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Villain Overview
Fast food kills, f-cker!
~ Horny the Clown's famous catchphrase.

Archie Benjamin, also known as Horny the Clown, is the main antagonist of the 2007 horror-comedy movie Drive-Thru. He is a twisted parody of clown mascots such as Ronald McDonald, as well as serial killers in fiction.

In life, Archie was a weird boy who was bullied relentlessly by his peers, climaxing in a tragic death when he was set on fire on his birthday - thus he returned from the grave as a vengeful demon, taking the persona of Horny the Clown and murdering everyone who ventured too near the fast food restaurant franchise he used to work for.

Horny was immortal, and almost invincible, but had some vulnerabilities that allowed the evil clown to be defeated in the end - though, at the very end of the movie, Horny suddenly reappears in the typical fashion of other slasher killers such as Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees.

As Archie and Horny, he was portrayed by Van De La Plante, and, as Horny, voiced by Gordon Clapp.


Not much is known about Archie Benjamin's personality prior to his death. He was described by Marcia as having no friends and being 'an extremely strange boy.'

Even though he was constantly tormented by Marcia and her friends, Archie didn't show any ill will towards any of them, at least before the prank that ultimately ended with his demise. Archie was also in love with Marcia, with her seemingly being the only the person that he invited to his party, as well as was legitimately happy to see her, acting normal the entire time. This can at least mean that while he may have not been outright heroic, he was still a good person.

After being revived as Horny, Archie's personality is much more darker and twisted. As Horny the Clown, Archie is an incredibly vengeful spirit, choosing to murder the children of his killers, as it would hurt them much more than actually killing them. His vengeful wrath seems to be directed towards Marcia in particular, waiting to kill Mackenzie specifically on her birthday, in the same fashion that he died, like a form of poetic justice. Horny also has a sense of vengeance towards Jack Benjamin as well, despite being his loving father, framing him by stuffing the bodies of some of his victims in his freezer - a possibility for him wanting to frame Jack could be because performing as Horny in his restaurant played a large part in his death.


Horny enjoying Mackenzie's terror.

Even outside of his desire for revenge, Horny is a homicidal serial killer; willingly murdering others unrelated to his revenge for no other reason than for his entertainment. Horny is not only bloodthirsty, but also sadistic; usually killing a friend of the children of his tormentors in front of their eyes or letting them find the corpse, and then giving them time to become scared and scream, before killing them, even when he could have easily just killed the descendent without killing their friend. He was also shown taking great joy in scaring Mackenzie, particularly at the birthday party where he showed her the bodies of the 'missing' teens. Horny is also a brutal murderer, usually killing his victims by repeatedly striking them with his meat cleaver, with the brutal beatings usually taking at least a few seconds before they finally die. Even without the cleaver, Horny still murders them in other violent ways, such as shoving their face in a deep fryer or letting their eyes explode in a microwave.

Horny comes across as arrogant, constantly giving Mackenzie cryptic hints about his future murders, for seemingly nothing more than what he sees as a game. With his clairvoyant abilities, as well as his ability to teleport, Horny could have killed Mackenzie and the other children while they were in their sleep, or outright alone, but instead usually chose moments where they are awake and surrounded by someone. As written, he sees his revenge as both something serious and as a game, best shown when he chases Mackenzie through the school, letting her find some of the bodies and taunting her before suddenly reappearing and continuing his 'chase'. This arrogant attitude was ultimately his undoing, as, if he bothered to check if Mackenzie was still properly tied up, or noticed the flask in her hand, after knocking Marcia unconscious, he wouldn't have died a second time. Though, considering his possession at the ending, it wasn't much of a downfall.

Though his arrogance was his downfall, Horny was still a cunning killer. He mostly targeted his victims when they were alone, or with few others, not for that he was a coward, but to make sure that others would keep out of his way. Horny also stole Mackenzie's camera and then let Lenny find and return, just to show Mackenzie pictures of the murders the night before and frame Lenny by killing him in a way that made it look like the janitor committed suicide, either to keep the police out of his way when Mackenzie inevitably shows the pictures to them, or just for his amusement. Horny also made the bodies of all his victims disappear before they could be found by the police, at least until they came across them in the freezer.

Despite his twisted nature, Horny shows a fondness for cheesy one-liners, often making them before, during and after killing his victims - and even makes them casually as he is tormenting and attacking his victims. Horny's penchant for these one-liners is most likely influenced by his awkward life and claim to fame from starring in cheesy Hella Burger commercials.

Horny has a vulgar sense of humour, swearing at others and making sex jokes with little provocation.

Overall, Horny is psychotic, sadistic and maniacal, laughing madly and relishing in the fear, terror and pain that he brings on his victims, regardless of who they are.



A full view of Horny's front.

As Horny the Clown, Archie wears a darker version of the titular clown costume. Horny's body is covered by a tight, black suit that has short hot rod flames on the forearms that reach up to his elbows, and long hot rod flames that cover his legs and reach up to his midsection.

He wears black boots that have small, metal stilts underneath, both having a single spike in front of the stilt and small spikes on the back. Horny also wears a pair of white gloves, which have small tears on them, showing burnt skin. The gloves are cuffed by a pair of leather wristbands with black rims on the top and bottom, with small, round studs. The wristbands have a small logo on them: the top half of a skull with protruding eyes and a protruding round nose and flames on the top of the skull. Horny also wears a large, silver-white collar that goes over his shoulders and covers most of his neck, along with three protruding parts on the front and back with a zigzag-like pattern.

