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My clock is indicating the approach of sunset. Pikmin waiting beneath the Dolphin and Onions will probably enter the Onions on their own, but if I don't call the stragglers and add them to my group, they may not be able to get back. I am sure that the Pikmin still planted are safe, but I am somewhat concerned about leaving Pikmin to fend for themselves in the darkness.
~ Olimar

The Grub-Dogs, Amphitubers, Snavians, and many more types of monsters are the main antagonistic force of the Pikmin video-game series, being indigenous life-forms that reside in planets inhabited mainly by the Pikmin, and are organized by families (although some do not have a known family, they may be related in some way). There are 84 types of hostile species throughout the Pikmin franchise.

They are encountered mainly on the surface and in the underground caves of PNF-404, but can also be found on the planet featured in the videogame Hey! Pikmin, a spinoff of the series.

Also, mechanical versions of them appear as the minions of Dark Monita in the Nintendo Land minigame Pikmin Adventure, while protoplasmic clones of them appear as the minions of the Plasm Wraith/Mysterious Life Form in the Formidable Oak area from Pikmin 3.

Defeating hostile species constitutes a major part of gameplay in all Pikmin games in the series.


Despite the majority's motivations (eat or kill Pikmin) being out of pure predatory instincts rather than true evil, some of them can be considered true villains because due to their behavior, they either appear to display human-level sapience or do not attack or feed like a true predator, like the Puffstool (who turns Pikmin into Mushroom Pikmin to turn them against the player and other Pikmin), the Burrowing Snagret (who appears as an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate), the Empress Bulblax (whose motivations are similar to the Queen Metroid from the Metroid series, by giving birth to Bulborb Larvae and use them against the player, and also attacking by herself), the Segmented Crawbster (whose motivations are similar to Rollodillo from Super Mario Galaxy 2), the Smoky Progg, the Careening Dirigibugs, the Man-at-Legs, the Waterwraith, the Titan Dweevil, all the enemies and bosses from Pikmin Adventure, the Plasm Wraith, the Armurk and the Leech Hydroe (those who want to kill the Pikmin and their leaders for being evil, or brainwashed in Leech Hydroe's case).

A Fiery Blowhog and a Red Bulborb act as antagonists in the "Pikmin Short Movie" called Occupational Hazards.

For the most part, every enemy is its own entity, interacting only with the Pikmin and leaders. However, some enemies have passive or active interactions with the environment, other enemies, or miscellaneous objects.

Environment interactions

  • In Pikmin 3, most enemies will be unable to detect Pikmin and leaders if they are hiding under tall plants.
  • In Pikmin 2, if an Emperor Bulblax gets close to a bomb-rock, he will eat it without needing to be coaxed into doing so.
  • The fire on a Fiery Bulblax or a Pyroclasmic Slooch's back will be put out should it go into water. Both creatures reignite once they leave the water.
  • If a member of the Mandiblard family touches water, it will steadily lose health, and if it is near a wooden bridge and not in pursuit, it will begin deconstructing it.
  • Wogpoles and Puckering Blinnows will start flailing around if they're on dry land, but they are able to swim freely if they're underwater.


Young Bulbmin following an adult one.

Some creatures have a bond with others. To maximize the chances of survival, some enemies can be seen next to others, normally of their own species, and oftentimes interacting with them when a fight for survival is taking place. Dwarf Red Bulborbs, Dwarf Bulbears, etc. are often found next to larger enemies of the same species or of the species they are mimicking. When under attack in Pikmin, they may scream in order to wake up their larger allies.

Queen Shearwig alongside her minions.

Other creatures choose to follow a leader, normally of their own family. An example is the Bulbmin, who lose all sense of control should their leader perish, the Scornets, who obey the command of the Scornet Maestro, and the Shearwig, which can be found under the control of the Queen Shearwig, and are otherwise independent.


Hostility between enemies is non-existent, but cases of enemies damaging each other are not. Some enemies may, if inadvertently, hurt others. This normally happens when they try to kill Pikmin or leaders. Not many enemy attacks are made to hurt others, but the following are:

  • The Empress Bulblax can kill her young by rolling into them.
  • A Gatling Groink can damage other enemies with its shots (including other Groinks), but not itself.
  • Careening Dirigibugs can damage other enemies with their bombs.
  • Most lithopods with boulders can harm other enemies or even the launcher itself.
  • The Beady Long Legs, Raging Long Legs, and Baldy Long Legs can stomp on and kill other enemies, particularly in the Angle Maze and Tropical Forest, respectively.
  • In Pikmin 3, Yellow Wollywogs can kill or injure other enemies if they land on them.
  • In Pikmin 3, Skutterchucks can harm and kill other enemies if their crystal nodules land on them. They can even kill themselves.
  • The Waterwraith instantly kills all enemies that come into contact with his rollers.
  • The Man-at-Legs can hurt other enemies with his gun. This is impossible to see without hacks, since the creature never appears alongside other enemies.


