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On this planet. The Honkai grew up with civilization for many millenia. Many timelines. And numerous worlds. As society developed and improved over the course of history, the Houkai grew ever stronger. With the sole purpose of exterminating us.
~ Narrator

Houkai (or Honkai), also known as Collapse, are the titular central antagonists of Guns Girl Z and its sequel Honkai Impact 3rd. They appear in all its different forms of media as major antagonists. They are the central threat to all humanity and appeared in many different worlds to cause the end of all civilizations in multiple universes. The Honkai are like the secondary dominant race of the world and grow with civilization and seek to destroy it to fulfill God's desires. 

The Honkai are not actually physical threats but a supernatural phenomenon that manifests itself in many ways, including infectious diseases, plagues (and even digital viruses), infected humans (zombies), natural disasters (such as sentient tornados, tsunamis etc), Honkai beasts, and its primary form; the Herrschers, humans with superpowers that defy physical laws. The Honkai threat will be the primary adversary for the player (Captain of the battleship Hyperion). Interestingly, Honkai grows and evolves with human civilization and technological progress, and appears to be dedicated to its ultimate goal of destroying humanity by all means necessary. Ironically, the Honkai energy is also extremely useful, and several human organizations have harnessed it to generate massive power.


The Houkai have no background and it's speculated the Houkai, or the Will of God, exist since before the creation of the universe. Million years ago, the extinction of the dinosaurs in the Cretaceous period happened because of the first outbreak of Honkai but it's unknown what they showed up before humans could have existed. 

Despite being represented as monsters, the Houkai is actually a sentient cyclical natural disaster phenomenon, a rhythm of periodic adjustment of the universe that appear once in a while to start the end of a civilization. Every once in a while, the Houkai will break out in some unknown form, it can be in form of zombies, plagues, digital virus, meteors, tsunamis, earthquakes or even monsters and beasts. 50,000 years ago, when humanity reached the top of its existence, Houkai evolved in the form of Herrschers and caused the eventual destruction of mankind by the hands of the last Herrscher after decades of intense war, Herrscher of the End, also known as Past Sirin or God Kiana. This Herrscher, who was later sealed inside of the moon by Dr. MEI, became the new Houkai God in the ancient legends.

However, a few humans managed to survive the Apoclaypse and repopulated the planet again; humanity had another chance to fight again the creatures that once caused their extinction. After million years fighting the Houkai, the outbreak time of the Houkai was considered irregular and difficult to predict the Schicksal organization was founded thousand years ago to prevent disasters like the Black Death, started by the Herrscher of the Corruption from happening again.


God Kiana, or Past Sirin, the last Herrscher who brought the Apocalypse of the Old World.

The manifestations of Houkai are unpredictable and impossible to describe by normal means. Some say even humanity's sins are related to Honkai energy; it can be wars, infectious diseases, climate disasters, comet impacts, and even the arrival of giant monsters are all possible. By all means, any disaster can be considered a Honkai doing in noncorporal existence.

According to the interpretation of Shicksal studies, the Houkai is the unpredictable will of God, the creator of universe who often uses their will to destroy worlds he is not sastified with. But from the results, it bring about a large number of extinctions of the world's dominant species. In forms of monsters, the Honkai have no specific targets and desires to destroy and kill everything it sees in its path.

As a substitute for Honkai will to punish human beings, the Honkai beasts has continued to create more new attitudes as the human activity has gradually expanded. However, according to Schicksal research based on it form and destructive power, is divided into seven types: Radical level, Cavalier level, Ballista level, Chariot level, Sanctuary level, Emperor level, Trial level.

According to Schicksal database, the five types of Radical level, Cavalier level, Ballista level, Chariot level, Sanctuary level is actually a low-level Honkai beasts. It should be noted that these five types Honkai beasts are named based from their form, not from their strength. In other words, there is no such thing a Honkai beast Radical level increase to Cavalier level. Also, these five types Honkai beasts doesn't have a specific name. The two types, Emperor and Trial level are known as the dangerous Honkai beast. Once these two types Honkai beasts are identified, they will be given a specific name, usually the name will come from a myth.


Radical Level Honkai beast

It was called a mosquito by majority of captains. The two wings with high-speed vibration make a radical attack.

