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The history of the Hostile Mobs from Minecraft and media surrounding it.



Hostile mobs will face and chase/attack the player as soon as they come close (Survival mode). Hostile mobs will also attack a player when he/she gets within a certain range. For most hostile mobs, the range is typically sixteen blocks, without any obstructions. Some mobs can sense a player from much farther away, like Ghasts, who detect all players within one hundred blocks. Here are some classifications of the iconic hostile mobs from the game. Monsters will also attack pets and utility mobs whenever they are provoked by them, resulting them either killing the player's pet or golems. Undead mobs like zombies, will also kill villagers too at nighttime, commonly known as a siege.

The Creeper kills the player at nighttime.

The Hostile Mobs are considered as the player's main obstacles in the game's Survival Mode, commonly threatening them and invading their base/shelter. As night time progresses, these mobs will hunt down and kill the player on sight whenever they see one, and will cause destruction in their shelter. The player must have a secure shelter to protect themselves from the hostile mobs. The hostile mobs also attacks animals if the player is a nearby target to them. They also prevent the player from progressing through caves underground when mining any specific minerals. They also prevents the player from progressing through underground caves when mining any specific minerals. When the sun rises, or if the player reaches the surface, all of the undead hostile mobs will burn to death and mobs that are unaffected by the sunlight will automatically despawn afterwards. As the player progresses in the game, hostile mobs can respawn again overtime, and mostly be encountered by the player most of the time, while mining through caves, or through another nights. Some hostile mobs also spawn through dungeons.

During the alpha and beta releases of the game, mining diamonds have been considered as one of the four optional endgame, and hostile mobs was mostly the game's "final enemies/boss" back then, as they are more challenging to fight. Mobs such as zombies, skeletons, spiders, and mostly the creepers, are what made the caves more difficult to explore, resulting in many players losing the diamonds they mined underground (most notable was the creepers detonating behind the player's back, killing them instantly). Reaching the surface will result in the player's victory back then, and it is mostly up to them to end the game or not, unless if the player still decides to continue building, reach the Far Lands, or ultimately defeat the Ghast in the Nether, and then end their adventures there.

When Beta 1.8 and Release 1.0 was released, more hostile mobs had been added into the game by Notch, most notably the endermen, silverfishes, magma cubes, cave spiders, and more mobs in the Nether. Since the release of 1.0, the End was also released, which means fighting and killing the Ender Dragon was the game's designated yet optional endgame. The player must first find the required materials to make an eye of ender, by hunting down atleast 12 endermen, and blazes, though the player must be really careful, as doing this will still attract many monsters and nether mobs along the way, so it must be done in a strategic way. Once the right materials were gathered, the eye of ender can be crafted by turning blaze rods into blaze powders, and then combining them with ender pearls. Eyes of Ender is used to open the stronghold's portal. Strongholds can be found underground, where in dark areas, monsters will suddenly spawn, and are disconnected in either caves or ravines, though useful loot chests can be found around its hallways. When locating the stronghold, the player must throw an ender eye that points to the nearest stronghold, and must be done carefully as locating it is slightly difficult. Along the way, players can encounter hostile mobs, either on the surface, or underground, so players must be readily prepared for the hunt. Once there, in the portal room, players had to confront silverfishes, which are spawned through a monster spawner, and some monster block. Once this is settled, the player can then safely put the ender eyes at the portal frames, and will grant access to the endgame dimension, The End. There the player can meet up and fight the Ender Dragon strategically. Players can additionally wear a pumpkin in order to avoid enderman pursuit. The player can either destroy ender crystals, or ultimately use beds as weapons to defeat the dragon. Pets and utility mobs can also optionally be brought by the player to distract the endermen, although it's likely they'll just be killed by endermen or the ender dragon during the fight, so it is recommended that the player defeats the dragon single-handedly using the right strategy and tactics. Killing the dragon will result in a victory, and spawns a portal back to the main world in the middle of the island, and will optionally congratulate their companions, or each other for helping them defeat the Ender Dragon, and finally finishing the entire game (although there is no true end). When the player will step into the portal, they will be greeted by the "The End." achievement (only if the player has finished all the achievements) , and the End Poem (ending) will scroll down and will show the game's end credits. After that, the player can continue the game indefinitely, as it is up to the player to finally end their journeys or not.

When the Wither boss was added in 1.4, the player can now continue their journey by fighting another boss. The player first needs to gather the resources needed to summon and fight the Wither. Killing the Wither will then reward the player with a nether star and an achievement called, "The Beginning.".

As hostile mobs began to be added and revamped more and more to the game, they can provide more challenges to the player's adventure. Mobs like Husks and Strays were added in the 1.10 update, the Illagers in the 1.11 update (later revamped in the 1.14 update), Nether mobs variation include the Piglin, Zombified Piglin and the Hoglins in the 1.16 update, The Warden mob in the upcoming 1.17 update, which brings back the "first night" feeling to the game, and many more would be added in a future update.

