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Hope Jensen is an antagonist in Assassin's Creed: Rogue. She is a major leader in the Assassin Order, leading organized crime throughout New York City. She is killed by the protagonist Shay Cormac in New York.


Early life

Born in New York City to a modest family, Hope was placed in an orphanage after the death of her parents. She was subsequently adopted by a German couple, who hoped to build a new life for themselves in the colonies. They symbolized this desire by naming their newly-adopted daughter Hope. Although it took several years, the Jensens eventually grew wealthy, the business endeavors of Hope's father turning great profits, and began to mix with New York's finer circles. However, despite their best efforts to fit in, they were never truly accepted by the city's elite.

Growing up, Hope was taught by private tutors and gradually realized the injustice rampant in the world. In 1742, her father disappeared under mysterious circumstances and was never found again, following which her father's former business partners took control of the family business. Left with nothing, Hope and her mother were forced to live on the streets.

Eventually, Hope's mother fell ill, her health slowly deteriorating. Despite her daughter's best efforts at stealing food and medicines, she died a slow and painful death. Hope subsequently vowed never to depend on anyone again.

Joining the Assassins

In 1746, Hope met Achilles Davenport, who was impressed by her survival instincts, pickpocketing skills and strength of will; she was officially inducted into the Brotherhood a year later. Tasked with setting up a network in New York, Hope soon controlled most of the city's organized crime, her Assassin gangs taking control of each district.

Personality and characteristics

Hope appeared to be responsible and extremely powerful for her young age. Although she was an Assassin trainer and practically above her students, her behaviour was friendly and welcoming towards her pupils. She also had good humor which added a bright side to her personality. However, she could also be cunning, shrewd, and resourceful both materially and mentally. Hope was able to formulate an efficient plan in a brief period of time and apply it perfectly.


  • Jensen is a patronymic surname of Scandinavian origins meaning "son of Jens".
  • Hope is never seen with her hood up until the level you kill her.
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