Although most do not have a specific gender, some do seem to have one:

  • Female Sheargrubs (Are discernable from males due to their shorter mandibles, docility towards Pikmin, and white pigment)
  • Male Sheargrubs (Are discernable from females due to their longer mandibles, diet for Pikmin flesh, and Purple and brown pigment)
  • Shearwigs (male, because only males have wings, with the exception of their Queen)
  • Female Shooting Spinner
  • Male Shooting Spinner
  • Emperor Bulblax (male, for his Piklopedia entry and having the word "Emperor" in his name)
  • Empress Bulblax (female, according to her Super Smash Bros. Brawl trophy, being based off of termite queens, for having the word "Empress" in her name and for giving birth to larvae)
  • Man-at-Legs (male, for having the word "Man" in his name)
  • Waterwraith (male, for the sounds it emits and for his scientific name "Amphibio sapiens")
  • Raging Long Legs (female, for releasing Mitites upon her death)
  • Titan Dweevil (male, according to the Spanish Pikmin wiki)
  • Scornet Maestro (female, as Olimar states in his notes that male Scornet Maestros are flightless while the one in-game can fly)
  • Armurk (male, according to the Spanish version of Hey! Pikmin)
  • Queen Shearwig (female, for having the word "Queen" in her name)
  • Luring Slurker (male, according to the Spanish version of Hey! Pikmin)

Role in Pikmin Short Movies

As a Red Pikmin looks inside one of the tubes that are lying down, a Blue Pikmin behind it naughtily kicks it inside. The Red Pikmin slides all the way and comes out on the other end, along with some dust. Other Pikmin come out of tubes, carrying some dust and some treasures, including a mushroom similar to the one in the Mario series or a Spotcap. Above them, a green tube begins shaking, and coins come out, accompanied by the coin sound effect from Super Mario Bros. The "pipe entered" sound from the same game plays, and a Red Pikmin with dust on its face comes out; the dust clouds make it look like Mario. The Mario Pikmin jumps out, accompanied with the jump sound and main theme from Super Mario Bros.

Nearby, some Pikmin investigate what appears to be a small red tube, but turns out to be the snout of a Fiery Blowhog, which soon after, shoots fire. The Yellow and Blue Pikmin in the group run away, but the Red Pikmin braves the fire and jumps on the Blowhog's head; a second Red Pikmin appears and joins the first one. The first Red grabs the enemy's snout, which sends it on a rampage. The other Pikmin try to run away from it and its fire while the Red Pikmin enjoy the ride. Eventually, the Blowhog trips on a rock and slides onto a puddle of mud, where the Pikmin ran off to. After a wave of mud, everybody stops, and the Pikmin stare at the enemy's snout, preparing for an incoming attack. Instead of fire, however, the creature cannot help but spit out some more mud onto the Pikmin. With the exhausted Blowhog now immobile, the Pikmin frolic in the mud and play around its body. For some reason, a Red Pikmin emerges out of the mud and its leaf is quickly turned into a flower.

Later, we can see a Red, a Yellow, and a Blue Pikmin throwing mud at each other, and a Red Pikmin climbing the exhausted Fiery Blowhog's head, leaving muddy footprints in the process. Then, a Yellow Pikmin notices a large dark tube with something shining inside. It hurries in and grabs the shiny screw, noticing a second one further inside. It squeals in delight, and runs to it. As the Pikmin kneels down to grab the second screw, it notices some normal-sized mushrooms and a gigantic mushroom-like bulb. It kicks it twice, and it is revealed that it is actually the hide of a Red Bulborb. The Pikmin drops the screws and runs away from the tube, screaming. The other Pikmin wonder why that is, until the Bulborb exits its dark den.

The Pikmin all get out of the mud as the Bulborb gives chase. It eventually catches up to a Red and a Blue Pikmin, grabs them with its mouth, and swallows them. They do not die, however, as they eventually pop out out of its nostrils. In terror, they round around its forehead and grab its eye stalks, and later, its eyes. After shaking them off, the Bulborb comes face to face with a worker glove standing upright, with its fingers in a "stop" gesture. Under the glove, one can see Pikmin feet. The hand then extends the index finger, shakes it negatively, points at the Bulborb, and starts spinning the finger in circles, hypnotizing the beast. It then wildly flails the finger about, with the Bulborb quickly facing the direction it points, and after pointing up, the Bulborb rapidly flips backwards and lands on its back. In this state, a thought bubble appears over the Bulborb, showing the glove, and highlighting the Pikmin feet under it. Upon this realization, the enemy gives chase to the glove, and catches it, flinging away the Pikmin inside.

