Hookabot serves as a minor antagonist of the BoBoiBoy Galaxy TV series. It is a rogue Power Sphere who was used by Captain Separo to capture other Power Spheres.


In BoBoiBoy Leaf VS the Pirates, it was used by Separo to capture Ochobot, Motobot and Bellbot in Tok Aba & BoBoiBoy's Coffee Shop. It overpowered BoBoiBoy, who was then thrown off the Space Pirate Spaceship and fell onto a tree. Separo then threatened the heroes using HookaBot, demanding them to surrender all of the three Power Spheres to him. However, he was defeated when BoBoiBoy transformed into BoBoiBoy Leaf.

In the next episode, it was briefly seen in Cici Ko's spaceship, where it was in the room for Power Spheres to recharge. It is likely that it was deactivated and will be reprogramed by the heroes.


  • HookaBot is used as a hook by the Space Pirate Captain Separo, hence, its name "HookaBot".
  • He is the third Power Sphere to appear in BoBoiBoy Galaxy.
    • He is the first Power Sphere that worked with a villain.
  • In the comic book adaptation of BoBoiBoy Galaxy, HookaBot is coloured blue-grey instead of grey.


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