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The history of Hordak from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.


You want to know what I am; I am a clone! A clone of the emperor of the known universe, Horde Prime. Horde Prime cloned himself, building an army to conquer all he saw. Planets, worlds, galaxies fell before us. I was his top general, but there was a defect in my cloning, and defects are worthless to Prime. I was sent to die on the front lines, but during battle, a portal opened and sent me crashing to Etheria, stranding me here. With nothing but a broken ship, I built an empire. When my portal opens, I shall bring forth my brother's armies to crush The Rebellion, and Horde Prime will see that he was wrong. I am not a defect. I am worth something!
~ Hordak telling his backstory to Entrapta.

Hordak when he was Horde Prime's general.

Originally, Hordak was one of many nameless clones created by Horde Prime to conquer the universe. The clone served as Horde Prime's top general in the Galactic Horde and conquered entire galaxies in Horde Prime's name. Despite the clone's loyalty, he fell out of favor with Horde Prime when a defect was discovered in his cloning. The clone was subsequently demoted and sent to the front lines on a suicide mission. During the battle, the clone fell through a mysterious portal that brought him to the planet Etheria, located in the otherwise empty dimension of Despondos.

After arriving in Etheria, the clone's ship crash-landed in a kingdom ruled by Scorpia's family. According to Scorpia, the clone was welcomed with open arms by Scorpia's family and joined forces with them, acquiring the Black Garnet in the process. However, images conjured by Light Spinner show that Scorpia's people were enslaved by the Horde, putting the validity of Scorpia's claim into question.

After being stranded on Etheria, the clone became obsessed with proving himself to Horde Prime. He set out to conquer the planet in hopes of impressing Prime. Naming himself "Hordak", the clone formed his own division of the Horde and successfully took over and occupied most of the planet.

To put an end to the Horde's threat, a resistance movement known as the Rebellion was created by the kingdom of Bright Moon's rulers, Queen Angella and King Micah, who also created the Princess Alliance (consisting of various princesses from the different kingdoms of Etheria). Unfortunately, the Rebellion suffered a crushing defeat by the Horde, which resulted in King Micah's death and the dissolution of the original Princess Alliance. In actuality, King Micah was captured by the Horde and marooned on Beast Island.

Despite this, Hordak was unable to completely end the Rebellion because Bright Moon was protected by the dangerous Whispering Woods. At some point, Hordak was approached by the sorceress Shadow Weaver (an exiled sorceress from Mystacor and formerly named Light Spinner), who offered to use her powerful magic and deep knowledge of Etheria to help Hordak in his conquest. Hordak eventually appointed Shadow Weaver as his second-in-command and gave her the Black Garnet to use as a source for her magical powers.

At an unknown point, Hordak realized that his body was deteriorating due to his genetic defects. Initially, he attempted to fix this problem by creating clone bodies of himself. All of the attempts failed, except for a single toddler-like clone that he named "Imp". Hordak would later use Imp to spy on his subordinates.

Eventually, Hordak began work on a portal machine to contact Horde Prime. At some point, Hordak confided with Shadow Weaver about the existence of the Galactic Horde and his goal of summoning them with a portal. During his experiments, a portal briefly appeared in Etheria. In reality, the portal was created by Light Hope who sought to summon a member of a precursor race known as the First Ones. When Hordak investigated the portal, he found a baby who he subsequently handed off to Shadow Weaver. Shadow Weaver would name the baby "Adora" and raised the latter as her ward alongside Catra.

Season 1

Hordak is first mentioned in the series premiere "The Sword Part 1". Shadow Weaver informs Adora (now a teenager) that Hordak has been watching her and has decided to promote her to the rank of Force Captain due to her great skills and potential.

Hordak makes his first appearance in the episode "Razz". He is shown in his throne room when Shadow Weaver arrives with Catra to inform him of the loss of Force Captain Adora (who had defected to the Rebellion) and offers to have her brought back at any cost. Hordak, however, refuses and orders her to instead choose a new Force Captain and resume normal operations. Shadow Weaver's insistence that Adora was the only candidate for the rank causes Hordak to question why she doesn't simply elect Catra as the new Force Captain since she is her ward too. When Shadow Weaver irritably responds that Catra is a disappointment to her, Hordak replies that Shadow Weaver can only blame herself since she has failed to condition Catra properly. He decides to appoint Catra as the new Force Captain, despite Shadow Weaver's protests, and hands Catra the Force Captain badge himself, which she gladly accepts.

