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You're still not dead. Want any help?
~ Hudzen to Kryten
Just doing my job. It's not my fault if I love it!
~ Hudzon's most famous quote

Hudzen-10 is the main antagonist from the Red Dwarf episode The Last Day. He is a mechanoid created by DivaDroid International that is sent to the Red Dwarf to replace Kryten.

He is portrayed by Gordon Kennedy.


Hudzen-10 is the latest model of mechanoids. He is over 2 meters tall and his body looks like Kryton's, but it is darker. He also wears a black helmet, is armored with a gun and his face looks more humanly than Kryten's. Another advantages of him are: speed (can roast a chicken in 2 seconds), intelligence (can do complex mathematics) and strength (can break a brick in half using only his groin). It is also hard to hurt or destroy him with weapons.


Hudzen-10 is a new super-strong android created by DivaDroid international, the company that also created Kryten. He is then sent to follow Kryten through the space until it is the right time. When Kryten's expiry date is almost up, Jim Reaper, head of the company, sends a message to the Red Dwarf crew. According to this, Kryten will be dismantled within 24 hours and replaced by Hudzen. However, the crew doesn't want to give up their friend so easy. Kryten manages to override his shutdown program, but the problem is that Hudzen is programmed to kill his predecessor if necessary. So the crew gets their bazookoids and waits for Hudzen, safe in the knowledge that mechanoids are programmed not to hurt humans.

When Hudzen's ship lands on the Red Dwarf and the mechanoid enters the board, the crew is pretty shocked by his height. Despite it, they tell him to leave, as Kryten will stay with them. Rimmer is even brave enough to insult him. Unfortunately, Hudzen's scan reveals that the friend aren't humans at all (Rimmer is a hologram, the Cat is Felis Sapient and Lister is Homo Sapient, but barely a human). He attacks the crew, they defend themselves with bazookoids and the battle begins.

It is then revealed that his sanity chip has been worn out while has been traveling for thousands of years alone in the space. Hudzen comes to Kryten and grabs him around the throat, lifting his off his feet easily. Lister jumps to Hudzon from behind and fires the bazookoid at point-blank range, with no effect. Hudzon simply throws him away and is abut to kill Kryten.

To save himself, Kryten tells Hudzen there is no Silicon Heaven where electronic equipment goes after death. This ruins everything Hudzon used to believe, so the shocked mechanoid lets Kryten go. He can't handle it, so he overloads and shuts down himself. Kryten, however, has no problems with this, as he knows he was lying to Hudzon.


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