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What's justice without loyalty? Leopold betrayed me! I haven't spent my entire life defending this family, only to have him undermine everything! Do you think this family would be so wealthy if I hadn't been making deals with bandits, stoking their little war to boost our railway profits? And who but me made a literal deal with the devil to keep our enemies quiet? And what brings it all down like a house of cards? Leopold and his naivety! He must be laughing in his grave! He stabbed us in the back, so I stabbed him through the chest, before the very eyes of our ancestors!
~ Horatio Rochester during his arrest

Horatio Rochester is the Main Antagonist of Criminal Case: Mysteries Of The Past.


Horatio is a 72-year-old influential businessman and the Head of the Rochester Family, a group of Aristocrats who are the most influential people in The City Of Concordia.

During the Concordian Flying Squad's Investigation with the Italian gangs, Horatio first appeared during the murder investigation of Commissioner Talmadge Baldwin, which had occured in his own shipyard. As a suspect of the Case, it was revealed that Horatio has made dealings with Baldwin relating with the paperworks of his ship, but Baldwin did not assisted him. Despite suspicions, he was later found innocent.

Later, Concordian Flying squad's investigation has given them the information that one of the Rochesters were involved with the beginning of the gang war in Coyote Gorge, and during their investigation of the murder of Clarissa Rochester, Horatio revealed that he has refused the fortune of the Rochesters to be inherited by an orphan and Forced Clarissa to abandon her idea to having an Orphan in the Rochester fortune, despite being found innocent, it was revealed that he was the Rochester that had dealt with the Italian Gang relating with the Lands he can purchase. Giving the Concordian Flying squad an red alert.

Horatio became a suspect for a third time for the murder of Deputy Mayor Sandra Hwang, This Time, Horatio had accused the Concordian flying squad saying that they were plotting to arrest the entire Rochester Bloodline, but with the explanation from the Squad, he joined in the investigation as one of the suspects.

During the Investigation on Grim Chapel Serial Killings, The Flying Squad has discovered that the Rochesters had a member of their family who made the deal with Serial Killer William Oland, which was responsible for the serial Killings and murders in Grim Chapel which included The Murder of his wife, Patricia Rochester, where it was revealed that she had recently moved her location to Gryphon Sanctuary to escape from Horatio Beating her.

It was later discovered In Ivory Hill that Horatio had plotted to take control of Concordia and turn it into a new city-state under their own rule, In Order to Do so, Horatio had his family to control and corrupt the parts of Ivory Hill, and When Leopold Rochester Plotted to expose the corruption of the Rochesters, Horatio had decided to kill his brother in order to continue his plans, This time However, Horatio was Arrested, and were sentenced for life in prison as punishment for causing all the crimes that Occurred in Concordia.


Horatio is an ruthless, egotistical aristocrat with an ambition of absolute power on Concordia, and willing to do anything in order to become the supreme Power, which included the gang war between Italians and Irish, and series of mass murders in Concordia. He also has no care for anyone in his family besides the ones that follow his orders, going far as Killing his Brother, Leopold, in order to make himself powerful, making him as the darkest character in the season.


  • Horatio is one of the characters to appear as a suspect in five cases.
  • Horatio is one of the characters to appear as a quasi-suspect twice.
  • Horatio is one of the characters to physically appear in four districts in Mysteries of the Past.
  • As Horatio turned out to be the killer of his own brother at the climax of his murder investigation, he is one of the killers in Mysteries of the Past to commit domestic homicide.
  • Horatio is one of the killers who are interrogated once more during the Additional Investigation.


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