Horny's head is covered by a clown mask. The clown mask is a silver-white colour with plastic ears, a large, red, round nose, two fake horns protruding from his temples, plastic, fiery, red hair and a plastic, red goatee on his chin. Perhaps the most iconic part of his clown mask is the mouth, which is an intercom that takes the shape of a large, ear to ear smile. There are also red, blood-like markings around the edge of the mask's mouth. The brow of the mask is furrowed, giving it an evil expression. The edges of both the mouth and the eyes have a dark outline.

Underneath the mask, Archie's head is burnt and bald. His eyes are also green.

When reporting him to the police, Mackenzie describes Horny as being seven foot tall.




Archie performing as Horny while alive.

Archie Benjamin was the son of Jack Benjamin and Mrs. Benjamin, the former of whom eventually creating and opening a restaurant chain named 'Hella Burger', originally based in Orange County, California, within the town of Blanca Carne.

Archie was weird and friendless, and thus he was constantly and endlessly picked on by a group of stoners. Archie began to work at Hella Burger for his dad, performing as the restaurant's mascot: Horny the Clown. Archie's treatment from his bullies continued on, with the same gang of bullies tormenting him at work.

Despite the nonstop bullying, Archie was in love with one of the stoners; Marcia Johnson. Archie eventually dropped out of school and worked as Horny full-time, before he was even eighteen years old. Archie began to star in many cheesy commercials for Hella Burger, his persona as the mascot becoming his claim to fame as Hella Burger expanded into a restaurant chain; despite his fame, however, Archie was still without any friends as Horny slowly became his entire identity.

Archie still had feelings for Marcia as his eighteenth birthday neared, sending her an invitation to his party. Marcia and her friends laughed off the invitation, deciding to use it to roll joints. But Marcia had a boyfriend named Charlie Taylor, who was seemingly the leader of the group.

Charlie always hated Archie because of his crush on Marcia, so he convinced the rest of the friends, Marcia included, that they should crash Archie's party and play a prank on him.


Happy birthday, Archie.

On the night of his eighteenth birthday, Archie sits alone at a table in one of the Hella Burger restaurants, this time in more formal clothing than the Horny costume. On the table is a cake with candles, as well as various party items and a Horny mask. Archie is miserable as he sits alone, seemingly giving up as he puts the Horny mask on, until he hears a knock at the doors, which are looked and closed.

Archie looks to see Marcia, seemingly dressed for the party. Archie is both surprised and happy to see that she actually came, getting up to let her in, unaware that Charlie and friends had snuck in from the back. As Archie goes to let Marcia in, Charlie quietly slides over the counter, brandishing a meat cleaver, and puts on the Horny mask that was left on the table.

Before Archie could let Marcia in, Charlie makes a loud yell behind him, scaring him as he sees a stranger with a mask and a weapon. Archie runs away, crashing into the table, knocking it over and knocking him unconscious.

Having had their laugh, Charlie and friends begin to leave, unaware that the fire from Archie's birthday candles are spreading to the knocked over decorations. Marcia watches, unable to do anything, and flees in horror.

Archie is burned to death inside the Hella Burger restaurant. Terrified of the consequences of their actions, and because they badly wanted to believe that Archie's death wasn't their fault, Marcia and her friends don't tell anyone, so the police believe Archie's death to be an accident; but deep down Marcia knew that it was their fault.

Marcia and Charlie eventually break up. Some time after, Marcia meets Bill Carpenter, falls in love with and marries him. The two have a child named Mackenzie, who's eighteenth birthday is a few days before the events of the movie.


The movie begins as gangster-like teens Brandon Meeks and Tony pull up at the empty drive-through of one of the Blanca Carne Hella Burgers in the former's Cadillac Escalade, along with their dates, Brittany and Tiffany. Despite there seemingly being no one else at the restaurant, the teens are immediately greeted by an employee on the other side of the drive-through intercom. Brandon quickly insults the employee for his amusement. While the teens laugh, the employee's voice goes dark as he threatens Brandon. The teens notice and the voice returns to normal as if nothing happens. Brandon, not feeling scared, orders for his food, when the voice goes dark again, this time threatening to kill him.

Annoyed by the employee's antics, Tony pulls out his gun and offers to teach the employee a lesson, which Brandon nods approvingly to. Tiffany tries to stop Tony, believing it to be a bad idea, but her concerns fall on deaf ears as he goes anyways. As Brandon pulls up at the drive-through window, there no one is there, much to his irritation.

Tony sneaks into the Hella Burger from the backdoor. The restaurant is dark and empty, but Tony doesn't care as he walks around, calling out to the employee. Tony hears a clattering sound, following it as he holds his gun out, prepared. Tony finds the walk-in freezer and enters the storage area, looking for the employee. Tony comes across a rat and gets disgusted, deciding that he'll never eat Hella Burger food again and leave. Tony exits and closes the walk-in freezer, where Horny appears behind the door, grabbing him by the collar and throwing him across the kitchen.

Brandon angrily bursts in from the backdoor, holding his gun. Brandon calls out for Tony, hearing Horny laugh somewhere within the kitchen. Brandon follows and finds Tony, his face in the deep fryer. Brandon thinks that Tony is playing a prank on him and pulls his face out, only to be horrified as he finds that Tony is dead. As Brandon freaks out over his friend's death, Horny appears behind him and pins him to one of the kitchen tables. Tony desperately begs Horny to spare him, saying that he has a rich dad that will give him whatever he wants, but Horny expresses disinterest and strikes Brandon in the face with his meat cleaver.

