One battle... does not win a war... She-Ra!
~ Hordak (Filmation version).

Hordak is a major antagonist in the Masters of the Universe franchise and the main antagonist of the She Ra series. He is the Bigger Bad in the 2002 version of He Man the Masters of the Universe.

Long before King Hiss and the ruthless Snake Men formed a threat to Eternia, the Evil Horde was there. An army of pure evil and ruthless warriors, with the goal to destroy the light. Their leader, the terrible Hordak, is the most powerful of the evil beings on Etheria, which is Eternia's sister planet. 

Hordak killed King Grayskull and was the former mentor of Skeletor until Skeletor betrayed him and trapped him in another dimension. He now operates as the evil ruler of Etheria and is the main antagonist in the show She-Ra: Princess of Power.


Hordak with his former apprentice now a rival, Skeletor.

Hordak and his Horde Troopers arrived on Eternia with the intention to conquer it. Around, this time, Hordak took Skeletor under his wing as his apprentice.

Hordak later discovered that King Randor and Queen Marlena's twin children had a special destiny, and he and Skeletor launched a kidnapping attempt. However, while Hordak succeeded in kidnapping Princess Adora, Prince Adam's kidnapping was foiled by Man-At-Arms and Queen Marlena and Skeletor were captured by the guards.

After learning from Skeletor of Hordak's secret lair, Man-At-Arms and the Sorceress went to Snake Mountain, but Hordak managed to escape with Princess Adora. Hordak would later go on to conquer several more kingdoms, most recently the kingdom of Bright Moon.




  • Hordak's face was modeled after an African witch doctor's mask.
  • His full name (Hec-Tor Kur) was revealed in the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line.
  • Although Skeletor is the main antagonist of the whole series, Hordak is the bigger bad of the series as he was Skeletor's mentor and more evil then him as he killed King Greyskull and in some Masters of the Universe projects he is the main villain while Skeletor was a henchmen.
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