Below is a complete list of the hostile mobs that can be seen mostly through the game:

Undead Mobs

Undead mobs' general attributes are; They can burn in sunlight, and many can pick up and use items. Some of them can wear armor and they cannot be affected by most potions, except for healing (which harms them) and harming (which heals them). Undead mobs spawn in lightless places. They can only spawn in the Overworld and Nether.


The Zombies, attacking the player at sunset.

Zombies are also considered as one of the most iconic hostile mobs in the game. They are melee, hostile that spawn in areas with a light level of 7 or less. They are found within nearly all Minecraft Biomes.

Zombies are sometimes considered the least dangerous hostile mob in the game because they are slow and can only use close-range melee attacks. However, it is possible for several zombies to collaborate and attack as a team, making them more difficult to overcome. Zombies come in many different variations as well, each with their own unique attacking abilities, or inflict a certain effect.

A zombie will target a player when he or she is within a 40 block radius. Zombies can jump 1 block up and will crowd around doors when in pursuit of players and villagers (in Hard mode, they will break wooden doors down). Zombies also occasionally spawn with the ability to equip dropped armor and weapons. Zombies will also attack villagers and golems. When a zombie kills a villager, they have varying chances to become a zombie villager that depends on the game difficulty.

Any item equipped in this way will be dropped after the zombie is killed. Zombies will also not drop down into an area if the ledge is taller than five blocks. Once implemented, zombies will have a small chance of spawning another zombie to assist it. This is very buggy, albeit, and it can turn a handful of zombies into a horde in a short amount of time. This ability is activated upon any zombie taking damage, whether it's environmental or player caused.

Zombies spawn in unlit areas either above ground or underground. They will attempt to break down one's door. When the sun rises, they will burn to death above ground. Zombies also appear in several other medias such as Machinima videos in YouTube.


Husks are a variant of Zombie that spawn in the hot biomes like deserts. A person who is attacked by a Husk gains the Hunger effect. If they drown in the water, they will become a Zombie. Unlike most undead mobs, Husks do not burn up in the sun.


Zoglins are the zombified variant of hoglins. Unlike hoglins however, they are very aggressive beasts, attacking everything on sight excluding other zoglins and creepers. They also ignore warped fungus, nether portals, and respawn anchors and also cannot be bred. They fling their target into the air.

Zombie Villagers

Zombie Villagers are a variant of Zombies that have the same stats and abilities as a normal one. They have very similar attributes, but the Zombie Villager is an infected version of a Villager.

It is possible to cure Zombie Villagers. If a Zombie Villagers gets the Weakness status effect and eats a Golden Apple, it will be cured and become a normal villager again.


Giants are bigger variant of Zombies. They can not spawn naturally, only with a code. They can kill the player with one-hit according to official stats, however in-game they do not move at all. They can not be damaged from sunlight and they don't attack villagers.


Skeletons are common hostile mobs that shoot arrows and drop 0–2 bones, 0–2 arrows, and a bow (most likely used, however, there is a small chance a bow may be enchanted). They are the primary ranged mob that a player encounters while in the overworld. Skeletons are currently only one of four mobs that drop bones, the others being wither skeletons, strays, and fishes.

Like zombies, skeletons spawn in darkness and have a chance of spawning with armor. They also burn in sunlight and take fire damage unless in shade, water, or wearing a helmet. Both skeletons and zombies seek shade when exposed to the sun so that they don't burn in the daylight. When a skeleton's arrow hits another hostile mob (with the exception of creepers and with the aid of a player to distract the skeleton), the other mob will attack the skeleton, and neither mob will attack a player until one of them dies. Skeletons themselves will also turn on any other hostile mobs that hit them, including other skeletons. Unlike most other mobs, skeletons are able to spawn naturally in both the Overworld and in The Nether, where they can spawn in Nether in place of wither skeletons 20% of the time. They also spawn commonly in the Soul Sand Valley in the Nether.

Wither Skeletons

Wither Skeletons are a variant of Skeletons that spawn only in the Nether. They are bigger than normal Skeletons and they usually wield a stone sword. They drop 0-1 coal, 0-1 bones and sometimes a Wither Skeleton skull. They hate Piglins, and will try to kill them on sight.


Strays are a variant of Skeletons that spawn only in icy biomes. They wield bows like normal Skeletons and the player gains the Slowness effect if a Stray hits them.


Phantoms are one of the undead mobs that can fly. They spawn in the Overworld if the player didn't sleep for three days and attack the player by diving down from the skies and retreating back up after a successful hit or after being hit. The Phantoms drop 0-1 membranes.


The Drowned much like other zombies, use melee attacks, but can also kill the player at a far range if armed with a trident. They are recognizable by their zombie-like gurgling sounds. They also destroy turtle eggs, attack baby turtles, and chase and attack villagers, wandering traders, snow golems, and iron golems.

