Huevalia is a female egg from the internet series by Huevocartoon Egg Brother. As sole primary antagonist beceause nasty and hateful. During the abandonment become cannibal (dies in shootout in the final episode).


Since its first appearance was always distant, selfish and aggressive with all participants of the reality, as they advanced the episodes became increasingly intolerant with the rest of their peers, in spite of the lack of respect and lack of education it has kept within program and probably the most feared by all, in the first chapters had a strong rivalry with Huasta because this would conspired through plots to remove.

Last Frame

In one of the final episodes shows his skill in combat, since none could overcome in the fight in the middle of

Huevalia feral nature

chocolate, also after several months of confinement attacked wing camera by shooting a missile with the bazooka and nexts days kills mercilessly huevardo up devour, becoming a ferocious beast similar to the exorcist.

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