Hordak later contacts Shadow Weaver on the monitor screen in her room in the episode "Flowers for She-Ra", after learning that Shadow Weaver defied his orders by continuing her attempts to capture Adora. When Shadow Weaver denies this, Hordak then demands to know why she requested more troops to find "one missing soldier" despite his orders to give up on said soldier. Shadow Weaver claims that finding Adora is crucial to the Horde, to which Hordak angrily reminds her that their mission is to destroy the Whispering Woods. He accuses Shadow Weaver of being distracted by her obsession with Adora, before stating that the siege on the kingdom of Plumeria has been carried on for too long and orders her to increase power until the victory is achieved. Before ending the call, he reminds Shadow Weaver that he is the one who granted her powers by giving her the Black Garnet and threatens to take it away, should she fail.

In the episode "In the Shadows of Mystacor", Hordak appears as an illusion conjured by Shadow Weaver to torment Adora. The illusion tells Adora that she is a disappointment to the Horde and says that she will only lead her friends to their dooms, which causes Adora to destroy every crystal near her.

In the episode "No Princess Left Behind", following the capture of Glimmer (the princess of Bright Moon) by Catra, Hordak contacts the latter and Shadow Weaver and informs them that he has sent an ultimatum to Queen Angella to surrender herself in exchange for Glimmer's life. Much to Catra's anger, Shadow Weaver steals the credits for Glimmer's capture, which causes Hordak to proclaim that she has proven her worth to him today before ending the call.

After Glimmer escapes, thanks to a rescue mission led by Adora and the new Princess Alliance, Hordak calls for a meeting with all the Horde's officers in the episode "The Beacon". There, he furiously informs the sorceress that he has not only learned of their valuable hostage's escape but has also been informed that she had known that Adora was She-Ra all along, something Shadow Weaver had neglected to tell him. Shadow Weaver tries to explain that this was the reason why the Horde needed Adora back, but Hordak refuses to listen, angrily stating that he would have never agreed to her "foolish plan" had he known. After Princess Entrapa, who was mistakingly left behind and believed to be dead by the other Princesses, is found and captured by Catra and Scorpia, Hordak tasks them with interrogating her, which leads her to join the Horde after Catra tricks her into believing that the Princesses abandoned her.

Hordak sends his loyal pet Imp to spy on Catra, Scorpia, and Entrapa in the episode "Light Hope". He is seen sitting on his throne when Imp returns to him and informs him of their plans involving the Black Garnet. Intrigued by Catra's scheme to weaponized the Black Garnet by melding it with Horde technology, he gives Catra and her team access to the Black Garnet. He later contacts Shadow Weaver and confirms that he has permitted Catra's team to experiment with the Black Garnet, citing the success of Entrapta's previous experiments. When Shadow Weaver rants that she alone has unlocked the Black Garnet's potential, Hordak retorts that she has wasted the Black Garnet's potential on parlor tricks before telling Catra to proceed and gives possession of Black Garnet to her, much to Shadow Weaver's fury.

In the episode "The Battle of Bright Moon", Hordak is sitting on his throne when Catra returns to report to him her defeat at Bright Moon. Hordak then voices his displeasure at her failure, remarking that her experiment with the Black Garnet seems to have failed. Entrapa, however, reveals that the experiment was a huge success as she now knows more about First Ones' technology than ever before and states this was just the beginning. Catra then remarks about how she got the Horde closer to conquering the kingdom of Bright Moon than anyone ever has and that the Whispering Woods is still in ruins, concluding by stating that Etheria is theirs for the taking. Pleased, Hordak appoints Catra as his new second-in-command, stating she would have other chances to prove her worth to him.

Season 2

Hordak appears in the episode "The Frozen Forest" about a month after the Horde's defeat at Bright Moon. He is in his throne room where he listens to Catra as she presents her report on the Horde's status. He learns that with the Whispering Woods now frozen, the Horde has made significant gains in territory. Impressed, Hordak comments that he was wise to promote her. He is further impressed when Entrapta presents a Horde Bot upgraded with First Ones' technology. When he asks how many of these robots were made, Entrapta explains that she only made four, as she did not have enough First Ones' technology to mass-produce the new robots. However, Catra assures him that she has a plan to acquire more samples of First Ones' technology.