Underwater Mobs


Guardians are hostile mobs that can only spawn underwater inside of or around ocean monuments. Their eye will always look toward a nearby player or a squid. They attack by sending out a large laser beam which will harm a player. In addition, guardians can target and damage players who are riding in boats. However, once a player is out of range, the guardian's laser will disengage from a player, and it will deal no damage. Guardians will swim around in water, and they will attack any players or squids that come into sight. They swim in abrupt charges and move their tail rapidly when doing so. Unlike squids, guardians will not die outside of water. Instead, they will jump and flail around while making wet and squishy sounding noises. They will also quickly move towards the nearest water source at which point they swim away. When they are swimming, their spikes will retract, and they won't deal any damage when attacked if their spikes are retracted. When they are not swimming, they will sink. Guardians' eyes will follow and stare at any nearby players, and it will always look directly at who they're attacking. This makes them the first mob with dynamic eyes. As of 1.13, Guardians also attack fish mobs.

Elder Guardians

Elder Guardians are a boss-like mob. They have the added ability to send a hallucination which will cause the player's mining speed to decrease through the Mining Fatigue effect. They are stronger than normal Guardians. They drop the same things as normal Guardians and a sponge.

Nether Mobs

Nether Mobs spawn only in the Nether. Except for Piglins, Piglin Brutes, and Hoglins, they are immune to fire and lava.


Blazes are an uncommon mob with yellow colored skin and black eyes. They first appeared in the Beta 1.9 Pre-release 1 version. These are hostile mobs who are located within The Nether. When a player is spotted, they will set themselves on fire, which does not damage them, and they will then shoot a 3 round-burst type of fireball attacks at a player. They guard Nether fortresses and are usually spawned from a Monster Spawner, but can be found roaming Nether Fortresses. They are easily recognized as a ball of flames, which can help a player notice a blaze before they are noticed. Since a Blaze is on fire, and fire is extinguished by water, Blazes are the only mobs that can be killed with snowballs. Zero to one blaze rods are dropped when killed. Blazes have two attacks. When a player is close, the Blaze hits a player for about 2 hearts of damage. If the Blaze has spotted a player, but a player is too far, the Blaze will shoot a fireball at a player, which ignites on impact.


Ghasts are hostile, Nether dwelling mobs that float around and shoot explosive fireballs at players. Ghasts are cube shaped with 9 large tentacles hanging beneath them, and their main body is an exact 4×4×4 block cube, but despite their ghost-like appearance and their ability to move through other mobs, they cannot move through solid blocks, and they do not take extra damage from the smite enchantment. Ghasts were first added in the Halloween update and will spawn anywhere in the Nether where there is a 5×5×5 block space. When a ghast finds a player, it will keep floating around, but it will face a player and start opening its red mouth and eyes and spitting fire charges whenever it has a clear shot. The only warning a player will get is the ghast's high-pitched scream before the shot is fired. These fireballs create explosions and light nearby blocks on fire. The achievement "Return to Sender" can be earned after succesfully backfiring the ghasts' fireball towards the player back to them. Prior to 1.0, before the addition of the first boss, The Ender Dragon, most players commonly acknowledged the Ghast as the "final boss" of the game due to its size and strength, despite being a mini-boss-like mob (although there is simply no designated endgame at the time).


Hoglins are hostile, boar-like mobs that roam in the Crimson Forest. They are the only hostile mobs (other than Killer Bunny) that could breed. Their attacks fling their target to the air. Unlike most other nether mobs, they aren't immune to fire and lava. They will decay and zombify in the overworld and end, becoming Zoglins. They are afraid of warped fungus, nether portals, and respawn anchors, and try to keep distance from them.

Magma Cubes

Magma Cubes are the Nether variants of Slimes. They can jump very high (but their jumping rate isn't as fast), and they attack the player in the same manner as normal Slimes. They are immune to the fire and drop magma cream. Unlike the Slime, which only has three sizes, the Magma Cube has four.

Piglin Brutes

Piglin Brutes are stronger variant of Piglins that are determined to guard the loot within Bastion Remnants. Like Piglins, they aren't immune of fire and lava and will become Zombified Piglins in the overworld or end. Unlike piglins however, they can't be bartered with, aren't afraid of things that would scare normal piglins, and are always hostile to the player.

Arthropod Mobs

Arthropod Mobs are bug-like venomous mobs. They spawn in mines and lightless places.


Spiders are half-neutral, half-aggressive mobs (depending on the time of day) which can spawn in groups of 1–4. They are also one of the iconic character of the game. Spiders move slightly faster than other hostile mobs, making creeping noises as they move around. They are aggressive at night, attacking nearby players, but neutral during daytime. However, a spider will always attack any player who provokes them, regardless of the time of day. Spiders will perform a leap attack at a player when close enough. They make an audible sound similar to a loud hissing. Unlike the other mobs that spawn during the night, spiders have the ability to see through every block, which makes them particularly dangerous to players. This, and their unique climbing skills, make them one of the greatest risk to players who are active during the night (especially in a shelter, where spiders can sneak onto a roof or over walls, in order to reach a player). Unlike most other mobs, spiders can move easily through cobwebs.

