper A legless Hoodlum baby that is able to transform his toys into weapons. He made a huge stomping machine, controlled by his strong arms. He can be only defeated by the Shock Rocket which has to punch him for three times.
Stumbleboom.png Stumblebooms

Just like Hoodbooms, they throw explosive jugs of plum juice and wear red and yellow sack-clothes. However, they are walking on stilts, as they usually work in swamps. The only way to defeat them is to throw them down with the Vortex power.

Spinneroo.png Spinneroos or Hoodlocks or Kagguards These gray Hoodlums always wear chain-armor to protect themselves. Their function is to block paths, but it is easy to shift them backwards by several punches until they fall down into a swamp. To attack Rayman, they rotate and try to hit him.
Hoodstormer.png Hoodstormers or Cagoustics or Kagousticks These small, blue and brown Hoodlums can fly in both of their forms, as they are attached to a propeller. They wear pilot glasses and usually attack from distance. Rayman has to hit them with lateral punches, as they can dodge vertical shots.
Grim Keeper.png Grim Keepers The first mates of small Grims are much larger than other Hoodlums. They wear red sack-clothes and hide themselves behind big, wooden shields. Under their clothes, there is hidden an infinite number of Grims. The only time they put their shields away, is when they pull up their clothes to allow one Grim to run free at Rayman. It is also the only time when they can defeated.
Grim Rayman.png Grims Green Hoodlums that are the smallest soldiers of the army. An infinite number of them is hidden under Grim Keepers' clothes who always allow one of them out. They carry an explosive jug of plum juice and run to Rayman to blow him up. When they are defeated, no Black Lum flies out.
Hoodoo Rayman.jpg Hoodoos or Kagousorcerers The best sorcerers of the army. These tall and thin Hoodlums use their magic to protect other Hoodlums. Rayman has to defeat a Hoodoo before attacking Hoodlums he protects. It isn't easy, as Hoodoos can disappear for a moment and appear again on different place. They are known for a knot in the lower part of their cloak, which is purple with yellow moons and stars (like Jano's hat in Rayman 2).
Hoodmonger Office.jpg Hoodmonger Officers or Elite Mongers Despite their look, similar to standard Hoodmongers', these two groups aren't the same. Officers wear red and blue sack-clothes, with a yellow crest on the front. They usually shoot three shots from their guns and take even six punches to defeat.
Heckler.png Hecklers One of the strongest soldiers in the Hoodlum army. They wear large shell, made from the strongest material. After being punched by the Heavy Metal Fist, they lose their shell for a while and it is the only time they can be defeated. They also use a gun made from the Wild Crash toilet, and while pulling a chain, it shoots a series of shots. They can pick Rayman up and throw him onto the ground, too.
Lavomatrix.png Lavomatrixes or Lavicrafts or Agitators Piloted by Hoodlum housewives, these old washing machines attack by shooting explosive projectiles at Rayman. They always attack in pairs and are attacked to rotors that allow them to fly. The best strategy to defeat them is hitting them with lateral punches.
Hoodloon.png Hoodloons or Kagouflaps or Flapoteurs or Cagouflaps These harmless flying Hoodlums wear a costume with bat-like wings. They love flying and often play at being superheroes, with lifting other Hoodlums with their mouth while flying. Rayman can hit them only with the Telescopic Fist, but it is difficult for him.

Toots or Hostess or Cagoulette

The only female Hoodlum ever mentioned. She doesn't actually appear in the game, but her voice is heard in Hoodlum Headquarters where she operates the intercom. Globox falls in love with her voice and eventually falls into a trap after trying to kiss a female figurine, believing it is Toots. Rayman also sees her picture on a target in the firing range. She is last heard in the room with the Horrible Machine, when André interrupts her and then talks through the intercom front.



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