In the episode "Signals", Hordak is shown unsuccessfully testing a device in his lab. When Catra interrupts his lab work to "touch base" with him, Hordak uses an atmosphere machine to asphyxiate her while giving her a speech about failure. He warns Catra not to fail him before dismissing her.

Later, Entrapa sneaks into Hordak's lab and starts to tinker with Hordak's device. Initially angered at her intrusion, he changes his mind after seeing that Entrapa has succeeded in fixing the malfunctions in his machine. Impressed by her work, Hordak explains to Entrapta that the device she fixed was a power source for a portal machine and allows her to join his portal project. When Catra and Scorpia barge into Hordak's lab to find Entrapa and apologize for her trespassing, Hordak informs Catra that Entrapa is now his lab assistant and dismisses Catra from his lab.

In "Light Spinner", Hordak is shown attempting to put his armor on when he notices that his arm has deteriorated. After summoning Catra, he orders her to banish Shadow Weaver to Beast Island. Catra protests, claiming that Shadow Weaver could still be useful to the Horde due to her knowledge of Etheria. Hordak counters by pointing out that Shadow Weaver also knows everything about the Horde and is too dangerous to keep as a prisoner. He gives Catra two days to extract any valuable information from Shadow Weaver before dismissing her. As Catra leaves, he starts discussing the details of his portal plan with Entrapta.

In the episode "Reunion", Hordak summons Catra to his sanctum and asks if Shadow Weaver was sent to Beast Island as he ordered. Catra claims that Shadow Weaver was exiled to Beast Island, only for Imp to interrupt her and play a recording of Catra panicking over Shadow Weaver's escape from the Fright Zone's prison. Angered at Catra for lying to him, Hordak once again uses the atmosphere device in his lab to deprive Catra of air. As Catra slowly asphyxiates and loses consciousness, Hordak reveals that he was already aware of Shadow Weaver's escape and was testing Catra to see if she would tell the truth. He later has Catra imprisoned in a prison cell similar to the one Shadow Weaver was held in.

Legend of the Fire Princess

Hordak appears in the Scholastic graphic novel She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Legend of the Fire Princess, which is set during the second season. Following Catra's failed mission to capture the Spirit Ember, Hordak summons Catra to his throne room and asks her to explain herself. When Catra claims that the mission was planned by Entrapta, Hordak questions whether Catra is simply an "assistant" for Entrapta and considers demoting Catra. He is interrupted when Scorpia barges into his throne room and claims responsibility for the mission's failure. Annoyed by Scorpia's interruption, Hordak orders her to leave. Hordak notes that Catra's mission wasn't a complete loss since Entrapta had managed to collect data from the Spirit Ember. Because of this, he forgoes punishing Catra and dismisses her from his sanctum.

Season 3

In "The Price of Power", while working in his lab, Hordak is informed by Entrapta that she has found a First Ones' signal coming from the Crimson Waste. When Entrapta suggests sending Catra to retrieve the First Ones' tech, Hordak tells her that Catra is no longer his second-in-command, much to Entrapta's confusion. Hordak states that he will not be sending troops to the Crimson Waste, as it is believed to be a lifeless wasteland. However, he quickly changes his mind upon realizing that Catra would likely die on the mission. Later, he summons an assembly to witness Catra's punishment. He proceeds to berate Catra for lying to him, prompting the latter to insult him by claiming that he is unable to lead the Horde without her. Despite this, he decides to forgo punishing Catra and sends her to the Crimson Waste on an intended suicide mission.

In "Huntara", Hordak and Entrapta are shown to have finished building his portal machine and initiated a test run of the portal. The machine fails to activate and explodes, almost killing Entrapta, who Hordak shielded from the blast. Declaring the portal a failure, Hordak kicks Entrapta out of his lab.

When Entrapta sneaks back into Hordak's lab, she finds Hordak hunched over his workstation without his armor. Enraged at Entrapta's intrusion, he demands Entrapta to leave before suddenly collapsing from his body's deterioration.

