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These are the hostile mobs, the evil, cruel, and ruthless forces of mobs that you must fight in order to survive the night.
~ Notch explaining the Hostile Mobs when they were added.

The Hostile Mobs are the overall main antagonists of Minecraft.

They are a group of evil mobs that are commonly only found in the game during nighttime in which they are trying to hunt and kill any players they see (Survival mode). Hostile mobs are the mobs in the game that are mean, genocidal, dark, murderous, and evil. Because of these encounters, the players are forced to fight them back in the middle of the night in order to protect themselves and their own house. They are also Steve or the player characters' archenemies in Minecraft 's Survival mode.

The Hostile mobs also appear as the central antagonists in the 2015 Minecraft spin-off, Minecraft: Story Mode, and the secondary antagonists in its 2020 dungeon-crawler spin-off game, Minecraft Dungeons.

The most notable hostile mobs are the Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers, Spiders, Endermen, Witches, Slimes, Ghasts, and Silverfishes. Prior to this, This race currently consists of about 40 types of hostile mobs. As new updates been released at a short amount of time, newly added hostile mobs add more variety to this race.

The Hostile Mobs are also known as the main antagonists, or the central antagonists of countless Minecraft media, such as mods/modpacks, maps, fanfiction, webcomics, songs, videos, Let's Plays, and more.

They also appear as the main antagonists of the popular Minecraft modpack, RLCraft, with different variations and additional monsters with hyper-realistic models.

In the Animator vs. Animation franchise, they are major antagonists, appearing as the central antagonists of Animation vs. Minecraft as Herobrine's pawns, and the overall main antagonists of the AVM Shorts.

The sound effects for them were provided by Daniel Rosenfeld.


Hostile mobs are often portrayed as the mean, genocidal, rude, cruel, sadistic, evil, villainous, murderous, dimwitted, weak, offensive, antagonistic, destructive and ruthless entities that the players always find during nighttime or even sometimes daytime. They will always find a way to make the players suffer miserably and will repeatedly make their lives difficult in Survival mode non-stop. They also sometimes work as a team so that they can bring the player together much more easily, and also they will also help the Illagers in raids, being much more of a challenge to all players.

Most Hostile mobs will attack the player and mobs such as villagers and golems and will endlessly kill them with no remorse for their actions. However, due to their aggressive behavior, mobs can attack each other if they end up being hit accidentally by another mob’s attacks. The Creeper, the most popular and otherwise hated/loved iconic character of the game, is known for its stealth ability where it can surprise scare players in their survival world and destroy their houses by exploding. The mobs are also known to appear at nighttime, caves, dungeons, or darker areas.

The Ender Dragon is also known for its massive size, strength, and overall aggressiveness towards the player, and can even kill them the first time they fight it. The Wither, "Johnny" Vindicators, and Zoglins can be considered by far the most aggressive and evil of all the Hostile Mobs; whereas most Hostile Mobs only attack villagers, golems and players, the Wither will ruthlessly attack almost everything it sees, including animals and even its fellow hostile mobs excluding the undead, "Johnny" Vindicators will attack almost everything excluding Illagers, and Zoglins attack almost everything excluding other zoglins and creepers. Some mobs are also neutral, and though most of them will still attack the player when they attack them, they are not entirely evil. These are called Neutral Mobs.

Powers and Abilities

The Hostile Mobs have a lot of powers and abilities. This is the list of their powers and abilities:

  • Absorb: Some Hostile Mobs can absorb lightning. If a lightning strikes a Creeper, the Creeper will absorb it and the Creeper will transform into the Charged Creeper. Also, passive mobs (Villager and Pig) can absorb lightning and transform into hostile mobs (Witch and Zombified Piglin).
  • Alchemy: Witches are masters of alchemy, since they use potions to attacking and defense.
  • Archery: Some Hostile Mobs (Skeletons, Strays, Pillagers, Illusioners, and Piglins) uses bow and crossbow as a weapon to kill the player and other mobs. Their hitting rate dependent upon the game's difficulty.
  • Axemanship: Axemanship is an ability that shows mastery of using axes in combat.
    • Vindicators use iron axes.
    • Piglin Brutes use golden axes.
    • Also, Zombies (and variants) and Skeletons (and variants) can use axes if they spawn with them.
  • Building: Endermen can build things unintentionally by placing blocks that they pick up. For example: They can build Snow Golems.
  • Damage immunity: Shulkers can become immune to the damages via their shield.
  • Duplication: Illusioners can duplicate themself, create their clones.
  • Fall damage immunity: Some Hostile Mobs don't take damage when they fell. These mobs are immune to fall damage: "Blazes, Chicken Jockeys, Ender Dragons, Ghasts, Iron Golems, Magma Cubes, Vexes and Withers.
  • Fighting skills: Some Hostile Mobs attack the player without any weapon like Iron Golems, Zombies, Spiders, Cave Spiders, Slimes and Magma Cubes.
  • Fireproofness: Some Hostile Mobs (usually the Nether mobs) are resistant to fire like Zombified Piglins, Magma Cubes, Ghasts, Zoglins, Ender Dragon and Wither. Also, Witches are resistant to fire when they drink the Potion of Fire Resistance.
  • Flight: Flight is a common ability for the Hostile Mobs. Ghasts, Ender Dragon, Wither, Blazes, Phantoms and Vexes can fly.
  • Fragokinesis: Some Hostile Mobs attack the player via explosion way like Creeper. Also, Ghast's fireballs cause an explosion.
  • Horsemanship: Some Hostile Mobs have the ability that can ride the horses. Skeletons can ride the Skeleton Horses and Baby Zombies can ride Horses.
  • High jumping: Some Hostile Mobs can jump high like Dolphin, Magma Cube, Killer Bunny and Slime.
  • Infestation: There are a lot of Hostile Mobs that can infest any area or stones. For example, Zombies can infest any village by turning villagers into zombie villagers. This situation is called "Zombie Villages". Also, Silverfishes can infest stones by hiding in the,.
  • Infliction: A Hostile Mob can inflict a status effect to another mob (not only via potions). This is known as "Infliction".
    • Husks inflict the Hunger status effect to their targets.
    • Strays inflict the Slowness status effect to their targets.
    • Elder Guardians inflict the Mining Fatigue status effect to the player when the player swims near of them.
    • Illusioners inflict the Blindness status effect to their targets when during a battle.
    • Cave Spiders inflict the Poison status effect to their targets when Cave Spiders attack to them.
    • Withers and Wither Skeletons inflict the Wither status effect to their targets.
    • Shulkers inflict the Levitation status effect to their targets.
    • When the player kills the raid captain of the Illagers, they will get the Bad Omenstatus effect which starts a raid when the player is near a populated village.
  • Invisibility: Sometimes, Spiders can spawn with the invisibility effect. Also, Illusioners become invisible during combat.
  • Large size: Some Hostile Mobs are very big. For example, Giants are the biggest mobs in the game (though they do not do anything). Ender Dragons and Ghasts are also very big. Also; Phantoms, Slimes and Magma Cubes can be spawned as giant via command blocks.
  • Léizerkinesis: Guardians and Elder Guardians can attack with lasers from their eyes.
  • Levitation: Levitation is a similar ability to flight. Ghasts, Phantoms, Blazes, Vexes, the Ender Dragon and Wither can levitate.
  • Magic: Magic is also a common power for the Hostile Mobs, especially for Witches.
    • Witches attack player via their potion like Harming and Poison potions and they can drink the potions like Fire Resistance, Water Breathing, Swiftness and Healing.
    • Spiders can spawn with some magical effects like Regeneration, Speed, Strength, and Invisibility.
    • Evokers are spellcasters as they can change a sheep’s wool color from blue to red and spawn fangs and Vexes in combat. Also, Illusioners are spellcasters too as they can duplicate themselves.
    • Zombies, Skeletons, and Piglins can spawn with the magical armors and melee weapons.
  • Marksmanship: Archer mobs (Skeletons, Strays, Illusioners, Pillagers, and Piglins) are also a marksman. Their marksmanship level dependent upon difficulty. Also, Ghasts and Blazes throw fireballs to the player and Llamas spit to the player, Shulkers shoots their bullet and the Drowned can throw the Trident to the player if they handle.
  • Mithridatism: Undeads, Spiders, Cave Spiders, Ender Dragons, Withers, and Witches are resistant to poison.
  • Oxygen independence: Some Hostile Mobs can live without oxygen (live underwater) like Elder Guardians, Guardians, Dolphins, Drowned and Iron Golems. However, Dolphins can breathe underwater about four minutes, they have to get air once in a while.
  • Pyrokinesis: Some Hostile Mobs can manipulate fire. For example: when Ghasts shoot their fireball, the fireball explodes and burns the place. Also, Blaze can burn the player via their fireballs.
  • Regeneration: Ender Dragon can regenerate their health via End Crystals. Withers can gain their health back if they are damaged. And the Spiders can spawn with the Regeneration effect.
  • Superhuman agility/strength/speed/durability/reflexes: There are a lot of Hostile Mobs that are very fast, agile, strong and durable.
    • Killer Bunnies are very fast.
    • Spiders and Cave Spiders are very agile.
    • Ravagers and boss mobs are very strong.
    • The Giant is very durable though again, it doesn’t do anything.
    • Endermen's reflexes are very fast. For example, An Enderman can not be shot by arrows, snowballs, and eggs. They will teleport when an arrow, snowball, egg, or harmful potion is thrown at them.
  • Swimming: Almost every Hostile Mob can swim, however, some Hostile Mobs like Dolphins, Drowned, Guardians and Elder Guardians can swim very well.
  • Swordsmanship: Swordsmanship is an ability that very well using of swords, and is the most common ability for Hostile Mobs.
    • Zombies can spawn with swords and shovels (especially iron variants).
    • Skeletons can use swords and melee weapons.
    • Zombified Piglins and Piglins use a gold sword.
    • Wither Skeletons use a stone sword.
  • Teleportation: Endermen's primary power is teleportation. They can teleport anywhere. Also, Endermites can teleport after their spawn, and Shulkers can teleport occasionally.
  • Transformation: Zombies can transform each other. For example: If a Husk drowns in a water, it will become a Zombie, and if a Zombie drowns in a water, it will become a Drowned.
  • Wallcrawling: Spiders and Cave Spiders can climb vertical surfaces without falling.
  • Zombification: Zombies can turn Villagers into Zombies with attacking them.