Meanwhile, Mackenzie Carpenter, who's eighteenth birthday is coming up, is having a get-together party at her house before graduation; the party comprises of Mackenzie, her best friend Val Espinoza, her boyfriend Fisher Kent, and her two other friends Starfire and Van, as well as many other people that aren't her friends. Mackenzie, Val and Starfire are playing rock music as the party's live band while Fisher is taking pictures of the performance with an old-fashioned polaroid camera. The loud music makes one of the neighbours call the police, who end the party. Mackenzie, Fisher and Val stay at the former's house as Starfire and Van find an old Ouija board that used to belong to Bill and Marcia when they were younger.

Mackenzie, Fisher, Val, Star and Van play around with the Ouija board for a bit before the latter three leave. As Mackenzie and Fisher are alone, they contemplate their future, as they're going to different colleges. Mackenzie jokingly asks the Ouija board to tell her and Fisher's future, only for the planchette to move on its own, much to the couple's surprise. As the planchette seemingly moves on its own, it continuously spells out 'N1KLPL8' numerous times before flying off the board.

Brittany and Tiffany wake up, still in Brandon's Cadillac. As Brittany sits in the front seat and complains about their dates leaving them, Tiffany looks in the back and sees Brandon and Tony's corpses, making her scream in hysteria. Tiffany quickly crawls into the front seat with Brittany, still screaming uncontrollably. Brittany, confused by Tiffany's hysteric behaviour, tries to calm her friend down and explain what she saw. Horny strikes Brittany at the back of her head from the other side of the door window with his cleaver, killing her. Covered in Brittany's blood, Tiffany screams even more before Horny kills her. Brandon's vehicle is found at Blanca Carne Beach at about six in the morning.

The next day, Mackenzie and her friends are cleaning up the mess left at her home from last night's party. As Bill is making burgers, Marcia complains to Mackenzie about the mess done to the house and the embarrassment that they'll face from their neighbours, as well as that, worst of all, Mackenzie's camera from last night has went missing. A Hella Burger commercial plays on the TV before a news report plays. On the TV, the reporter reports that a Cadillac Escalade was found at the beach that morning, with the insides drenched with blood, but no bodies are found.

Van and Fisher recognise the car as being Brandon Meeks'. Mackenzie notices Brandon's licence plate; N1KLPL8. Mackenzie and Fisher sit in a room as they explain what they've seen last night to Val and Van. Mackenzie thinks that they should tell the police, but Fisher believes that the police would only think that they were stoned or had something to do with it. Mackenzie agrees with him, deciding that they should brush it off as a coincidence, so they tell no one.

At school, before class starts, Fisher tries to charm Mackenzie to coming over to his house that night. Mackenzie would like to go, but she has to stay after school for year book photos and to write the school newspaper. Fisher finds a magic 8-ball inside Mackenzie's locker and takes it out, jokingly asking it if Mackenzie's camera, which is still missing, got stolen. After the two mess around a bit, the school bell rings. Mackenzie is alone in the hall as everyone goes to class. Mackenzie starts to play with the 8-ball, asking it if she should go to class or get backed in the bathroom. Through the 8-ball, Horny greets Mackenzie. Mackenzie quickly becomes serious and asks him who he is and why he is doing this, but Horny only gives her cryptic responses.

Later that day, Mackenzie calls Val, who is alone in the girls' locker room. Val and Mackenzie speak briefly before Val hangs up, having to go. Shortly after hanging up, Val is attacked by Horny.

Later that night, Mackenzie is still at the school, inside the newspaper and yearbook lab, writing for the school newspaper. The doors of the lab suddenly open as Lenny Schwartz, the creepy janitor, comes in. The two briefly talk before an awkward silence is between them. Lenny reveals the real reason why he came to Mackenzie as he opens his toolbox and brings out Mackenzie's camera, giving it to her. Mackenzie is surprised and asks Lenny where he found it, but he merely laughs and tells her she doesn't want to know, leaving to unclog one of the staff toilets.

Mackenzie briefly thanks Lenny and goes to the darkroom. With the camera back in her possession, Mackenzie develops the pictures from last night. The first photos show last night's party, which Mackenzie hangs up happily - unbeknownst to her, Horny is inside the darkroom, spying on her. Mackenzie develops another photo, which clears into a picture of Tiffany screaming from last night. Confused, Mackenzie hangs up the picture of the screaming teen with the rest of the photos. Mackenzie develops the next two photos, which show images of Brandon and Tony's corpses, as well as Brittany the moment she dies. Visibly terrified, Mackenzie picks up one last polaroid, which slowly clears into a picture of her from behind, holding and looking down at the polaroid in the darkroom.

Horny reveals himself to Mackenzie and attacks her. Mackenzie struggles against Horny and manages to escape him, running away into the hallway. Horny pursues after her Mackenzie through the empty school, but he suddenly slows down and stops as Mackenzie nears the gymnasium. Mackenzie enters the school gym, which is pitch-black with all the lights off. Horny's voice is heard over the school speaker as a single light turns on, revealing Val, chained to a chair with her head in a microwave, screaming in agony as the microwave turns on. Mackenzie runs to Val and tries to free her, but it is fruitless as Val's eyes explode, blood shooting out of her eye sockets, nostrils and mouth. Mackenzie is given no time to mourn the death of her best friend as Horny teleports back into the room and chases her again. Mackenzie finds the staff toilet and tries to get help from Lenny, but she instead finds him hanging from the ceiling on a noose. Mackenzie screams and bumps into a police officer.