Eventually, he wakes up to find himself being cared for by Entrapta. Entrapta realizes that Hordak's body is deteriorating and prods him for information. Hordak tells her that he was a clone of his master, Horde Prime, but was cast aside due to a genetic disorder. He further reveals his plan of using the portal to send a message to Horde Prime in hopes of rejoining the latter's side. He then laments over his failure to accomplish any of his goals and considers giving up.

Later, Entrapta presents Hordak with an improved version of his armor, built from the remains of First Ones' technology. Hordak is also comforted by Entrapta, who assures him that he is not a failure and confides in him her insecurities about being abandoned by the Princess Alliance. Hordak assures her that she is not a failure and is impressed by his new exo-suit. Due to Entrapta's kindness towards him, Hordak starts to develop feelings for her.

In "Moment of Truth", Hordak is shown rebuilding his portal machine with Entrapta as he continues to bond with her. They are interrupted by Catra, who had successfully returned from the Crimson Waste with Adora and the Sword of Protection in tow.

With Adora as a prisoner in his lab, Hordak and Entrapta determine that Adora's sword is the missing piece needed to activate the portal. Adora begs Entrapta not to create a portal and calls Hordak a monster for kidnapping and lying to her. Hordak brushes her off, claiming that she was inconsequential to him, and proceeds to gloat before his armor briefly malfunctions, causing him to leave the lab.

When the Princess Alliance launches an attack on the Fright Zone, he and Catra decide to activate the portal. When he asks for Entrapta, Catra (who had knocked out and exiled her) claims that Entrapta betrayed him to the Princesses, leaving him heartbroken. Before he and Caatra can activate the portal, they are interrupted by the arrival of Glimmer, Bow, and Shadow Weaver. During the ensuing scuffle, Hordak is separated from the machine, leaving Catra to activate the portal herself.

In the episode "Remember", following the portal's activation, all of Etheria is sucked into an alternate reality where everything is seemingly "perfect". In this alternate reality, Hordak is briefly seen entering his lab while Adora and Scorpia attempt to hide from him. Hordak was presumably consumed by the collapse of reality.

In the season finale "The Portal", after Queen Angella's sacrifice, Adora was able to restore reality and brought back everyone that was consumed, including Hordak. Finding himself back in his lab, he flees with Catra after witnessing She-Ra destroy his portal.

Season 4

Catra's Coup

In the episode "The Coronation", Hordak is shown brooding in the ruins of his lab, having entered a depression due to Entrapta's "betrayal". He dismisses Catra's demands that they launch a new attack against the Rebellion and blames her for the destruction of his lab. When Catra tries to shift the blame onto Entrapta, Hordak lashes out and warns her to never mention Entrapta's name again. He explains that since Horde Prime received his message, he is content to have his forces remain where they are and wait for Prime's arrival. He orders Catra to redouble the Fright Zone's defenses before throwing her out of his lab.

Later, when Hordak enters his throne room, he is shocked to discover Catra lounging on his throne. When he demands to know what she is doing, Catra cuts the power to the room's lighting and attacks him. Unable to see in the dark, Hordak is easily defeated by Catra, who rips out his armor's power crystal, severely weakening him. Barely able to move, he is coerced by Catra into making her the new leader of the Horde.

Overseeing the War

In "Flutterina", while examining the remains of a Horde bot, Hordak finds a device planted by the Rebellion enabling them to hijack control of the bot. He ponders whether Entrapta was responsible for this and is startled when Imp plays recordings of Entrapta's name. He is then greeted by "Catra", who he informs of his recent discovery. "Catra" mocks both his and his bots' competence in battle, angering Hordak, who warns Catra to watch her tongue. He is interrupted by Catra, who reveals that the person Hordak had been talking to was a shapeshifter named Double Trouble. Hordak debriefs Catra on the current state of the war, informing her that the Rebellion freed the village Elberon from the Horde's occupation. He vows to improve the Horde's war machines to take back control of Elberon. Catra notes that Hordak is unable to see the bigger picture and considers control of Elberon inconsequential to the war. She reveals her plan of using Double Trouble's powers to infiltrate the Rebellion.

At the end of the episode, Hordak asks Catra if her plan worked, to which she confirms that Double Trouble (under the guise of "Flutterina") has successfully infiltrated the Princess Alliance.

