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This guardian of the volcano shoots fire from her wings! Avoid getting burned!
~ Hot Wings' figure description.

Hot Wings is a phoenix-like boss making her debut in Kirby's Epic Yarn. She is the second boss faced in the game, guarding Hot Land.


Hot Wings is a huge bird made out of yarn with orange and yellow, fiery wings, a cyan crest and tail, and a red body. A single contact with Hot Wings inflicts damages to Kirby and Prince Fluff. Her weak point is a red button on her chest. Hot Wings is most likely based on the Phoenix.

Hot Wings is fought on the summit of a volcano directly above lava, with platforms that rise from or dive in the lava as the fight goes. Her main attack is sending smaller fiery birds, named the Emibirds, to Kirby. He can wrap them up and throw them to the boss, damaging her. Hot Wings send more and more Emibirds as she takes hits. As the fight continues, she flies off-screen and rushes horizontally across the screen. She can also shoot fireballs at the sky, that fall on Kirby and Fluff. Hot Wings can finally summon lave from the floor.

When hit, Hot Wings is stunned for a brief moment and loses all her feathers, and her contact not damaging anymore. Kirby or Fluff can grab the red button and throw her to the edge of the screen. She falls in lava, and get out, with her fiery feathers back. After the third hit, Hot Wings is defeated and the player is granted with the third strand of Magic Yarn that opens the path to Treat Land.


  • Hot Wings is named after chicken wings, in particular wings that are spicy or "hot".


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