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Hudson is the main villainous protagonist of What We Found, the third story of Five Nights at Freddy's: Fazbear Frights #8: Gumdrop Angel.


Hudson's life was considered nothing but a tragedy, as his father, Steven, committed suicide, and his mother remarried to another man named Lewis, who would abuse Hudson at nearly every chance he got. Hudson is also the "number one" target for bullies, who would hold his head in a flushing toilet. Hudson began to fail school, and his teacher start taunting him instead of helping him. At one point, Lewis slashed Hudson with a knife, which caused him to burn down his home with his parents inside. Hudson became an fugitive and people have viewed him differently ever since.

One day, Hudson's friends, Barry and Duane offered him a job of security guard for Fazbear's Fright, and then after a few weeks they’d all join the Navy. However, Hudson's body was so badly damaged by Lewis that he failed the physical and couldn't join. Hudson meets a girl named Faith, who admits to liking Hudson, however she quickly breaks up with him after being told about the fire. Still, Hudson continues to work at Fazbear's Fright, as he’' in need of money.

He visits his grandmother, Granny Foster for advice, since she's the only family member he liked. She tells him to leave, and when he refuses, she responds with "Your path is your path". The next day, something special is found in a secret room at a Freddy Fazbear's location, and it's shipped to Fazbear's Fright and hooked up to the wall. Hudson ignores it, but that night decides to face his fears and approach it. The animatronic is Springtrap, and after touching the exposed flesh inside the suit, Hudson begins to hear his teacher calling him stupid. He continues to do his nightly sweep of the building, but after seeing the statues of the animatronics singing, he start having hallucinations of Lewis abusing him. Hudson snaps out of it, and realizes he had slammed his head into an arcade machine. After running back to his office to bandage his head, later, he finds Springtrap missing.

He runs to the bathroom to wash his bloody hands off, but he's suddenly dragged into the toilet by an unseen force, and his head is forced into the toilet as it flushes. Hudson once again snaps out of it, and discovers that the toilet is dry. Suddenly, Springtrap pokes his head out of a vent before retreating, and Hudson begins chasing after him, before being stopped by random animatronics' heads in the vent. One of these heads is a Chica without her beak, and this time, there's more than just a head attached to it. Hudson crawls towards the nearest exit, but when he's about to leave, the Chica from before grabs his leg. He tries kicking, but then he hears Faith's voice, repeating "I like you.". Hudson stops kicking and instead goes to lift Chica's hand off, but when she grabs his hand, he falls out of the vent and Chica is sent flying into a pile of animatronic parts.

Springtrap slowly walking towards Hudson, using Lewis' voice to taunt him. Hudson jumps for his knife and starts swinging the knife wildly in the attraction's direction, but he overpowers him and stabs Hudson in his bicep. Hudson turns around, screaming in pain, and Springtrap with Lewis' voice says a new line, "Nothing divided in half is nothing". Hudson starts running away from Springtrap, getting bitten in his right forearm by one of the mouths on the wall, but when he looked back, Springtrap was gone. He looks down at his arm and discovers that the cut goes all the way up to his elbow, and his right hand was somehow covered in blood.

Hudson rushes to the gift shop in order to cover his wounds before being intervened by Springtrap. When he reaches the gift shop, he wraps a large amount of towels around his arm and uses a headband to keep them in place. He looks for something to break the glass door, but he sees some movement. Suddenly, he smells the type of tobacco Lewis always smoked, and he is picked up and thrown across the lobby, landing against the wall with a crunch, much like how Lewis threw Hudson for puking in his room and piled up all his toys to form a barrier around his door.

The wounded Hudson returns to the gift shop only to find all the plushies and action figures guarding the exit. Out of options, he decides runs to the kitchen and try to hide. He opens one of the ovens and climbs in. Hudson begins to hear cracks within the oven, and he realizes the oven was on. He tried kicking at the oven door, but it wouldn't open. Hudson begins to hear Granny Foster call his name, and he begs her for help, but he realizes her voice is coming from within the oven. As the oven gets hotter and hotter, Hudson remembers Granny Foster of what she told him the last time they talked, "Your path is your path", before he gets burned alive.

The next day, Barry and Duane returned to Fazbear's Fright, but they smell something burnt and attempt to track down the smell. They come across Springtrap, in the exact same condition he was when they left, and discover the smell is from the kitchen. The story ends with Barry announcing that he feels bad for Hudson and that he deserves to have something go right for him as they approach the kitchen.


  • Hudson is the only villain in the franchise who killed his parents (although it's heavily implied that Michael Afton tried to do the same: That, however, was for heroic reasons).


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