In the episode "Princess Scorpia", Hordak confronts Catra over the Rebellion's recent string of victories against the Horde and asks why the Horde's outposts aren't properly defended from attack. Catra explains that she called back all the main defense forces from their bases and left them manned by skeleton crews. When Hordak demands to know the reason behind this decision, Catra reveals that she is conserving all the Horde's military resources for a massive military offensive. Hordak, however, tells Catra that he is not ready to carry out their plan until he has finished building his new weapon. He explains that since the weapon is based on Entrapta's research, he needs Entrapta's notes to complete it.

Later in his lab, Hordak is shown struggling to build the weapon when Catra comes in and claims that she was unable to find any of Entrapta's notes. Hordak angrily states that he gave Catra an order, only for Catra to tell Hordak to get over himself. Catra tells Hordak that he doesn't need anyone but himself to complete his work. This inspires Hordak to continue working and after finding a First Ones' power crystal, he tells Catra that he only needs another day to be ready and grants Catra permission to carry out her plan.

Conquering Salineas

Hordak appears at the end of "Mer-Mysteries", where he and Catra lead the Horde's naval fleet in an attack on the kingdom of Salineas, which is undefended since all the Princesses were distracted by Double Trouble. Hordak uses his newly completed weapon—an arm-mounted laser cannon built with First Ones' technology—to destroy the Sea Gate, allowing for the Horde to conquer Salineas. In the aftermath of Salineas's sacking, Hordak and Catra are seen proudly looking over the destroyed kingdom.

At the beginning of the episode "Boys' Night Out", Hordak is shown to lead a contingent of Horde bots and tanks in an attack on the Sea Elf Village. He uses his arm cannon to destroy several buildings before ordering his forces to advance on the villagers. Most of the villagers manage to safely evacuate, thanks to the intervention of Sea Hawk and Queen Glimmer.

Following the attack, Hordak and Imp look over the remains of Salineas's capital as they are approached by Catra, who congratulates Hordak on their successful conquest of Salineas. Hordak notes that their victory has left the Rebellion disorganized and vulnerable to attack. Catra plans to have Hordak return to the Fright Zone to oversee the campaign, only for Hordak to tell Catra that he has decided to personally lead his troops into battle against Salineas's remaining coastal towns, even boasting of how he will personally battle Entrapta once he tracks her down. He orders Catra to take up his post in the Fright Zone while he leads the Horde's armies on the field for the remainder of their campaign.

Hordak is briefly seen in 'Fractures, where he contacts Catra on the monitor of the Fright Zone's control room. He reports that he has successfully taken all of Salineas's coastal towns and asks about the Horde's current status. Catra informs him that their forces have taken all the villages in the Whispering Woods and that everything is proceeding as planned.

Falling Out with Catra and Reunion with Horde Prime

In "Destiny Part 1", Catra begins to mobilize the Horde's remaining soldiers in the Fright Zone, Hordak questions her orders and points out that the Horde's forces are already spread thin from occupying their newly conquered territory. He changes his mind after Catra informs him that Double Trouble has discovered that She-Ra has left Bright Moon and that the kingdom is now vulnerable to attack. Pleased with the results of Catra's leadership, he congratulates her and finally acknowledges her as his equal.

Hordak is later shown in his sanctum as he finishes making adjustments to his arm cannon. He is interrupted by Double Trouble needles him by shapeshifting into She-Ra and then Entrapta. Double Trouble (having secretly defected to the Rebellion) informs Hordak that Entrapta was not with the Rebellion and that she had been exiled to Beast Island by Catra. Realizing that Catra had lied to and manipulated him, Hordak destroys part of his sanctum in a rage before breaking down into tears.

At the end of the episode, Hordak waits for Catra to return to his sanctum. When an irritated Catra asks why she was summoned right before an important battle, Hordak abruptly fires on her with his energy cannon. Revealing himself from the shadows, Hordak calmly says, "Hello Force Captain."