Cave Spiders

Cave Spiders are a variant of Spiders that can spawn only in the abandoned mineshafts. They are stronger and smaller than normal Spiders. Cave Spiders inflict poison to the player. They drop the same things as normal spiders.


Silverfish are small, bug-like hostile mobs that have silver skin, black eyes, and hide in monster eggs/infested blocks found in strongholds.

Silverfish can spawn from silverfish eggs and monster spawners. They are also able to spawn, albeit rarely, underground in extreme hills, inside of certain blocks. In the former case, they can only spawn in light level 11 or lower, except on top of stone blocks, where they can spawn at any light level. They also cannot spawn within a five-block distance of any player.

The blocks in which silverfish hide look identical to stone bricks, cobblestone, or regular stone, but take slightly more time to mine than normal with a pickaxe, and will take noticeably less time to mine without one. When the block is broken, Silverfish will pop out and attack. Destroying one of these blocks via creepers or TNT will kill the silverfish instantly before it has time to emerge. In regular gameplay, silverfish blocks occur rarely. If left alone, silverfish can re-enter some blocks, namely cobblestone, regular stone, and stone bricks.


Main article: Illagers

Illagers are a human group. They attack Villagers, Iron Golems, and the player. They usually attack villages with raids. They have their buildings such as Woodland Mansion and the Pillager Outpost.


Pillagers are hostile mobs that can spawn in Illager patrols. They wield a crossbow and they attack Villagers, players, and Iron Golems. They drop arrows, crossbows, emerald, banners, iron swords and armors.


Evokers are hostile mobs that can spawn in mansions and raids. They are spellcasters and they attack with magic. They summon Vexes and fangs and drop totems of undying and emeralds. Also, they can change a sheep's wool color from blue to red.


Vindicators are hostile mobs that can spawn in mansions and raids. They handle an iron axe to attack their enemies. They are very strong and fast mobs. They drop emeralds, enchanted books, and iron equipment. If they are named “Johnny” with a name tag, they will ruthlessly attack any other mob except for other illagers.


Illusioners are spellcaster/hostile mobs that can not spawn. They are unused mobs. They become invisible when they get damage. They can duplicate themself. They handle bow to attack their enemies. They drop banner if they are captain of the raid.


Ravagers are bull-like hostile mobs that can spawn in raids. They are very strong and durable mobs. They drop a saddle when they died. They are very big and can kill almost everyone easily. Their former name is Illager Beasts. Illagers and Evokers can also spawn riding them in later waves of the Raid.


Vexes are small hostile mobs that can be summoned by the Evokers. They can fly and levitate. They attack Villagers, Iron Golems, and players. They handle an iron sword. They can drop their sword if they are killed by a sword with looting enchant.


Witches are ranged mobs, added in the 1.4. update. Witches are hostile and are found mostly in swamp regions on their witch hut wandering around their houses. When a witch notices a player, they begin to viciously attack them with splash potions. Witches also have the ability to regenerate health by drinking potions. It fires splash potions of weakness, slowness, poison, and harming to weaken a player so it makes it easier to attack a player. Because of this, a player's armor is rendered useless, regardless of the armor's material and/or enchantments.

Actually, Witches are not part of the Illagers, however, they can accompany them in the raids.

End Mobs

End Mobs spawn in the End biome. They are the final hostile/boss mobs that the player encounter in the game.


Shulkers are hostile mobs that can spawn in End Cities. They have a natural shield that reduces damage that goes up when they attack. They attack the player by shooting bullets. If the bullet hits the player, the player will levitate. Shulkers drop a shell. With these shells, a shulker chest can be created.


Endermites are similar to silverfishes, except they are smaller, more cube-like, lack the ability to hide in blocks and are purple. An endermite will occasionally spawn when a player throws an ender pearl. It will repeatedly attack the player, dealing 1% of damage per strike. If it is killed by a player or a tamed wolf, it will drop 3 EX. An endermite will despawn within two minutes unless it is named with a name tag. Endermen are aggressive to them.

Endermites currently experience multiple bugs, and have a tendency to stay in one place and become glitched, as opposed to moving like other mobs.

Other Hostile Mobs


Creepers are one of the most famous Minecraft antagonists and are also the most unique and iconic hostile mobs found in the game and can been seen everywhere on the internet and other social media. A creeper can easily be recognized by its tall vertical body (roughly the size of a player), green, pixelated skin, and four legs. It is one of the most dangerous enemies in the game, as it is not affected by sunlight (but it can despawn after a while), which makes it a constant threat as it silently roams the map, searching for a player to explode near. It should be noted, however, that most creepers do despawn during the day, along with spiders. It is often used as the game's mascot by Mojang (aside from Steve), and its iconic frown-like face appears in the A in the official Minecraft title logo.