Mackenzie, with Marcia and Bill beside her, reports the incident to detectives Brenda Chase and Dwayne Crockers later that night, trying to convince them that it was done by Horny the Clown, with the photos from the darkroom as evidence. However, the two detectives are adamant that Lenny did it, due to having an extensive criminal record and Mackenzie's camera, which went missing the same night Brandon Meeks and friends disappeared, with Crockers calling it a textbook murder-suicide scenario. Mackenzie thinks that the detectives don't believe her, but Chase calmly tells her that whenever they believe her or not, they have very little physical evidence to back up her story about Val, with Crockers saying that they found no clown suit or microwave. Mackenzie tries to tell them about the Ouija board and 8-ball, but Crockers believes that she is on drugs. Mackenzie gets mad at Detective Crockers and storms off. Marcia apologises to the detectives and the two parents leave. Val is reportedly missing.

The next day, Mackenzie is in her backyard, having dozed off with a kitchen knife in her hand for protection. Fisher touches Mackenzie to wake her up, which nearly causes her to stab him. Fisher tries to calm her down, as he and Starfire came over to comfort her from what happened with Val, but Mackenzie is still on edge. When the two question who could of done it and how, Mackenzie says that he knows them and is watching them.

Chase and Crcokers arrive at Jack's home, the former introducing herself and the latter to the Hella Burger owner. When Jack calmly asks them what they are doing at his house, Chase tells him that they have reason to believe that the perpetrator behind the recent homicides may have been wearing a Horny the Clown costume. Jack asks them if they could speak to him in his office.

Jack expresses sympathy for the kids, but says that he has thousands of costumes in circulation, for commercials and whatnot, so he would never know if one went missing. Chase asks Jack if he knows a man by the name of Lenny Schwartz, but Jack has no idea who Lenny is and asks them if they think Lenny stole the clown suit, to which Crockers responds that they are not at liberty to discuss that. Chase tells Jack that they found Hella Burger bags in the first victim's car and asks for permission for them to check the security tapes of both Blanca Carne restaurants the night they disappeared. Jack says that he wishes he could help, but tells them that the cameras are fake and asks them to keep the secret. Chase thanks Jack for his time and tells him to call them if he thinks of anything.

The two are detectives are about to leave, but Crockers notices a picture of the original Horny the Clown framed on Jack's desk. When he wonders aloud who played as the original Horny, Jack tells him that he was played by his son, Archie. When Crockers asks if Archie is still playing as Horny, Jack solemnly tells him that he died. The two detectives leave and Jack goes onto his computer, showing footage from one of the Blanca Carne Hella Burger restaurants, where Horny is seen exiting one of the restaurants and glaring at the camera.

That afternoon Fisher comes into Mackenzie's room, the latter in a bathrobe and listening to some weird music that contains odd guitar rifts. Fisher accidently spooks Mackenzie while she is applying makeup for later, the teen girl angrily giving her boyfriend a light hit before they kiss. Fisher notices the odd music and asks what Mackenzie is listening to. Mackenzie explains that she's listening to rock music in reverse, trying to find some secret message related to the inexplicable attacks; Fisher is sceptical, but Mackenzie hands him papers that seem to convince him.

As Mackenzie looks back into her mirror and starts applying makeup again, Fisher smirks and kisses Mackenzie on the neck. Mackenzie doesn't stop Fisher and the couple begin to make out. Mackenzie tells Fisher to put on something loud so her parents don't find out, the teen boy proceeding to do so as Mackenzie takes off her bathrobe, revealed to only be in her undergarments underneath. Marcia suddenly knocks on the door and notices that it's locked. Marcia asks if Fisher is in Mackenzie's room with her, but Mackenzie denies it, claiming that she's only getting ready for the school carnival that night. Marcia says that she and Bill think that Mackenzie shouldn't go after everything that has happened recently, but Mackenzie reminds her that it's the last big school event of the year and she has to work at the haunted house attraction for yearbook club, so Marcia hesitantly agrees to let Mackenzie go.

Mackenzie and Fisher, all but naked, begin to make out in the former's bed, unaware that on an Etch A Sketch near Mackenzie's bed another cryptic message appears.

Later that night, Mackenzie, dressed as Elvira, and Fisher, dressed as a zombie in overalls, are working at the haunted mansion attraction. They are approached by teenage couple Tina McCandless and Chad Baldwin, who don't like the two, the feeling being mutual. The couples trade insults until Tina gets angry at Mackenzie and enters the attraction with Chad. Fisher enters the attraction to scare the two, as part of his job. Tina and Chad are in a cart that moves through the attraction; Chad is scared by the horrors in the attraction, but Tina is mostly bored. The cart drives into an area of the attraction with mirrors and flashing lights, the lights eventually turning off completely.

The sound of something cutting through the air is heard, followed by the sound of something falling; something wet splashes onto Tina from Chad's direction. The lights turn back on, revealing Tina covered in blood. Tina looks at Chad, screaming in terror when she sees the top half of her boyfriend's head cut clean off. Tina continues screaming until Horny appears and grabs hold of her. Keeping her in a hold around her neck, Horny repeatedly strikes at the screaming teen with his meat cleaver until she dies. Horny lets go of Tina's corpse and swings at one of the mirrors, showing Fisher, brutally hurt and weeping.

