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Houston 3, aka Tanyah is a fictional character in the vehicle action series Vigilante 8.


Houston 3 was once Tanyah, a member of the Flying All Star Trio, or Team FAST, a group of stuntpeople before being kidnapped by OMAR.

OMAR not only specializes in oil, but also in cybernetics. Houston 3 was the latest biobot created in 1974, and was the third cyborg produced by the company, but Houston was the perfect one. She was kidnapped by OMAR for their program. After her creation, she became a member of the Coyote auto gang, possibly to keep an eye on Sid Burn and his activities. Houston began to question her programming as well as developing feelings for the Vigilante leader Convoy. After the Coyotes' defeat, Houston manages to overcome the programming and frees herself from the control armband. She starts a relationship with Convoy shortly after.

In Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense, Houston was still plagued by nightmares and kept getting a feeling that something terrible was going to happen because in her dreams, she saw giant buildings of glass as she looked through the eyes of a man made of metal. She saw an old man and an Asian woman as they looked like they were gearing up for a big offensive. As the trio traveled through a bright light, Houston opens her eyes as three cars appear out of nowhere. They blow the truck that she and Convoy were in over a cliff, but Houston survives. After getting back on solid ground, Houston meets up with John Torque and tells him that Convoy was killed but has a plan to bring him back. She deduces that the attack cars had some kind of time devices in them and needs to use one. Thanks to the OMAR cyborg implants that she still had in her body, she was able to be linked to the mind of Dallas 13 and watch his movements.


In her V8 ending, Houston 3 is able to rid herself of the mind control armband and starts a new life with Convoy as she drives off into the distance in Convoy's truck.

In her V8: 2nd Offense ending, Houston destroys Dallas 13, takes his time traveling device, and sets it back to the time of Convoy's death. This time, however, knowing the event that is about to occur, Houston turns Convoy's truck around, facing the attackers, and brings out two machine guns, successfully fending off their attackers.