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Miku Izayoi, I presume..
~ Hotshot TV Producer

The Hotshot TV Producer is a minor character in the Date A Live series, who appears only in the light novel, but mentioned in the anime by Miku Izayoi. His name is unknown, but it is presented as a producer of a TV channel porn. He is a wealthy television producer and arrogant, he is also a sadistic pedophile who loves to destroy the innocence of women, especially children. 

At first he seems like a simple TV producer who would know Miku because he interested in her, he soon reveals his true colors as one of the most cruel and evil villain in the anime series. 

His appearance is brief and he did not do a direct appearance in the anime, but was intensely memorable by the words of Miku.

Light Novel

He appeared to be a simple TV producer, however, Miku was not a single victim of him, he had already been indicted for rape of underage girls, however, due to the great power and his fame, he always escaped from prisons and cases opened against him for pedophilia, he also had a great influence among some political parties and some companies producing films, he manufactured porn movies and because of that he had a reputation among some members of other companies porn.



Date A Live - Miku's past

He was only mentioned by Miku in the anime, when Shido and Miku were going to save Tohka in the case of Miku, she just wanted to save Tohka the DEM Industries because she wanted to add Tohka to her collection of Spirits, when Shido asked to Miku why she hate so much men, she said it was because of that TV producer, she said that producer was interested in her and the manager of Miku told her to be gentle with him, however Miku refused.

After that she was falsely accused of a prostitute by producers of her, that she refused to have sex with producer and have dispensed a fortune, gradually Miku fans were disappearing and for vengeance, the producer of TV diagnosis Miku with some sort of anesthetic making her lose her voice and think of suicide, after that, he never was seen again.


  • He is known as one of the most hated characters in the series, even more hated that Wescott and Ellen together.
  • He was not the only villain to appear in the anime.
  • He was the villain who brutally crossed the MEH deeper than Wescott.
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