A creeper who has found a player will chase down that player until the distance between them is only a few blocks. It should be noted that creepers tend to walk to the right of a player. The creeper makes use of a suicide-bomb attack involving getting within close proximity of a player (usually 2–3 blocks) before exploding. A player's only warning to when the creeper is about to explode is by a very distinctive hiss, as well as the swelling and flashing of the creeper itself, which starts about 1–2 seconds prior to the explosion. If a player tries moving away when a creeper is hissing, it will cancel the detonation; however, the harder the difficulty, the further away a player has to get. It takes three full seconds for the creeper to detonate. After it explodes, it will leave a large crater in the ground. The size of this crater is solely dependent on what the terrain is made from. Typically, a hole in the topsoil is created. However, they can be powerful enough to destroy a stone.

When a creeper is killed by an arrow shot by a skeleton, it will drop a random music disc, which can be played in a jukebox. It doesn't matter what dealt most of the damage, as long as the last blow was the arrow of a skeleton. Creepers cannot use doors, but they can climb ladders and vines, unlike other hostile mobs and despite being armless.

Charged Creepers

Charged Creepers are stronger variants of normal Creepers. If a lightning strikes a Creeper, the Creeper will transform into a Charged Creeper. Their explosion is much stronger and bigger than those of normal Creepers. If a Creeper/Zombie/Skeleton/Wither Skeleton dies by a Charged Creeper's explosion, they will drop their head.


Slimes are a rare mob which can spawn in three different sizes: big, small, or tiny. A slime will split into two or more smaller slimes when killed, unless the slime is already the smallest size. It is also one of the notable mobs in the game. Slimes can only be found in swamp biomes, below layer 40 (in 1/10 of all chucks), or in superflat worlds. Big and small slimes are hostile, but tiny slimes are passive and are popular pets, because they will follow a player around, and do not require taming. However, a slime can despawn if it is not given a nametag. Small and tiny smiles can climb ladders. Magma Cubes are the nether variation of the Slimes. They are only found in the nether, and just like slimes, when attacked, they will divide into small pieces but the cubes aren't passive anymore, Magma cubes are completely hostile.

Neutral Mobs

Neutral mobs are passive, but will turn hostile if attacked or otherwise provoked. Piglins and Zombified Piglins are neutral Nether mobs, and Enderman are neutral End mobs. Spiders are neutral Overworld mobs, which also include:


Wolves can be tamed to be pet dogs. However, if they are attacked by a player, they will turn hostile and attack. Additionally, nearby wolves will also turn hostile. Wolves are also permanently hostile towards sheep and skeletons.

Iron Golems

Iron Golems guard villages and fight off other hostile mobs. However, if they are attacked by a player, they will turn hostile and attack. Iron Golems deal the most damage out of all non-boss mob, making them extremely dangerous.


Bees spawn in nests in forests. They fly around collecting pollen from flowers to turn into honey. However, if they are attacked, have their nest destroyed, or have their honey or honeycomb taken (without use of campfire smoke), they will turn hostile and attack. Additionally, nearby bees will also turn hostile. They will sting the player and inflict poison damage before dying as a result of their lost stingers.


Dolphins are aquatic animals that can aid players by providing speed boosts or even leading to buried treasure. However, if attacked, they will turn hostile and attack the player.

Polar Bears

Polar Bears spawn in ice and snow biomes, and are normally passive. However, if a player attacks them or comes between a parent and their young, the polar bear will turn hostile and attack, chasing and even swimming after the player. All polar bears within a certain distance will turn aggressive if a baby polar bear is attacked.


While most variants of Pandas are passive; the "Aggressive" variant, distinguished by its grey eyebrows, are neutral and will attack if the player hurts it or other nearby pandas. It will also attack other mobs if they do the same.


Llamas are tameable, ridable mobs that can carry chests and be kept as pets. However, if they are attacked, they will turn hostile and spit at players, dealing small damage. Additionally, llamas owned by Wandering Traders will turn hostile if their owner is attacked. It should be noted that llamas are currently the only neutral mobs that can deal damage to players when they are in Peaceful Mode.

Zombified Piglin

Zombified Piglins are the zombified variant of piglins. They usually spawn in the Nether and they hold a gold sword. However, they can spawn in the Overworld if lightning hits a Pig. They drop 0-1 rotten flesh, 0-1 gold nuggets, -rarely- gold ingot and a golden sword. Before 1.16, they were called Zombie Pigman and had a different model and a slightly different texture.

They travel in groups of up to 20, and do not attack a player unless a player attacks them first. Zombified Piglins are able to drown, but cannot be killed by lava, other than drowning in it. Because they are well-armed and very strong, zombified piglins are highly dangerous to an unsuspecting player, also considering the ghasts and horrible terrain of the Nether, however, they only attack the player if the player attacks them or a nearby zombified piglin.