Mackenzie is sitting at a table with her parents, looking bored and wishing to go. Marcia puts away the family's trash when someone calls out her name, the mother looking to see one of her old friends: Bert McCandless, Tina's father. Marcia is surprised and elated to see Bert, having not seen him in forever, and introduces him to her husband and daughter. The two have an awkward reunion, ending in Bert asking Marcia if she heard about what happened to the child of another one of their friends, who is Brandon's mother. Marcia responds that another one of their old friends' child has went missing, the parent being Val's mother. Bill notices that Bert and Marcia used to be friends with the parents of the missing children, leaving Bert solemn as he says that he should catch up with Tina and leaves.

Just as Bert leaves, Starfire, dressed as The Bride of Frankenstein, approaches Mackenzie, asking for her help, as the attraction has broken down and Fisher is missing. The two enter the attraction with flashlights, eventually coming across Tina and Chad's kart, covered in blood and without any bodies in sight. The two find Fisher shortly after; he's alive, but in need of medical treatment. Mackenzie tries to go with Fisher as he's put in the ambulance, but she's stopped by Detective Chase, who tells her that she should go home and get some rest. Bill holds Mackenzie back as she watches ambulance drive away. Tina and Chad are also reported missing.

Mackenzie wakes up the next morning and finds the message that Horny left on the Sketch, which was also on Tina's shirt, the message vanishing seconds later in front of her eyes. Mackenzie throws the toy to the ground in annoyance and drives to the hospital. Mackenzie tries to get into Fisher's room in the hospital, but he is surrounded by cops, so she is stopped by an officer. Mackenzie tries to get around the officer, but he gets angry and pushes her against the door. Marcia appears and demands the officer lets go of Mackenzie. As Mackenzie questions why Marcia is at the hospital, Chase tells the officer to let Mackenzie go, which he complies to, and then takes the mother and daughter to somewhere in the hallway.

Chase angrily asks what Mackenzie and Marcia are doing, to which Mackenzie responds by wanting to know why the cops are surrounding Fisher. Chase explains that two more kids are missing with Fisher being the only eye witness. Mackenzie reveals knowledge of Tina being one of the new missing teens. When Chase questions how she knows that, Mackenzie tries to explain, but Chase stops her when Mackenzie says she knows about it the same way she knows about the others, stating that she would lose her badge if she tried to check one of Mackenzie's 'possessed toys' into evidence. Mackenzie gets annoyed and walks away. Marcia follows after her daughter, trying to calm her down, unaware that Chase decides to follow after them.

Marcia stops Mackenzie in a waiting area and tries to get her to talk to her, but Mackenzie shows knowledge of the connection between the disappearances and Marcia's old friends. Marcia tries to brush it off as a coincidence, leading the mother and daughter in to an argument that ends with Marcia walking away in annoyance as Mackenzie sits down on a sofa.

Chase listens to the conversation between the two, especially the connection between Marcia's old friends and the disappearances. Back at her office, Chase confronts a distraught Bert about the connection between him, Marcia and the parents of Brandon and Val. Bert doesn't deny the connection, but pretends that it's not odd that there is connection, but Chase quickly calls his bluff. Bert yields and, upon Chase's request, explains what he believes to be the reason behind the disappearances.

Later that day, Mackenzie, having fallen asleep, wakes up to Marcia trying to call her, but she rejects the call. Mackenzie goes to get something from a vending machine, when the knob of a nearby toy vending machine turns by itself and a plastic ball comes out. Mackenzie opens the plastic ball and checks a paper note within the ball, saying 'See you at 4:20'. Mackenzie goes to Fisher's room to tell Chase, only to find Crockers unconscious on the floor and Fisher missing.

Mackenzie re-enters her car when a hand goes around her mouth. Mackenzie lets out a muffled scream and bites down on the hand, where Fisher reveals himself, having managed to escape from the hospital. Mackenzie drives away from the hospital and stops on a random road. Mackenzie asks Fisher where he plans on going, since he can't return home. Fisher says that he'll lay low with Van for a while and asks Mackenzie what she plans on doing. Mackenzie responds that she plans on understanding Horny's motive before he kills them all. Fisher brings up the possibility of Horny wanting revenge, but Mackenzie wonders what her mother could do for Horny to want revenge.

Fisher looks at the cryptic message and decides to call Van. On the phone, Van refers to a trio of stoners named 4:20 Boyz. Fisher hangs up and mentions the name of one of them, Chuck Taylor. Mackenzie recognises the surname and links it to Charlie Taylor, Marcia's old boyfriend. Knowing Chuck is inevitably going to disappear, Mackenzie prepares to drive home, knowing that she'll confront Marcia.

Meanwhile, 4:20 Boyz, consisting of Chuck, his friend, Spanky, and a female member, Carrie, are getting high outside of a Hella Burger, until Spanky suggests they have some fun. Chuck and Spanky mess around within the fun space area while Carrie orders food for them. The manager working behind the counter, Robbie, notices the two stoners in the fun space and tries to get them out, but they merely mock him and pelt him with plastic balls from the ball pit. Robbie gets back behind the counter and tells Carrie that if she doesn't get her friends out of the fun space, they'll go to jail. Carrie shrugs the threat off and goes to the toilet as Robbie and the mascot working at the restaurant disappear inside the kitchen.

