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One battle... does not win a war... She-Ra!
~ Hordak (Filmation version).

Hordak is a major antagonist in the Masters of the Universe franchise, serving as the main antagonist of the She Ra: Princess of Power series and the archenemy of She-Ra as well as the overarching antagonist of the 2002 version of He-Man the Masters of the Universe. He is the field leader of the Evil Horde and the former mentor of He-Man's arch-enemy Skeletor.

Long before King Hiss and the ruthless Snake Men formed a threat to Eternia, the Evil Horde was there. An army of pure evil and ruthless warriors, with the goal to destroy the light. Their leader, the terrible Hordak, is the most powerful of the evil beings on Etheria, which is Eternia's sister planet. 

Hordak killed King Grayskull and was the former mentor of Skeletor until Skeletor betrayed him and trapped him in another dimension. He now operates as the evil ruler of Etheria on behalf of his master Horde Prime

In the original series, Hordak is voiced by the late George DiCenzo. His 2002 counterpart at first was voiced by Michael Donovan before being replaced by Colin Murdock. In the reboot series, he is voiced by Keston John.


He-Man and She-Ra: The Secret Of The Sword

Hordak with his former apprentice now a rival, Skeletor.

Hordak and his Horde Troopers arrived on Eternia with the intention to conquer it. Around, this time, Hordak took Skeletor under his wing as his apprentice.

Hordak later discovered that King Randor and Queen Marlena's twin children had a special destiny, and he and Skeletor launched a kidnapping attempt. However, while Hordak succeeded in kidnapping Princess Adora, Prince Adam's kidnapping was foiled by Man-At-Arms and Queen Marlena and Skeletor was captured by the guards.

After learning from Skeletor of Hordak's secret lair, Man-At-Arms and the Sorceress went to Snake Mountain, but Hordak managed to escape with Princess Adora. Hordak would later go on to conquer several more kingdoms, most recently the kingdom of Bright Moon.

She-Ra and He-Man

Hordak continues to confront She-Ra who opposes his reign over Etheria. Sometimes he confronts He-Man and in this situation, his old pupil, comes to get in the way of Hordak.

Masters of the Universe

Unlike the previous version, Hordak does not come from Etheria and is not the sworn enemy of She-Ra because she does not exist in this series. In this same series, Hordak is responsible for transforming Keldor into Skeletor.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018)

Main article: Hordak (Netflix Reboot)
I am not your brother. You made me in your image, but I am more than that. I gave myself a name, I made a life of my own, I made... a friend. I am Hordak and I defy your will!
~ Hordak remembers who he is.

Hordak appears in the 2018 Netflix series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power as the central antagonist. He is the main antagonist of the first three seasons and the secondary antagonist of the fourth and fifth seasons. This version of the character is a clone of a galactic conqueror named Horde Prime, whom Hordak considers to be an older brother. At the end of the fourth season, Horde Prime becomes disgusted by his "little brother's" independence and erases Hordak's mind. In Season 5 he retains memories of Entrapta and eventually reforms through his friendship or love for her, nearly killing Horde Prime, who immediately possesses him before being exorcised and destroyed by She-Ra, releasing Hordak unharmed.


I must learn to control my rocket form better. Where could I be? Castle Grayskull! by Horde world! I'm back on Eternia!
~ Hordak back to Eternia after many years.
Hordak: It's changed since last I was here could it be that my old pupil is still here? [Inside] Ah, my old throne room!
Skeletor: My throne room now, old "friend".
Hordak: Skeletor! How good to see you again.
Skeletor: What brings you to eternia after all this time?
Hordak: I came after a traitor to the Horde and it looks like I found one. [Launches his flame thrower at Skeletor but Skeletor retorts with an icy ray.] You've improved since last we saw each other, my pupil.
Skeletor: More than after deal with you my old teacher. [Collapses the ceiling over him.] I've done it, I've sent him back to his dimension. I've done…
Hordak: [Steps out of the ground.] Did you think to defeat your old mentor so easily Skeletor.
Skeletor: When I through you…
Hordak: Wait, it's stupid for us to fight like this.
Skeletor: You left me alone in the hands of our enemies.
Hordak: And you betrayed me to those same enemies. I say we are even.
Skeletor: Mmm, perhaps you're right but Eternia is mine to conquer now. I won't let the Horde have it.
Hordak: The Horde has not interest in this world anymore. I'm only here to capture the traitor I told you about.
Skeletor: This…traitor? who is it?
Hordak: It isn't a he…it's a She. It is the baby I took from Randor. Princess Adora.
Hordak: Enough! Now, for the last time help me capture Adora and return to the world I came from. And I leave you in peace, otherwise…
Skeletor: Your threats don't scare me but I'll help you if only I thought you'd see it in my way.
Hordak: You know Skeletor?, your evil almost the match for my own. Together we'll make the life miserable for those Eternians fools. I'll be just like the old days!
Skeletor: Yes, yes… just…like the old days!
~ Hordak making an alliance with his former pupil, Skeletor.
Hordak: What? Who turned off the Beam?
Skeletor: I did, Hordak!
Hordak: SKELETOR!!! You treacherous turncoat two-faced traitor. Since when did you star helping the Rebellion?
Skeletor: The Rebellion means nothing to me, Hordak, and I help no one but myself! And speaking of helping myself, I inted to help myself to this ship.
Hordak: Oh you do, do you? Where you'll have to take it from me! [Turn his arm into a blaster cannon]
Skeletor: I had anticipated that, that is. So if that's the way you want it, then that's the way you gat it! [Skeletor shoots a beam with the Havoc Staff but Hordak turns his other arm into a shield]
Hordak: Nice try, Bone-Face. But have some of mine. [The two keep shooting at each other] You blasted blue bungler, take that!
Skeletor: Haha! Getting rusty, Hordak? Try this!
~ Hordak and Skeletor fighting during Horde Prime Take a Holiday.





  • Hordak's face was modeled after an African witch doctor's mask.
  • His full name (Hec-Tor Kur) was revealed in the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line.
  • Although Skeletor is the main antagonist of the whole series, Hordak is the Bigger Bad of the series as he was Skeletor's mentor and more evil than him as he defeated King Hiss and his Snakemens and he killed King Grayskull and in some Masters of the Universe projects he is the main villain while Skeletor was a henchman. Horde Prime, however, was the true Bigger Bad of the entire Masters of the Universe franchise as the master of Hordak. Hordak would later become the main villain of the She-Ra series.
  • Hordak is the second primary antagonist of the Masters of the Universe franchise, the first being Skeletor.
  • Hordak also appears in the comics prequel to the 2021 animated series Masters of the Universe: Revelation.


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