Housemon is a minor villain, a minion of Puppetmon and the hideout of Puppetmon in Digimon. It only made one appearence in the TV show.


Housemon is an Unknown Level "Digimon" that resembles a giant wooden robot with a house for most of it's body.

Digimon Adventures 01

After Puppetmon knew he was going to lose, he had one final trump card. His own mansion turned into a monster made entirly out of wood. It seemed to be unstoppable monster because the Digimon's attack had no effect on it. It had only one weakness, Puppetmon. If Puppetmon dies so does Housemon. When Puppetmon made his escape, MetalGarurumon and Matt appeared out of nowhere. He thought that MetalGarurumon was working for him and ordered him to attack the DigiDestined. MetalGarurumon refused and killed Puppetmon. Doing so destroyed Housemon as well.


It's unknown if Housemon is really a Digimon, it could be just a nameless puppet created by Puppetmon to defend him.

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