Horny begins to speak to Chuck and Spanky through the speaker inside the fun space. Believing him to just be Robbie trying to scare them, the two teens are not scared and just demand for their food, unaware of Horny as he emerges from the ball pit. Horny speaks from behind Chuck and Spanky, making the two teens turn towards him. Horny throws the meat cleaver at Spanky, killing him as it get embedded into his head. Chuck looks at his dead friend in horror and then back at Horny as the killer clown gets out of the ball pit. Paralysed in fear, Chuck begs Horny to not hurt him, but Horny just quickly appears in front of Chuck, knocks him to the ground with his cleaver, and repeatedly bashes Chuck with the tool until he dies.

Carrie eventually comes across the fun space and screams when she sees it covered in blood, though Chuck and Spanky are nowhere to be seen. Robbie looks to see what all the commotion is, only to fall unconscious upon the sight of blood as the Horny mascot working at the Hella Burger points in shock.

Mackenzie returns home as Marcia watches a report of the recent case of serial murder. Marcia, distressed, angered and worried, demands to know where Mackenzie has been, telling her that her father is driving around looking for her and they've been worried sick. Mackenzie bets that Charles Taylor would be even more worried and walks off, surprising Marcia. Mackenzie sits down on a couch with a large box in hand and takes out an old scrapbook and looks through it. Marcia worriedly asks what Mackenzie is looking for. Mackenzie responds by taking out an old photo of her and Charlie Taylor.

Mackenzie threatens to take the picture to Detective Chase and Marcia ultimately breaks down. Marcia sits on the couch and tells Mackenzie about her past with Charlie, Bert and her other friends. Marcia also tells Mackenzie about Archie, and the birthday party that resulted in his untimely death.

Marcia believes that they are paying for Archie's death, and that the killer is Jack Benjamin, but Mackenzie knows that it's Archie. Mackenzie leaves to go talk to Jack, believing he is the only one capable of stopping Archie. The teen eventually stops at the Hella Burger owner's house, along with Fisher, Van and Starfire.

After they all take turns drinking from Mackenzie's flask of whisky, Mackenzie tells Starfire and Van that she and Fisher will try to talk to Jack while they check the garage for any evidence, like bodies in the freezer. Mackenzie and Fisher walk away, leaving Van and Starfire alone. Van is worried, but Starfire, seemingly not believing in Archie's power, isn't scared at all and suggests that they split up. Van thinks it's a bad idea, but Starfire convinces him to agree with it. Starfire tells Van to check the backyard and meet up with her in the garage.

Meanwhile, Jack Benjamin lays unconscious on a piece of furniture, drunk. Jack's television suddenly turns on, showing Archie among a bunch of static. Archie yells at Jack to wake up.

Mackenzie and Fisher sneak in through the front of Jack's mansion, the couple coming across Archie's old room. Within, they find a pull string Horny doll that laughs at them. Fisher pulls the string behind it, believing that it's trying to tell them something important, but it just says a catchphrase instead. Fisher sets the doll down, where it wishes Mackenzie happy birthday shortly thereafter, startling the couple as Archie's insane laughter can be heard from elsewhere in the mansion.

Mackenzie checks her watch to find that it's midnight; her eighteenth birthday. The electricity suddenly shuts off, followed by a terrified scream from Starfire. Fisher decides that they should get out of Archie's room.

Van enters the garage wielding a flashlight, though Starfire is nowhere to be seen. Van calls out for Starfire, but he gets no response. Van finds a meat freezer and opens it, finding a severed hand on a pile of bags. Van shouts out for Starfire, but he still gets no response. Van notices a black bag in the freezer and moves it, becoming horrified as he sees Starfire's body cut into multiple pieces. Archie descends from the ceiling behind Van and bisects the teen, watching him die as his guts spill out.

Mackenzie and Fisher sneak through Jack's mansion, trying to get out, when Archie suddenly chops down the door with his meat cleaver and chases after them. Outside, Chase and Crockers pull up, this time to arrest Jack, believing him to be behind the homicides. Crockers goes to check the garage as Chase goes to check the rest of the mansion.

Mackenzie and Fisher enter a dark room, seemingly having escaped Archie, unaware that he is already there, waiting for them in the shadows. A jukebox suddenly plays the Hella Burger jingle and Archie emerges from the shadows. Archie attacks the couple and knocks Mackenzie unconscious instantly, though Fisher manages to fight back and takes off Archie's mask. Fisher becomes frozen upon seeing Archie without his mask, the undead killer grabbing him by his shirt. Fisher's eyes turn as red as blood and he is thrown out of a glass door.

Crockers finds Van and Starfire's bodies in the freezer and Chase finds Jack Benjamin - hiding in his bedroom, believing that Archie is going to kill him and still in the mansion. Chase says that there is no one there and arrests Jack as more police arrive. Fisher is eventually found and put back into the hospital.

Mackenzie eventually regains consciousness, tied up to a chair in a Hella Burger with duct tape around her mouth. Mackenzie becomes horrified as she sees the dead bodies of Val, Chuck, Tina and Brandon sitting on chairs around a table in front of her, with various party decorations and a large party cake on the table.

Archie re-appears, with his mask back on, taking great pleasure Mackenzie's horror. Archie rips off the duct tape around Mackenzie's mouth. The clown takes joy in Mackenzie's continued anguish before slamming a cannister of gasoline, with a bow wrapped around it like a present, on the table, making his intentions very clear. Archie pours gasoline on Mackenzie, the teen continuously screaming for help. Archie throws the cannister aside when it empties and kneels next to Mackenzie, grabbing one of the lit birthday candles and preparing to burn Mackenzie to death.

