House Fiyero are the secondary antagonistic faction in the Marvel cosmic storyline Annihilation. They are a guild of corrupt aristocratic merchants of the Kree empire and they serve as the villains of Ronan the Accuser's subplot.


The House of Fiyero was a Kree commercial guild that took power on Hala after betraying the Supreme Intelligence by putting it in a comatose state and considering Ronan and his Accuser Corps an impediment to the maintenance of their power they fabricated false evidence against him dropping on him charges of treason.

Later, they seemingly joined Richard Rider's United Front against the threat of the Annihilation Wave, sending many poorly organized Kree soldiers on the frontline as an expendable distraction for the Wave as they secretely made a deal with Annihilus to spare them in exchange for sabotaging the United Front.

However, Ronan took command of the military forces of the Front and saved the soldiers from the slaughter with his strategic prowess. After finding out that House Fiyero is responsible for his exile, Ronan teams up with Kl'rt the Super Skrull and they go together to Hala to capture the leaders of House Fiyero.

The leaders of House Fiyero enlisted the help of Ravenous, the right hand man of Annihilus, to protect them from Ronan and Super Skrull. After a duel, Ronan manages to defeat Ravenous and then proceed to judge and execute the leaders for crimes against the Kree empire.

Later, Ronan gives a mercy killing to the comatose Supreme Intelligence and becomes the ruler of the empire.


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