Cavalier Level Honkai beast

Shaped like a cavalier Honkai beast, armed with weapons and have high-speed sprint. With the form of Honkai, they mimic the medieval human knights.

Ballista level Honkai beast

Commonly known as "ball holder beast" Honkai beast. Will create and throw a huge ball to destroy their opponent.

Chariot level Honkai beast

Their body is huge and heavy, and it can crush all enemies with it huge weight, and at the same time it can lift huge waves and smash opponents.

Sanctuary level Honkai beast

A giant Honkai beast with one spear and one shield. Unlike the Cavalier Honkai beast, the Sanctuary-level Honkai beast have an ability destructive penetration power and indestructible defenses.

Emperor level Honkai beast

The Strongest of low-level Honkai beast is known as "Honkai Emperor". With it's dangerous criteria, there are more Honkai beast above it's ability, it will be classified as Emperor level and Trial level. This Honkai beasts often have a huge body shape and special abilities. For example, Parvati as Snow Mountain Goddess, has the power to manipulate snow storm. Assaka, as Ashvins (Divine Twin Horsemen), can separate it body, and can also shoot thunderbolt to attack the Valkyries.

Trial level Honkai beast

It's only name as Trial level Honkai beast because it has the ability to cause large-scale natural disasters and has a huge size beyond known species.

There are only two Trial level Honkai beasts that have been confirmed: "Chiyou", that appeared in Shenzhou and "Benares", the dragon who invaded Schicksal Headquarters.

Judging from it 'srepression of the Trial level Honkai beasts, it's extremely difficult to destroy them. With it frighteningly large body and indestructible outer armor, most of human attack methods are difficult to cause substantial damage to Trial level Honkai beast. On the other hand, Trial level Honkai beast have multiple central cores. Even if one of the cores is destroyed, it will not make it stop. Only by relying a weapon with Divine Key level, breaking all of it's cores and exhausting it body, can stopped Trial level Honkai moving. This requires not only a strong weapon, but also a collaborative effort of large team.

Cataclysm Level - Herrschers


Herrscher(s), roughly translated from German to Ruler, or also known as a "God", Will of the Houkai, Will of the God and Humanoid Houkai (a mortal or immortal entity who ascended to the world of the Gods) - is an entity that has merged with Houkai energy and has given into the will of the Houkai God to destroy the current era of their civilization and is the strongest manifestation of the Houkai known in the univeerse.

Most of them are humans but new side-stories showed that there are Houkai and Herrschers in many other populated worlds of the universe. They are considered to be extremely powerful in all aspects, in such that S-Rank Valkyries can't guarrantee winning alone without the help of dozens more. The Herrschers are the supreme form of the Houkai and its strongest manifestation in the physical world.

Since they need a human body to host their astral (or Thought-Form), they are not invincible and can be killed if their physical forms/hosts are destroyed or disabled if their core is extracted from their body. The true form of a Herrscher is a gem that can be inserted inside of a being's physical body, allowing them to possess their vessel and have a physical body. Most of the Herrscher are genderless but once they take control of a human body they gain the gender of their vessel, becoming one with them and officially becoming a part of their vessel, like a new persona or personality.


Houkai releases a kind of energy that has never been seen in the past technology, it's called "Houkai Energy", an energy that can be used in infinite methods, including in the creation of technology such as robots, ships, super-weapons and vehicles. The efficiency of Houkai can far exceed any energy available in the world, but if a living being is exposed to this kind of energy, they will become zombies or monsters.

In rare cases, there are people who can endure the Honkai energy and become a Herrscher if it chooses them as humanity's Harbinger of Doom. If it the energy rejects them, they will become mindless and weak zombies with no persona and will. When Houkai energy in an area reaches 1000 HW (Houkai Watts) or higher, there is a small chance that someone may absorb sufficient Houkai energy to become a Herrscher.


In General

Humanoids and Herrschers



  • Honkai are said to be the will of God, also known as Honkai God. In the world of Honkai Impact 3, the said God is God Kiana, the past Herrscher of the Void of the old world. It's unknown who was the God of the Old World before Sirin could have become a Herrscher.
  • It's said in-universe Honkai exists in all planets of the universe and destroy civilizations once they have reached the top of their evolution to create a new world with a new civilization. However, it's unknown if they truly appear in other planets.


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