Fortunately for Mackenzie, Marcia arrives and shoots the door open. Archie is nonplussed upon Marcia's arrival, not expecting her, so he doesn't get out of the way when Marcia shoot him, knocking him unconscious. Marcia tries to untie Mackenzie, but Archie is quickly back on his feet and tackles Marcia, strangling her unconscious, though he doesn't kill her.

Archie retries his attempt to kill Mackenzie, unaware that she had drunk a flask of whiskey. Mackenzie spits the liquid through the candle's fire, setting Archie aflame once again.

Mackenzie manages to wake her mother up, the mother-daughter duo running out of the Hella Burger as they watch Archie seemingly burn to death once again.

The police later arrive at the Hella Burger with an ambulance. As Crockers talks about how crazy the case was, Chase hands him a translucent plastic bag containing the burnt remains of Archie's Horny mask. Crockers asks if they can identify him, to which Chase responds that his body is the only one unaccounted for. Chase tells Crockers to take the mask to the station and get it printed. As her partner drives off, Chase walks towards Mackenzie and Marcia, who are sitting in the back of the ambulance. Chase tries to talk to Mackenzie about Fisher, but the teen is sure that her boyfriend is dead. Chase reassures Mackenzie that Fisher is alive, but in critical condition, in the hospital, and the doctors are unsure if he will make it through the night.

Mackenzie begs Marcia to take her to the hospital to see Fisher, which Marcia tearfully agrees to. However, back at the hospital, Fisher slowly opens his eyes, which are still blood-red. Mackenzie runs out of Marcia's car as they arrive at the hospital, telling Marcia that she'll meet her in Fisher's room.

Mackenzie arrives at the reception desk, where a nurse tells her that visiting hours are over. Mackenzie says that she's come to see Fisher Kent and that Chase already called ahead. The nurse realises that she is Mackenzie and takes her to Fisher's room.

When they arrive at Fisher's room, his bed is empty and his window is wide open. The nurse runs in horror as Mackenzie looks out the window, Marcia joining her side shortly after. Mackenzie laments that it's not over, seeing Fisher's clothes strewn down on the parking lot.

Detective Crockers pulls up at a Hella Burger drive-through, wanting to get something to eat before dropping off the mask. Horny once again pretends to be a friendly employee through the drive-through speaker as Crockers makes his order. Crockers' police radio begins to go off as Fisher, now possessed by Archie and wearing his unique Horny the Clown costume, quickly passes by. The voice suddenly grows aggressive as Horny lands on the hood of Crockers' car, scaring the detective. Horny says one last one-liner as he swings his meat cleaver at the windshield, ending both Crockers and the movie.

Powers and Abilities

  • Teleportation: Horny possesses the ability to teleport, an ability that he uses to appear wherever he desires and disappear without a trace. One instance is when he appears from the ball pit before killing Chuck and Spanky, even though Chuck was in the ball pit earlier, with Horny nowhere in sigh.
  • Superhuman Speed: Horny is capable of moving at unnatural speeds. When killing Van, Horny was able to cut him in an almost instantaneous movement. When mocking Mackenzie's screams, Horny's body moved around at fast speeds, leaving faint afterimages.
  • Superhuman Strength: Horny possesses a certain level of superhuman strength, shown to effortlessly throw Tony across the room with single hand. Horny has also been shown to easily break glass, with both his cleaver and his own fists, without difficulty.
  • Superhuman Durability: Though Horny is rarely seen getting hurt or damaged, he is mostly unfazed. When he was shot in the mouth by Marcia, he was only knocked out for a few seconds, getting back up as if nothing happened a few seconds later. There does seem to be a limit to this power, however, as he apparently dies when Mackenzie spits fire on him.
  • Clairvoyance: While not outright stated or shown, Horny seems to possess a certain level of clairvoyance, being aware of the locations of the children of his former tormentors, especially Mackenzie.
  • Possession: Horny seemingly has the ability to possess others. When Fisher saw him unmasked, his eyes turned as red as blood. After Archie seemingly dies again, he possess Fisher. It is unknown if Horny can possess someone at will, or if they have to see his head unmasked for him to possess them.
  • Telekinesis: Horny possesses telekinetic abilities, being able to make the planchette move around the Ouija board despite being nowhere near the house, and making the toy vending machine move despite being nowhere in sight either. Despite the applications of these abilities, Horny isn't shown using it much - most likely believing that he doesn't need to use them against his victims - making it unknown if the scope of them is big or small.
  • Voice and Image Projection: Horny can project sounds and images through other sources. Horny has been shown that he can make his voice come from other speakers. Horny can make images appear on other surfaces, such as in the darkroom, where he made the images of Brittany's death and Tiffany screaming appear, despite the stolen camera being nowhere in sight. He was also able to make an image of Mackenzie from his perspective appear on a polaroid she was holding, including her holding the same polaroid. Horny was also able to project himself on Jack's television and talk to him.

Overall, Horny is a very powerful and dangerous vengeful spirit, being capable of quickly and easily ending the lives of multiple people with little effort and no mercy. Because of his lack of a struggle throughout the movie, it is unknown if Horny possesses any other powers or abilities, or if he is stronger than shown.

Nevertheless, Horny is still a fearsome foe to be reckoned with: capable of killing any regular human with minimal effort.


Horny's meat cleaver

Horny's meat cleaver (in movie).