In "Destiny Part 2", following the previous episode, Hordak attacks Catra with his arm cannon and pursues her throughout the Fright Zone. As he hunts Catra down, he tells her that he knows the truth about Entrapta and promises that both he and Horde Prime will make Catra suffer for her deception. Catra retorts by pointing out that Hordak has deluded himself into falsely believing that Horde Prime would care for him. This only further angers Hordak, who continues to fire on her, destroying large portions of the Fright Zone with stray shots in the process. The chase ends at a metal refinery, where Catra gains the upper hand and defeats Hordak by destroying his arm cannon and removing his armor's crystal. As Catra proceeds to rant about how she doesn't need anyone, Hordak is crushed by the refinery's giant claw crane, which had come loose during their battle.

Later, as Glimmer searches for Catra, she sees an unconscious Hordak partially buried under rubble.

After Adora shuts down the Heart of Etheria, a bruised and battered Hordak tries to kill Glimmer only to be shot with an explosive arrow by Bow. However, Hordak and Glimmer are suddenly surrounded by a green light. Realizing they're being teleported, Hordak victoriously proclaims that Horde Prime has arrived.

Hordak and Glimmer awake to find themselves in Horde Prime's throne room aboard his command center. Having finally been reunited with his long-lost creator, Hordak attempts to impress Horde Prime by boasting of his accomplishments during his time on Etheria. Horde Prime is dismissive of Hordak and instead tries to read Hordak's mind with some initial difficulty. As Horde Prime reads Hordak's thoughts, he's angered upon learning that Hordak gave himself a name and had considered abandoning Horde Prime after falling in love with Entrapta. Hordak is lifted from his neck by Horde Prime, who denounced him as an abomination. Hordak then has his mind erased by Horde Prime and his comatose body taken away by Prime's attendants for "reconditioning".

Season 5

Brainwashed by Horde Prime

Following his "reconditioning", Hordak was once again a drone in Horde Prime's hive mind and demoted to rank and file as punishment. Nearly all of Hordak's memories and personality were erased by his reconditioning. Hordak was then made into a security guard aboard the Velvet Glove.

He appears in the episode "Corridors", where Catra runs into him after trying to lose the clones Prime had assigned to guard her. He informs her that the area of the ship she was headed to was off-limits. Catra is able to recognize him as he was the only clone to address by name. Realizing that a small part of Hordak still remained, Catra tries to help Hordak remember his previous life to little avail. Though Catra is glad to see a familiar face, Hordak immediately falls back under the control of Prime's hive mind and repeats his previous warning, this time addressing Catra as "little sister". This causes a dejected Catra to walk away.

Hordak is later sent by Horde Prime to retrieve Catra. He finds her sneaking out of the ship's teleportation room. Hordak is then possessed by Prime, who informs Catra that he seeks her company. Hordak then escorts Catra to the ship's reconditioning room. As Prime greets Catra, Hordak is shown standing guard next to her. He is eventually addressed by Horde Prime, who asks Hordak what Catra had said to him. Hordak responds that she gave him a name. He proceeds to beg for Prime's forgiveness and asks him to remove his "affliction". Hordak is then submerged in the pool of the reconditioning room, where he is subjected to pain before having his mind completely wiped. After this, he is pulled out of the pool by Horde Prime, who declares Hordak the purest among his clones.

Later on, Hordak is delivering food to Glimmer's cell when he is attacked from behind by Catra. Catra tells Hordak that it's nothing personal before knocking him out by jamming her claws into the port at the back of his neck. Hordak's unconscious body is then used by Catra to unlock the door to Glimmer's cell. When Glimmer and Catra try to make their escape, they leave Hordak's unconscious body lying on the ground.

Remembering Entrapta

In the episode "Save the Cat", when Entrapta and Bow sneak into the cloning facility of the Velvet Glove, Entrapta mistakes one of Prime's clones for Hordak. After freeing the clone from Prime's hive mind, she nicknames the clone "Wrong Hordak". At the end of the episode, the real Hordak is seen walking through the damaged hallways of Prime's ship. He stops when he notices the First Ones' crystal Entrapta had once gifted him lying on the ground. Picking the crystal up, he glances at his reflection in the crystal before muttering "Entrapta?". Hordak was later amongst the clones sent to Etheria to reinforce the Galactic Horde's occupation. He was stationed near Prime's energy drill which the latter planned to use to gain access to the Heart of Etheria.

