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I'm Horace horrible, the greatest pirate, sorcerer, and vain villain in the world!
~ Horace Horrible

Horace Horrible is a character who was mentioned in the Creepypasta Candle Cove. He was an antagonist in the fictional show, the titular Candle Cove and aided the series' primary antagonist, the skin taker, in his schemes.

Physical appearance

He was described as having a minimalistic design, as his face little more than a set of teeth bellow a handlebar moustache with a monocle placed at the top. He also carried a removable hook, but retained both hands, unlike typical pirates. He was sometimes mistaken for a Cyclops.


If the name didn't give you a clue, Horace horrible is a classic cartoonish bad guy, who is meglomanaical, self-serving and proud of it! Despite his status as evil, horace would often merely be a petty jerk, who did things like throw a crash bag at Percy.  He also tended to exhibit narcissistic traits, like bragging in front of his enemies, though he was a coward, and wouldn't be above sucking up to a more competent and dangerous villain, such as skin-taker. Though Horace was responsible for summoning skin-taker, its clear who's in-charge. Though skin-taker often abused Horace, Horace would act like a cowardly sycophant towards his skeletal superior, and was demoted to a spy, who reported the laughingstock crew's antics to skin-taker. Due to his incompetence, he was replaced by Milo, but when Milo died, Horace's laugh was heard in the background.


Despite his sillyness and general incompetence, Horace was smart enough to summon skin-taker, manage a ship and posed a valid threat to the laughingstock crew. In the channel zero adaptation, he was capable of leaving the TV, becoming a man-sized puppet hallucination and harassing people.  He also could talk to viewers.



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