Piglins are pig/boar and human mix and are the intelligent mobs in the Nether. They will naturally attack the player, but they won't if the player wears golden armor. They will attack the player again however if the player opens a container block or mines a gold-related blocks near them. They are afraid of their zombified variant, zoglins, and soul fire-based blocks, and try to keep distance from them, unless when pursuing the player. They will decay and zombify in the overword and end, becoming Zombified Piglins. They hate Wither Skeletons and try to kill them on sight, and also occasionally hunt Hoglins. They can barter with the player and live in bastion remnants. Unlike most other nether mobs, they aren't immune to fire and lava.


Endermen are also one of the most recognizable mobs found in the game. It is a mob with unique teleportation abilities, who will attack players who look at its head. Endermen have long legs, purple eyes and sometimes pick up blocks and move them around. In the Overworld, endermen typically only spawn at night in groups of 1-4, but they can spawn in The Nether at any time of day. In The End, encountering very large groups of endermen is quite common. Endermen wander and/or teleport around randomly, until a player attacks or "stares" at them from less than 65 blocks away. "Staring" at an enderman is defined as aiming the cross-hair at the enderman's head. Once a player looks at an enderman in the right spot, it becomes hostile toward that player (unless the player is wearing a pumpkin on their head). It will open its mouth, and either run or teleport to the player. An enderman will not be alerted if a player is protected by one of the methods listed below. Even though Endermen are considered as hostile mobs by others, they are actually neutral mobs, because they only attack when the player stares at them.


Bosses are aggressive, difficult mobs that pose a challenge to players. Bosses tend to have much higher health, deal more damage, and attack the player constantly. There are only 2 bosses in Minecraft (excluding the story mode content), the Ender Dragon, and the Wither. Each having their ways of spawning and attack methods. Elder Guardians are said to be a "boss" in the Pocket Edition, as they tend to be quite a challenge to kill in survival. The final boss of the game, the Ender Dragon is the most dangerous hostile mob.

Killing a boss will either give the player a rare drop, or change the Minecraft world. All bosses will always drop experience points.


Main article: Wither (Minecraft)

The Wither is another boss mob in Minecraft that has 300 healthpoints. It is a three-headed flying skeletal monster that can be summoned by arranging four soul sand blocks in a T-shape and placing three Wither Skeleton Skulls on the structure. The Wither is very aggressive and powerful, being one of the three mobs to kill almost any other mobs in Minecraft, even its fellow hostile mobs (aside from undead mobs). It fires many explosive Wither Skulls (black normal ones and blue ones that are more destructive but can be deflected) and can destroy almost any block it comes into contact with. At half health, it can no longer fly higher than its opponent, but it will gain a shield that makes it immune to any projectiles. In Bedrock Edition, it also gains the ability to charge at its enemies. Once it is killed, it will drop a Nether Star, which can be used to create beacons.

Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon.

The Ender Dragon, sometimes known as Jean, is considered to be the final boss and hostile mob, sometimes being acknowledged as the main antagonist of the End level of Minecraft. She has been added to the game in its official PC release in 2011.

The Ender Dragon is a massive dragon that spawns in the End and attacks the player when they arrive at the dimension. She has 200 health points (about 100 hearts) and is only aggressive to the player. She mainly attacks by diving down and ramming the player, and when she flies around, she can shoot Dragon Fireballs that explode on the ground and leave a patch of particles that deal damage similar to a Lingering Potion of Harming. She occasionally dives down to the bedrock structure in the middle of the End and stays there for a while while shooting a purple dragon breath attack that lands on the ground and deals damage like the Dragon Fireballs. This dragon breath can also be collected in a bottle.

To fight the Ender Dragon, the player must first gather 12 or 13 Ender Pearls by killing Endermen, then kill Blazes in the Nether for Blaze Rods (which can then be crafted into Blaze Powders) to gather the required materials to craft the Eye of Ender. Once the player finally crafted the right amount of Eye of Enders, they must now locate the Stronghold, which will lead to the "final" confrontation of the overworld hostile mobs. Once the surrounding hostile mobs was cleared, and the silverfish spawner was broken, the player can now fill up the end portal with the right amount of ender eyes, then must proceed to the End dimension to fight the dragon.

The Ender Dragon is a very difficult boss, because of the End Crystals on the tall obsidian pillars that line the main End Island which replenish its health when she comes near them. These crystals can be destroyed by hitting them, however they will emit a large explosion which can deal lots of damage to a player. When the player also has equipped a pumpkin on their head, the Endermen won't kill the player since they cannot look them in the eyes. It is recommended to destroy the Crystals first before taking on the Dragon.

When the Ender Dragon dies, she floats up in the air and lets out a loud sound while her body disintegrates with rays of light shooting out of her. She will then drop lots and lots of experience and spawn a dragon egg on top of the exit bedrock portal in the middle of the main island.