The Hostile Mobs have weaknesses as well, allowing the player to defeat them strategically.

  • Sunlight: Zombies, Zombie Villagers, Drowned, Skeletons, Strays and Phantoms will burn when they are caught by sunlight and Creepers, Spiders, Witches and other overworld hostile mobs will despawn from the surface afterwards.
  • Water: Endermen and Blazes hate water and take damage from it. When water touches them, Endermen will teleport and Blaze will try to escape.
  • Waterless Environment: Some Underwater Mobs will suffocate when they can't swim underwater. Dolphins have this weakness.
  • Drowning: Most Hostile Mobs will drown when they stay underwater (except Iron Golems, Undead Mobs, Guardians and Elder Guardians). Dolphins will drown if they stay underwater more than four minutes.
  • Fire/Lava: Most Hostile Mobs will burn when they exposed are to it except some Hostile Mobs (Blazes, Wither Skeletons, Magma Cubes, Zombified Piglins, Ghasts, Zoglins).
  • Radiation: Piglins, Piglin Brutes, and Hoglins cannot survive in the overworld and end, and they'll become Zombified Piglins and Zoglins respectively after several seconds.


  • They are the darkest and most evilest enemies of the entire franchise, having more deadly and heinous crimes than every single Minecraft antagonists, despite being easy to defeat, they can also be strategic at times. They can even outsmart the player at times, and will not stop until they are totally finished. Their existence also played an important role why all humanity had banished before the main game's premise, making the Minecraft world feel more threatened, and even most players, passive or neutral mobs, fear them (mostly villagers). Overall, they are considered as real threats to all Minecraft players and all mobs, as they will try harder to make the player more miserable than what they think, and will repeatedly torture them for fun in both Survival and Hardcore mode.
  • The Ender Dragon can be considered as the main antagonist in the original game's End level, and it is also somewhat behind in the disc 11 story, as the dragon may have ordered an enderman to subsequently kill the player. However, the dragon only appears in the endgame or the final stage of the game, this leads to an explanation why the player's final goal in Survival mode, is to kill the Ender Dragon. This leads to an explanation that the dragon may have corrupted past humans into endermen. Popular opinions also show that the dragon somewhat represents the darkness and the biggest and last fear in the player's dream. Killing the dragon is also required to open the gateway back to the overworld, and there, the player can optionally read the End poem.
  • The Hostile Mobs are also the archenemies to all of the passive and neutral mobs in the game, like wolves, villagers, iron golems, and cats, despite targeting only the players.
  • Even though they are the main antagonists of the main game, they only attack or kill the player in Survival mode, but they can still act as obstacles in Creative mode; sometimes they vandalize the player's playground, forcing the player to get rid of them, or by toggling the Peaceful mode in the Settings.
  • When lightning strikes certain mobs, they will change into special versions: a pig will turn into a zombified piglin, a creeper will turn into a charged creeper, and villager will turn into a witch.
  • All hostile mobs are genderless, nameless, and mute as said by Notch in a tweet.
  • The hostile mobs may seem evil, but all of them had been considered to have a terrible backstory and why they are considered as one of the most tragic enemies in the franchise. Some theories or facts hint their tragic past, one notable example is that Herobrine or possibly the Wither is behind in the creation of them. They all seem to be one of the most deadliest Minecraft antagonists, even wanting more than to kill players, destroy villages, killing innocent mobs and animals, and much more.
  • Most hostile mobs will attack the player's wolf or cat (if one of their pets provoke them back just to protect their owner, the player), or even it's surrounding animals. Creepers even blow up animals or villagers when the player is a closer target to them.
  • Renaming a hostile mob "Dinnerbone" or "Grumm" using spawn eggs or name tags will flip them upside down, also happens in other mobs.
  • The hostile mob, Creeper, is the most iconic of the hostile mobs, being recognized very easily by fans and people. It also became an internet meme character.
  • Endermen are the only hostile/neutral mob that can spawn in all biomes (Overworld, The Nether and The End).
  • The Enderman is commonly believed to be inspired by Slender Man.


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