You're on our territory and you've been stealing food that rightfully belongs to us! (Gamba: The food belongs to anyone ole' fine.) That's what you say. Attack!
~ The Leader to Gamba.

The House Rats are supporting antagonists in the 1981 anime film Enchanted Journey. They are Gamba's archenemies.

The leader was voiced by the late Jack Grimes.


When Gamba and his sewer rat friends offer Glikko to help them fight the pack rats, Glikko asks them why they want to fight, to which Gamba explains that the house rats raid peoples' homes and he and his sewer rats are blamed for the trouble.

Glikko then notices the house rats approaching them. He runs over to Gamba and warns them about the pack rats. The house rats surround them and the leader complains about Gamba stealing their food before the fight starts. Gamba fights the leader while some of the other rats chase after Glikko. Glikko manages to escape them while the sewer rats release a stack of pipes to drive them off. The house rats begin to chase Glikko and Gamba, but they escape. The leader orders his minions to attack the sewer rats, but Glikko and the sewer rats use a tire to knock down a stack of whiskey to crush the house rats. The leader then orders his minions to leave as they flee the scene.

After the battle, Glikko asks Gamba why he should fight, to which Gamba explains that they would not have peace without a fight before throwing a party.

The house rats later appear in Glikko's flashback when he is forced to escape the Fox by jumping over a ravine.