You have always been soft on him.
~ Horuz commending about Yondu's relationship with Star-Lord.

Horuz is an anti-hero in the 2014 Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy. He is a Ravager who serves for Yondu Udonta.

He was portrayed by Tom Proctor.


Horuz was considered to be one of the closest members in the Yondu Ravager Clan, holding a dear friendship with Yondu and Kraglin Obfonteri. However, he became very upset to hear that Yondu's protege Peter Quill has found an Orb (containing an Infinity Stone) and intends to sell it to the Collector. To that end, Horuz was tasked to track down Peter and make him pay for his betrayal. Obliging to Yondu's orders, Horuz stated Peter should have never joined the Ravagers in the first place and that Yondu was being soft on Peter, but Yondu made Horuz back down by saying that he would kill Peter himself when he gets his hands on him, though it is unlikely that Yondu would do it due to his bond for Peter.

Though the Ravagers manage to capture Peter and his friends, Horuz and the others are upset to hear that the Orb has been stolen by the Kree fanatic Ronan the Accuser, who intends to use it to lead an invasion against the planet Xandar (with the help from Nebula, Korath and several Sakaaran mercenaries). Peter then convinces the Ravagers to help stop the invasion, and in return, they would have the Orb. Reflecting back on his childhood when he was sold into Kree slavery, Yondu accepts the deal, and Horuz joins up with him and the other Ravagers. To that end, Horuz piloted his own ship to protect the Xandarians from the Sakaarans' ships. However, Horuz and his teammate were killed when one of the Sakaarans dive-bombed directly at the ship, much to the horror of Rocket Raccoon. Fortunately, Yondu and the other Ravagers were able to finish off the remaining Sakaarans in revenge for the deaths of Horuz and his teammate.


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