Hordak appears in the episode "An Ill Wind". He is standing next to Horde Prime as the latter receives reports of mass revolts across numerous Horde-occupied worlds. He is startled when he learns that the leaders of this resistance movement, the Star Siblings, are revolting in the name of She-Ra and the Rebellion.

Following this, Hordak walks through the hallways of Prime's ship when he comes across the area that was damaged during She-Ra and Catra's escape. He takes out Entrapta's crystal and stares at it. He is interrupted by Horde Prime, who asks Hordak to follow him. He is taken to Prime's cloning facility, where he is ordered by Prime to prepare one of his previous clone vessels. He then watches as Horde Prime accesses the memories of the body the latter used during his war against the First Ones. As Prime ponders why the First Ones would "bend themselves to the whims of magic and myth", his comments cause Hordak to experience flashbacks of his time on Etheria with Entrapta. When Prime asks Hordak if something is wrong, Hordak claims to be in awe of seeing one of Prime's former bodies.

Hordak is later present in Horde Prime's throne room where he watches as Prime loses his temper at the discovery that She-Ra had gotten past his blockade and liberated the town of Erelandia from Horde control. As Prime orders one of his clones to set course for Etheria, Hordak takes out Entrapta's crystal and stares at it once more.

In the episode "Failsafe", Hordak finds Entrapta wandering near Prime's device. He pins Entrapta to a rock and demands to know who she is. Despite having lost his memories, seeing Entrapta causes Hordak to experience a feeling of familiarity. He asks her why he knows her face, causing Entrapta to recognize him. Upon hearing Entrapta say his name, Hordak flinches and begs her not to say that name. He states that he is just a nameless clone and shows Entrapta her crystal before asking what she did to him. Entrapta is relieved to see that Hordak still has memories of her and the two share a moment. However, they are interrupted by Swift Wind who, believing Hordak intended to attack Entrapta, jumps in front of Entrapta and drags her away. Hordak initially tries to follow her, but decides against it, wishing for his memories of her to leave him as he believed they made him imperfect. Entrapta then reminds him that his imperfections are what make him beautiful, leaving him stunned at her words.

Hordak reappears in the episode "Heart Part 1". When Horde Prime prevents Entrapta from hacking his control chip network by teleporting her into his throne room, Hordak is seen standing behind her. As Horde Prime tells Entrapta that she's about to witness the end of her world, Hordak gives her a worried look.

Freed From Horde Prime's Control

During the series finale "Heart Part 2", Hordak is amongst the clones present in the Horde Prime's throne room when Prime's control chip network is disabled by Entrapa's computer program and the Horde's communication networks are hijacked by Bow. Hordak was amongst the many who saw Bow's transmission to all of Etheria, in which Bow inspired everyone on Etheria to rebel against Horde Prime. While viewing reports of Prime's forces being overrun all over the planet, Hordak starts to regain his lost memories after hearing Entrapta's remark about how Horde Prime will never win.

After Horde Prime gains total control over the Heart of Etheria, Hordak is shown staring at Entrapta as she begs Prime not to activate the Heart. When Horde Prime order Hordak to kill Entrapta, Hordak initially seems to comply. As Hordak aims his energy cannon at Entrapta, he hesitates upon seeing the fearful look on her face. Angered at Hordak's hesitation, Prime repeats his order. However, at that moment, Hordak's love for Entrapta allows him to overpower his mental conditioning and regain all of his memories. Now free, Hordak instead fires his cannon at Horde Prime, knocking the latter to the ground. As he walks towards Prime and lifts him by his neck, Hordak triumphantly proclaims that he will no longer be Prime's slave before dropping Prime into a pit.

However, Hordak was still connected to Prime's hive mind due to his cybernetic implants. This enables Prime to possess Hordak's body and transfer his consciousness into it. Hordak is left helpless as Horde Prime uses his body to continue carrying out his plan.

After Adora frees the Heart of Etheria's magic and restores life to the world, she uses her powers to destroy Horde Prime's consciousness for good, freeing Hordak from Prime's control. As he regains control over his body, Hordak remembers when he first found Adora as a baby more than a decade ago. Now finally free of Horde Prime's influence and control, Hordak is happily reunited with Entrapta, who tackles him with a hug. As the Princesses and their allies celebrate their victory, Hordak is seen talking and laughing with Entrapta as she wraps her arms around his.