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Huell Babineaux is a supporting character in the crime drama series Breaking Bad and its prequel series Better Call Saul. He worked for Saul Goodman as one of his two enforcers alongside Patrick Kuby.

He was played by Lavell Crawford.


Breaking Bad

In Breaking Bad, Huell is first seen as a bodyguard for Saul in his office, later we learn he is a fixer for Saul and is hired to do a bunch of jobs, namely getting the money back from Ted Beneke. Him and Patrick Kuby accidentally paralyze Ted and the job ultimately goes wrong. He is later hired by Walt to lift the ricin cigarette off of Jesse Pinkman to help poision Brock, this sends Pinkman into a rage and he attempts to kill Walt, Saul, and Huell. He is later interrogated by the DEA, and Hank Schrader and he tells them about Walt, he is presumably put into a witness protection system.

Better Call Saul

In Better Call Saul, Huell is a main character. He meets Saul at a mall where Saul gets Huell to slip the battery into Chuck's jacket, he eventually is hired for another job, intimidating the punks who robbed Saul. He eventually becomes a fixer for Saul and in one job he assaults a police officer accidentally. This causes Saul to commit mail fraud for Huell, which eventually works.


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