Up until update 1.9, she is actually possible to respawn the Ender Dragon by putting Ender Crystals in the middle of the four sides of the bedrock portal, which will close the portal and bring back the Ender Crystals on the pillars before the beams shoot up into the air and bring back the Ender Dragon.

Unused/Deleted Mobs

Killer Bunnies

Killer Bunnies are a variant of Rabbits. They are very strong and very agile and can jump very high. They attack the player and Wolves and deal lots of damage. They were very rare in the game, though they could be created by naming a rabbit "The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog", in reference to the monster from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. However, they were removed and now can only be spawned via codes.


Humans are humanoid/hostile mobs that can be spawned only in the older versions of Minecraft. They were the first mobs ever added in the game and had the same appearance as the traditional player skin (Steve). They only jumped around aimlessly while flailing their arms around and attacked the player like a zombie would, simply running into them and dealing damage with the same strength as a normal player. Eventually, they were removed from the game when the main Java Edition was released.

Minecon 2017 Mobs

During Minecon 2017, four new hostile mobs were proposed, and players could vote on which one thy wanted implimented into the game. The victory went to Phantoms, but the cut hostile mobs included The Monster of the Ocean Depths, The Great Hunger, and The Hovering Inferno.


Iceolegers would have been an Illiger variant that would have been found on top of mountains and in snow biomes. They would have attacked with magic, summoning ice chunks over a player's head to drop down on them. This mob was one of three that were proposed to appear, along with Mooblooms and Glow Squid, and were voted on by players during 2020's Minecraft Live event. The victory went to the Glow Squid.


Herobrine is an infamous Minecraft Creepypasta/urban legend, stated to be a humanoid entity with vast magical and supernatural powers, commonly regarded as the bogeyman/devil of the Minecraft universe. Herobrine has never appeared in the game, but Mojang repeatedly jokes about his inclusion, such as adding the line "Removed Herobrine" to patch notes, referencing him in the splash screens for the PS3 edition, and included him in promotional material for Minecon 2011.

Minecraft: Story Mode


Hostile Mobs are present in Minecraft: Story Mode and serves as the main antagonists of the intro sequences, and specifically the secondary antagonists in the episode, "Order Up!" as they are use by Aiden to destroy cloud city. The monster mobs threatens all the players and the main characters as they go in their journey. Most notable examples are the intro sequence of some episodes of that season.

The main antagonists, PAMA, Hadrian, and Romeo uses the hostile mobs to prevent Jesse and his/her friends from continuing and succeeding in their own journey in the whole series. Luckily, The hostile mobs were defeated after Romeo's defeat in Episode 5 of Season 2 but still returns posthumously after daytime offscreen afterwards.

In Season 1-2, Jesse, alongside his friends fights all the aforementioned hostile mobs except from the post-1.11 hostile mobs.

Minecraft Dungeons

The hostile mobs are present in Minecraft Dungeons, and served as the secondary antagonists and one of the main conflicts in the player's quest to defeat the Arch-Illager.

They have actually teamed up with the Illagers to destroy the player during on their journey. They have appeared in most levels of the game, before the Fiery Forge level, where they actually have failed to kill the player if the player reaches the illagers' main headquarters, The Fiery Forge.

Other Media

Minecraft media

The Hostile mobs has appeared also in many medias based on the game, most currently in YouTube videos, and graphic novels, and as usual, they will still have to kill the player or YouTubers as they still possess their evil personality. They are sometimes portrayed as Herobrine's pawns (much likely in the Herobrine mod) and has also appeared in some series such as Monster School, Mob Life series, Mod Showcases, Machinima Animations, and Realistic Minecraft, as the secondary antagonists, or even the protagonists. They have appeared in many forms of merchandise based on Minecraft such as Creeper, Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, and Slimes, in products like: Lego Minecraft, T-shirts, Toys, and many more.

They also appear in countless mods, maps, and many more as either the main or the secondary antagonists, most notably as the main antagonists of the Twilight Forest and RLCraft, where they have more variations and more advanced difficulty, as well as additional monsters that players can discover and fight. Their role in Twilight Forest are much less difficult than RLCraft, since mobs can be defeated mostly with the right strategy in Twilight Forest. The mod is also capable of adding more bosses to the game that are exclusive only in a dimension. RLCraft on the other hand, doesn't just add more variations and uniqueness to monsters, but with utterly increased difficulty and behavior. The mobs are more active and more common to most players, and can mostly outsmart them, or even surprise scare any players wherever they go within their worlds, since RLCraft is also reported to be the most difficult and hardest Minecraft modpack to ever exist. They also serve as the secondary antagonists in the 2010 popular mod, The Herobrine Mod, in which they still act as their original behavior in the game, except, Herobrine is the one hunting and killing the player whenever the player summons him, with the mobs just acting as side enemies this time. Many of these mods exist in adding more variety and difficulty to hostile monsters to the game. They can also appear in many mod-related maps, depending which genre the player choose.


