Hose Arcadio Morales or just Morales is one of the main antagonists in the Polish mobster comedy movie Kilerów 2-ch (Two Kilers). He hails from Cuba and looks exacly like Jurek Kiler, the movie's main protagonist.


Before getting hired by Siara, Hose was a member of Cuban Death Squad. He came to Poland in an airplane, and he jumped off it on a parachute. After Siara and Wąski saw him, they tried to run to him to greet him, but he pulled out his assault rifle making them stop and scream to him that they are his friends. Later he went to the woods to find a Hummer in which he drove away to Siara's house. Siara started to chase him, afraid that he might visit someone else's house because he never gave him the right adress to his home. When they both came to Siara's house, he first met with Jurek, and throuought the rest of the movie everybody keeps on mixing them both up, mistaking them, etc. Later he gets knocked out by a gold bar falling on his head, and gets fooled into marrying Aldona Lipska, because she thinks he is Jurek Kiler.


Morales was very fluent in Spanish, and later in Polish due to Siara's and Wąski's teachings. He was also very strong,

Morales in his Death Squad gear.

good at fighting people with bare fists. He was also a romantic person, which he shows multiple times.
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