Horny's main weapon of choice is a punk-like meat cleaver. It looks mostly like a regular meat cleaver, with the main difference being its handle; a skull at the end with red eyes, a big red nose and a small ring in its mouth. Horny appears to be well apt with his meat cleaver, using it for most of his kills, and even once threw it with enough force to imbed it into a human skull. Horny can also use it to cut clean through the human body in the blink of an eye, like he did with Van.


Horny was invincible throughout most of the movie, greatly lacking any weaknesses outside of being susceptible to pain (and even then, it only fazes him for a few seconds at most). Horny can at least be killed, as he 'died' again when set on fire by Mackenzie, but it is unknown if Horny could have just returned back to life, even without possessing Fisher.


Hi, I'm Horny the Clown. Welcome to Hella Burger. Would you like to try our jalapeno cheesy sticks? They're only ninety-nine cents with any order.
~ Horny's first line in the movie, pretending to be a friendly employee.
Can I f-ck your whore, wigger?
~ Horny's first threat towards Brandon.
You wanna die, bitch?
~ Horny's second threat towards Brandon.
Order up, punk!
~ Horny to Tony before attacking him.
Employee of the month's 'bout to f-ck you up!
~ Horny to Tony before killing him.
You want fries with that?
~ Horny.
Sorry homie, but that just ain't gonna... CUT IT!
~ Horny, when Brandon Meeks asks for mercy.
Say cheese!
~ Horny to Mackenzie before chasing her.
Hello Mackenzie, beginning to get the picture?!
~ Horny to Mackenzie, before attacking her in the darkroom.
This party's just gettin' started, girlfriend!
~ Horny, before Mackenzie enter the gymnasium.
Mackenzie, I'm lonely. You know you want my horndog in your hot little buns.
~ Horny taunting Mackenzie over the school speaker.
No one can help you. You're my girl now. AND I'M HORNY!
~ Horny, before continuing his attack on Mackenzie.
See, Fisher?!
~ Horny to Fisher Kent after killing Tina McCandless.
Hehehe…! Having fun, kids?
~ Horny to Chuck and Spanky over the fun space speaker.
You'll get your food as soon as your Momma takes my dick out of her mouth, BITCH!
~ Horny before emerging from the ball pit.
Did someone say pork... CHOP!
~ Horny, before killing Spanky.
Hurt you? I ain't gonna hurt you, I'm just gonna bash your brains in. I'm gonna bash them RIGHT THE F-CK IN!
~ Horny to Chuck Taylor before killing him.
All work and no play makes Horny a dull boy.
~ Horny after killing Chuck Taylor.
Happy birthday, Archie...
~ Archie, in Marcia's flashback.
Jack, oh Jack. WAKE UP! Our guests are here, Daddy! It's party time!
~ Horny speaking to Jack Benjamin through the TV.
Relax… She's just chillin'.
~ Horny, when Van discovers Starfire's body.
You got a lotta guts, kid.
~ Horny, shortly after killing Van.
Little pigs, little pigs, let me come in!
~ Horny to Mackenzie and Fisher, while busting through the door.
...It's hella good.
~ Horny, to the Hella Burger jingle as he emerges from the shadows.
You eyeballin' me, boy?!
~ Horny, before possessing Fisher.
Happy birthday, Mackenzie...!
~ Horny, before revealing himself to the tied Mackenzie.
~ Horny to a tied up Mackenzie.
What's wrong? Don't you like surprises?
~ Horny to Mackenzie, gesturing at the corpses.
When you die alone, no one can hear you scream!
~ Horny to a tied up Mackenzie when she screams for help.
For your eighteenth birthday to be as special as mine. But you're lucky; all of your friends showed up.
~ Horny, after Mackenzie asks him what he wants.
~ Horny, when Mackenzie asks where Fisher is.
This is a little party game your mother taught me.
~ Horny, before pouring gasoline on Mackenzie.
Make a wish!
~ Horny to Mackenzie before getting ready to light her on fire.
Now I'm gonna give your daughter an extreme F-CKING MAKEOVER!
~ Horny to Marcia Carpenter after choking her out.
Where were we? Hehehehehe! Hehehehehe! Hehehehehehehehehe… Huh?
~ Horny, before being burned to his supposed death.
~ Horny speaking to Detective Dwayne Crockers through the Hella-Burger drive-through speaker.
Have a Hella nice day!
~ Horny the Clown's last line at the end of the movie.


Like many slasher victims, Horny kills mostly teenagers. However, Horny targeting teenagers as his victims may be because the children of his killers were all teenagers at the time, as well as hung around other teenagers. Horny has been shown to attack and kill adults, as he killed Lenny and, later on in the end of the movie, Dwayne Crockers. Because of his homicidal nature, Horny most likely kills teens and adults alike. It is unknown if Horny killed anyone before the events of the movie, and, if so, how many.

  • Tony
  • Brandon Meeks
  • Brittany
  • Tiffany/Tiffa
  • Val Espinoza
  • Lenny Schwartz
  • Chad Baldwin
  • Tina McCandless
  • Spanky
  • Chuck Taylor
  • Starfire
  • Van
  • Detective Dwayne Crockers


  • "Hurt you? I ain't gonna hurt you, I'm just gonna bash your brains in. I'm gonna bash them RIGHT THE F-CK IN!" and "Little pigs, little pigs, let me come in!" are direct quotes from The Shining antagonist Jack Torrance.
    • "All work and no play makes Horny a dull boy" is also from Jack, but just with Horny's name instead of Jack.
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