These Pikmin land on a nearby car tire rim and crawl inside its holes. The Bulborb looks around, and eventually a Blue Pikmin peeks out of its hole. Other Pikmin do the same, and pop back in almost straight afterwards. This gets repeated between the Pikmin, with each time being quicker and having more Pikmin do it. Enraged, the beast finally sticks one eye stalk down a hole, only to get a Red Pikmin kick its eye. The Bulborb reels back in pain and violently kicks the rim. The object doesn't move, and the creature just ends up hurting its foot instead, eventually putting it in its mouth after shrieking in pain. Meanwhile, Olimar and some Pikmin climb up to the top of the backhoe's crane, and the captain takes notice of the Red Bulborb down below, which is attempting to flip the rim over with its snout. The Bulborb manages to toss it high into the air, as the Pikmin inside nervously try to hang on, except for a Blue Pikmin, which just runs along the rim's curve as it spins. The object lands, and the Pikmin scatter around. Seeing this, Olimar whistles them to safety. The Bulborb then begins chasing after the running Pikmin.

On their way, they run into a stream of fire emitted by the Fiery Blowhog from before, now inside the vehicle's treads; it only manages to shoot some flames after it resumes spitting mud from its snout. Interestingly, one Blue Pikmin is caught by the flames, and its leaf catches on fire, but unlike what happens in the games, the fire extinguishes itself automatically and the Pikmin continues unharmed. The Bulborb eventually catches a Blue Pikmin, tosses it into the air, and swallows it. This Pikmin does die, as its spirit can be seen floating in the air. It also catches a Red Pikmin, which it chews before swallowing. Right after, it spits its stem and leaf, which release the Pikmin's spirit; these spirits follow the Pikmin 3 style. The Bulborb and Pikmin continue running, with one Pikmin even crying, until they all eventually reach a dead end on the backhoe's bucket.

At this point, a large number of Yellow Pikmin hold hands and enjoy the flow of electricity from the backhoe's battery, while emitting lights like before. Just as the Bulborb roars at its prey, one Yellow Pikmin hanging onto a jumper cable touches a Pikmin in the chain, closing a circuit in the process. There is a large spark from all the Pikmin, and the backhoe's engine begins working. The machine's arm rises up into the air, lifting the bucket and the creatures within. This lift makes Olimar lose his balance and fall down, eventually landing on one of the control sticks. One of the Pikmin that was with him falls down too, and lands on his head, making him whistle slightly; this new weight is enough to turn the lever forward.

The lever's pull curves the bucket, making the Pikmin and Bulborb fall off. While falling, the Pikmin's leaves turn into flowers, acting as parachutes. The scene stops, and the Bulborb imagines itself creating an umbrella out of the red spotted part of its back. When it realizes that that's impossible, the thought bubble breaks, and, horrified, the creature continues falling to its doom. It lands on the floor with a thud and becomes unconscious not long after. The Pikmin gently land on top of the creature, and during that time, a descending Blue Pikmin bumps against a Red Pikmin that had already landed, causing the "Koopa shell kicked" sound from Super Mario Bros. to play. Olimar eventually shows up and approaches the Pikmin and Bulborb. The Pikmin that came with Olimar all rush and swarm the beast, bumping against Olimar on the way. As they attack it, Olimar faces the camera with a drop of sweat on his face.

Suddenly, a loud metal screeching noise is heard. The gears that held the backhoe's bucket in place begin to fall off and detach, followed by the same happening to the whole arm of the machine. In a panic, Olimar whistles the Pikmin several times to get them out of the way. They look up at the incoming objects and run off. When they leave the Bulborb's carcass, it becomes censored with a pixelization pattern; the reason could be as a joke: the Bulborb is so badly beaten up that its appearance is too gruesome to show. The bucket falls down and traps the Bulborb in, but no Pikmin gets trapped under it, although they are tossed aside as if they were hit by a bomb rock explosion. The rest of the backhoe falls apart in a huge cloud of dust.

It is still unknown what happened to the Fiery Blowhog after that.

Other Media


In WarioWare: Smooth Moves and WarioWare Gold, one of the microgames involves the player controlling Empress Bulblax and having to crush all Pikmin onscreen to win.


A Red Bulborb toy appears in the background of the shop, sitting on one of the shelves.

The Amazing World of Gumball

In the episode "The Fury", during a retailing scene of a fighting tournament, a cloudy kid contestant kicks a crab resembling a Peckish Aristocrab.


In the skit "Pikmin Pest B Gone", a farmer has Olimar release a hoard of Red Bulborbs from the S.S. Dolphin to eat the Pikmin eating his crops.

Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

A Bulborb can appear from the right side of the Distant Planet stage, where it can open its mouth to catch any players that land in it, causing an instant KO. Bulborbs also appear in Olimar's Final Smash "End of Day", where after Olimar enters his ship and flies off to avoid the Bulborbs that deal about 47% damage to everyone on the stage who are not at the top of the screen.

