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The House Dimension is a minor villain in Choujin Sentai Jetman.


The House Dimension made its first appearance as an ordinary for the apartment complex for the Japanese residents until a dimensional bug fused itself with the main building as it began its eating spree starting with the young woman who's putting on her make up.

A while later the next resident that was eaten by this beast was a young who is attending to his flower garden as he was then pulled through the ceiling and he was never seen again. However once Gai and the waitress arrived at the said apartment the beast itself tries to devour her, but Gai prevents that from happening as he attacks the beast. As this scene was then viewed by baddies that resided in the Back Dimension.

As this goes on all of the residents flee their apartments so none of them will be eaten by this beast except for Gai that is until the other Jetman arrived to save him, but in order to prevent the team members from interrupting its meal the House Dimension used one of its tentacle to keep the door shut, but Ryuu managed to break into the via the window and then used a lamp to jam it into beast's mouth thus Gai was saved from the beast's hunger.

A while later now that Radiguet has Ryu in one of the rooms, the House Dimension revealed it monstrous self as it shakes off the remaining Jetman off itself and then it started to go on a rampage destroying every building in site. With that said the remaining Jetman brings out Jet Icarus to battle the House Dimension while Ryuu defends himself against Radiguet's attack.

As this goes on the House Dimension used one of its ability as it sent the Jet Icarus further away from the monster itself and then it used own weapons to deal major damage on the mecha. However thanks to Gai quick thinking they manage to revert the robot into a couple of jets to save Ryuu as he crashes through the hole in the wall of the giant monster, freed Ryuu and together they use their Wing Gauntlets and open fired on Radiguet.

After Ryuu was freed from the House Dimension they manage to form Jet Icarus once again this time with the whole team team as they battle the House Dimension for reals this time. After that it was then destroyed by this finisher called Birdonic Saber.


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