The Hostile Mobs, more commonly known as "Monsters" in the books, serve as the main antagonistic faction in the Gameknight999 books. They are commonly pawns of Herobrine and his monster-kings, as Herobrine created many of the monsters. Erebus, Malacoda, Xa-Tul, Feyd, Reaper, Charybdis, Shaikulud, Oxus, Shaivalak, and Vo-Lok are all monster kings created by Herobrine to lead his armies of monsters.

Super Smash Bros.

Zombies and Endermen appear as alternate costumes for Steve in DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Additionally, Creepers and other hostile mobs appear in Steve/Alex/Zombie/Enderman's Final Smash, where opponents are locked in a stone building full of TNT and mobs, where they are attacked and caught in an explosion. They also appear in the background of the Minecraft World stage during the night, throughout Steve's reveal trailers (most watching from the shadows, although a Creeper does appear directly to explode behind Mario) and as various spirits.

List of spirits:

  • Zombie: Novice attack type. Its ability increases the fighter's weakness to fire. Its battle is a Stamina battle on the savanna biome of the Minecraft World against ten Zombies with super armor.
  • Creeper: Advanced attack type. Its ability increases fire attacks. Its battle is against five green Mr. Game & Watches on the plains biome of the Minecraft World equipped with Bombers.
  • Skeleton: Advanced support type. Its ability increases shooting attacks. Its battle is against three Links on the plains biome of the Minecraft World that favor neutral specials (Link's bow) and may obtain a sudden Final Smash.
  • Slime: Advanced support type. Its ability increases the fighter's jump distance. Its battle is a Stamina battle on the taiga biome of the Minecraft World against a giant green Kirby, then three green Kirbys, and then six tiny green Kirbys.
  • Enderman: Ace neutral type. Its ability increases the fighter's weakness to water. Its battle is against four Enderman with increased speed on the plains biome of the Minecraft World. POW Blocks are more commonly spawned and only Abra will emerge from Poké Balls.
  • Villager and Iron Golem: Ace grab type. Their ability increases the distance of throws. Their battle is on the plains biome of the Minecraft World against a giant R.O.B. with super armor and increased throw damage and three Steves.
  • Ghast: Advanced support type. Its ability increases attacks in the air. Its battle is against a giant metal Jigglypuff on Norfair with a lava floor with Andross as a hostile assist trophy.
  • Piglin: Advanced support type. Its ability increases attacks made by weapons. Its battle is a two minute timed battle on the Reset Bomb Forest against two tiny golden Alexes. After defeating them, three golden Mii Brawlers in pig outfits appear equipped with Killing Edges.
  • Ender Dragon: Legend support type. Its ability starts the battle with the curry status. Its battle is a Stamina battle on the Find Mii stage against Ridley and two Enderman, where they will be healed when at high damage. Only Ridley has to be defeated to win.

Henry Stickmin

The hostile mob Creeper appears in the episode Stealing the Diamond in the "Just Plain Epic" route. It first appears when Henry Stickmin equips a Minecraft pickaxe in order to break in, then all of a sudden, a creeper walks up to him before detonating, injuring Henry and creating a large hole for Henry to enter.

Animator vs. Animation

The Hostile Mobs first appear as the secondary antagonists of the original Animation vs. Minecraft (as zombies, skeletons, and creepers). They soon return as the main antagonists of the AvM Shorts, this time with the majority of the species appearing.

In the original Animation vs. Minecraft, they are first portrayed as Herobrine's pawns and all of them are quickly killed by the heroes and then deleted when the game itself meets the same fate. In the shorts, their behavior is pretty much the same as in the original game, except, they are far more aggressive and more deadly than their in-game counterparts. They also torture the stick figures whenever they see them, as they countlessly attempt to kill all of them in their adventures, foil each of their plans, and to destroy all of their creations.

They are Season 1's main antagonists, making their first appearance in Episode 8, "The Nether". They appear mostly as obstacles that are easy to kill but can overwhelm the stick figures if there are too much of them. Although keeping their role as the main antagonists of Season 2, they are still downgraded to a supporting role while the season revolves around each main character's abilities, with the Wither being the only recurring antagonist. In Season 3, they return to a major role, hunting down the protagonists, with one specific witch being the first antagonist of the season. However, the same season reveals that some species, such as the Piglins, can become friendly with the stick figures if they gain their respect (Blue gained the respect of the Piglins by saving the Piglin Child from death). However, some of the Piglin Brutes that reside in the Nether serve as underlings to Orange (and by extension Purple).

The Simpsons

During the couch gag in the episode, "Luca$", Moe Szyslak appears as a green cubical monster, before blowing up near the end, similarly to the hostile mob, Creeper.

South Park

While they don't appear physically in the episode, "Informative Murder Porn", magma cubes and creepers were mentioned by two characters, Randy and Butters.