A Red Bulborb appears as a sticker that increases Olimar's Pikmin attacks by 34 points.

  • Red Bulborb
  • Creepy Chrysanthemum (unlockable by collecting all fighter trophies)
  • Empress Bulblax
  • Careening Dirigibug
  • Fiery Blowhog
  • Burrowing Snagret
  • Iridescent Flint Beetle
  • Wollywog
  • Swooping Snitchbug

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U

On the Garden of Hope stage, a Peckish Aristocrab can appear and charge through the stage to attack the fighters, signaling its arrival with bubbles. The Aristocrab will charge through the entire stage unless the bridge in the middle is broken. A Red Bulborb may also appear, but it will simply spectate the fight without attacking.

In "Smash Run" on the 3DS version, a Red Bulborb appears as a powerful enemy that has resisted knockback, attacks that deal heavy damage and knockback, and drops multiple powerups when defeated. An Iridescent Glint Beetle may appear as a rare enemy, dropping gold when it is attacked before escaping. In "Smash Tour" on the Wii U version, an Iridescent Glint Beetle may appear on the board. Should any player catch it before it can escape is awarded a new fighter.


While all of them appear in the Wii U version, only the Red Bulborb and Iridescent Glint Beetle appear in the 3DS version.

  • Red Bulborb
  • Iridescent Glint Beetle
  • Peckish Aristocrab
  • Yellow Wollywog
  • Iridescent Flint Beetle
  • Swooping Snitchbug
  • Burrowing Snagret
  • Quaggled Mireclops
  • Plasm Wraith

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Both the Distant Planet and Garden of Hope stages return, with the Bulborbs and Aristocrab doing the same as they did in the previous games. A Burrowing Snagret appears as an Assist Trophy that emerges from the ground to peck at other fighters that approach it. It will then burrow underground to emerge elsewhere on the stage.

  • Red Bulborb: Advanced shield primary type that is fought in a timed Stamina battle against a giant red Yoshi with increased attack power. It can be enhanced to the Empress Bulblax spirit at level 99.
  • Empress Bulblax: Legend shield primary type that boosts stats after eating. Obtainable by enhancing the Red Bulborb spirit.
  • Emperor Bulblax: Ace support type that prevents the fighter from slipping on ice floors. Fought in a Stamina battle against a giant King K. Rool with super armor.
  • Burrowing Snagret: Ace attack primary type that reduces speed. Summable using the cores of Raphael the Raven and Rattly, or fought against a giant blue Charizard that summons the Burrowing Snagret Assist Trophy.
  • Plasm Wraith: Ace neutral primary type that reduces speed. Only obtainable by summoning using the cores of Hakkun, Eddy, and two random neutral cores.
  • Fiery Blowhog: Novice attack primary type that boosts fire attacks. Fought against three silver Charizards that favor using Flamethrower.
  • Smoky Progg: Novice support type that starts the battle equipped with an Unira, and the first spirit fought in World of Light. Fought against Mario who can occasionally turn metal.
  • Swooping Snitchbug: Novice support type that decreases lag upon landing. Fought against four Pits that are distracted by Boss Galaga items.
  • Iridescent Glint Beetle: Advanced support type that prevents the fighter from getting stuck in sticky floors. Fought in a timed Stamina battle against a gold Squirtle that runs away from combat.
  • Yellow Wollywog: Advanced support type that makes the fighter resistant to strong winds. Fought against three King Dededes that favor up specials.
  • Peckish Aristocrab: Advanced shield primary type that increases the damage taken from electric attacks. Fought in a Stamina battle against a giant Ridley that favors side specials.
  • Mockiwi: Novice shield primary type that is fought in a Stamina battle against a giant Pac-Man while Olimar is an ally.


  • Some of them, like the Wogpole or the Skitterleaf, are harmless for the Pikmin, but not for the captains (because when shaking Pikmin off, they can damage the captains if they are near).

The Sheawigs doing the instant-kill attack, under the command of the Queen.

  • The Scornet Maestro and the Queen Shearwig are true evil because they appear to display human-level sapience when they command their minions to attack, when the Scornet Maestro becomes frustrated when her Scornet army's attacks fail, and when the Queen Shearwig shrieks excitedly when Olimar become vulnerable to her One Hit K.O. attack.
  • In the European versions of the games, some of the enemies are renamed to avoid British slang that would be seen as offensive, including the Wollywogs being renamed "Wollyhops", and the Beebs from Pikmin Adventure being renamed "Baubs".
  • The most recurring ones are the Red Bulborb, the Fiery Blowhog, the Male Sheargrub, the Shearwig, the Yellow Wollywog, and the Swooping Snitchbug, appearing in all four games in the series.

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