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Villain Overview

I am the Bushin, Hou Ken be mine name!
~ Hou Ken giving his signature greeting.
Soldiers, armies, Zhao, Qin... you are all insignificant. The only thing of import is that right here, there are two beings which the Heavens fear, Apart from me... there is one more. Even if the heavens were to split and the earth were to sunder... that cannot be allowed!! I AM THE BUSHIN, HOU KEN. COME OUT AND FACE ME, O'ENEMY OF MINE.
~ Hou Ken to the Kyou Army.
~ Hou Ken's last words to Shin as the Bushin is cleave in half.

Hou Ken was a centrel and major antagonist of the popular historical seinen manga and anime series, Kingdom. He was a path seeker or Bushin/God of Martial Arts of a martial oriented lifestyle, a Great General of the state of Zhao, the first member of the second generation of the Three Great Heavens, their most powerful and famous great generals, and a comrade to its leader Ri Boku.

Introduced as a mysterious Zhao Great General and new member of the Three Great Heavens, Hou Ken appeared as the de facto leader and figurehead of his own personal army alongside his generals, Chou Sou, Shou Mou, Kou Son Ryuu, Ri Haku, Fuu Ki, and Man Goku as they led a vicious invasion into the state of Qin's territories of Baou and Bayou at the start of the Battle of Bayou Arc. It was reveled that he had killed Kyou, a member of Qin's Six Great Generals to prove his might and worth to the "heavens", and was defeated by Ou Ki nine years prior to the start of the series. Becoming an entity of vengeance that wanted nothing but to fight and kill Ou Ki in single combat.

In the anime series, he is voiced by Masaya Takatsuka who provides the voices of Gedatsu, Jabra, Avalo Pizarro from One Piece, Ultraman Belial in Ultra Zero Fight, Jackal in Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2, Aquila of Ruina in Super Robot Wars Destiny, and Cottonmouth in Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers.


What a waste of breath. No matter what era it is there are always fools like you with such mistaken ideals. You are simply deluding yourself if you think you are carrying the will of the dead. The only thing the dead become is dust. The defeated fall to the earth while victors rise ever closer to the Heavens. THAT IS THE ONE AND ONLY TRUTH!!
~ Hou Ken

A stoic man who kept to himself and rarely spoke when necessary, Hou Ken had grand ambitions to be the strongest warrior in the world. He preferred to stay by himself and to train continuously to become much stronger than he already is. Hou Ken was a very confident warrior who believed that almost no one was a match for him except for Ou Ki. Hou Ken has a major appetite for battle and is willing to fight anyone who can put up a challenge for him. In battle, Hou Ken is ruthless by how he casually and immediately cuts down any foe that stands in his way. Hou Ken showed absolutely no signs of loyalty towards the Zhao kingdom despite only showing interest in the battle.


Early Life

Hou Ken's Past Kingdom.jpg

Born to a kind pair of qiqong/chi healers as Master and Madame Hou, a baby Hou Ken was kidnapped by unnamed Bushin after he brutally murdered his parents and their patients. While its unknown on what his childhood and gruesome training he received were like, Hou Ken would spend his entire life training deep within the mountains of the state of Zhao to become a Bushin or God of Martial Arts.

Meeting Ri Boku

Ri Boku and Hou Ken's First Meeting Kingdom.jpg

Honing his body to the pinnacle of human limits, he would attain an almost supernatural level of martial arts worthy of his title. At some point during his training, he met a young and severely injured Zhao soldier by the name of Ri Boku who was on the run from enemy soldiers during a war between an unnamed state and the Zhao kingdom. Like any of his kind, Hou Ken immediately threatened him with a brutal death but speared him after learning that the letter had lost the will to live.


What's the matter? Fighting you...Is not making a single thing stir within me.
~ To Duke Hyou, Kingdom v30 - Chapter 324 Gigantic Buffoon

Powers and Abilities

You could say he's pure to a frightful extent. A crystallization of martial skill.
~ Shou Bun Kun on Hou Ken.

Physical Abilities

  • Strength: Even for a Bushin, Hou Ken's strength was completely monstrous he pulled off incredible feats like killing a grown tiger with his bare hands, instantly crush a heavily armored Yan soldier into a pulp with his grip, and overpowered Geki Shin, a Great General, in terms of strength with just one arm.
  • Speed:
  • Reflexes:
  • Stamina:
  • Endurance:
  • Durability:
  • Agility:
  • Senses:

Fighting Style

  • Expert Combatant:
    • Fighting Abilities: As a path seeker of the martial path who "host a violent god" within himself, Hou Ken was a Bushin or God of Martial Arts, a powerful martial artist.
  • Podao Mastery: One of the greatest within the state of Zhao, Hou Ken was extremely skilled in wielding his podao as he could slicing through multiple armored soldiers as they were paper with one swing of his blade.

Miscellaneous Abilities

  • Calamity Embodiment: As a Bushin of the martial path, Hou Ken was a harbinger of calamity to those who stand against him.
  • Enhanced Lung Capacity
  • Body Meridian Manipulation: Thanks to years of endless training, Hou Ken could manipulate his meridian system, the bodily network through which one’s life energy (aura-based, chi-based, soul-based) flows. A system that permeates the entire body, transporting the life energy just as one’s vascular system transports blood and other bodily fluids.
  • Chi Manipulation:

As a Bushin, Hou Ken could utilize and manipulate his inner chi, mostly using it for combat purposes like sending it into his opponent's body, destroying their internal organs.

  • Survivability:Before finally getting killed by Ri Shin, Hou Ken was capable of surviving massive wounds that would kill or crippled an ordinary person as he survived to have his face split open, getting shot with a volley of over thousand arrows, and losing huge amounts of blood in various duels throughout his life.
  • Fear InducementAs a Bushin with almost overwhelming might, Hou Ken's mere presence caused intense fear within those around him.



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