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Horde is a villain in the Marvel Universe, and an enemy towards both the X-Men and Captain Britian.


Little has been revealed about the origins of Horde. He claims to be a mutant alien of his own race and seeks only to rule the planet Earth. He wields a crystal on his forehead that grants him great powers, including immortality. He kiddnaps most of the members of the X-men, as well as Captain Britian and Meggan. He then decides to use them as slaves to help him take over Earth. The only ones that were able to resist Horde's mind-control was Wolverine, Psylocke and Storm.

When Wolverine confronted Horde, Horde nearly killed Wolverine. However with the powers of the crystal, Wolverine was restored and managed to cut off the crystal on Horde's head. Without the crystal, Horde was beginning to age rapidly and eventually reduced to dust.


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