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Huge Boss , known in Japan as Giandigus (ギアンディガス Giandigasu) is the main villain from Gekirindan.


Huge Boss is a robotic alien entity who seeks to take over Earth and destroy humanity. He steals a time-travelling machine created in 3195, intending on use it to travel back in time and change mankind's history. Seven people from different eras, seeking to save the world, wanting revenge on Huge Boss or just mercenaries, decide to pursue the villain to stop him.

After a brief confrontation with the heroes, Huge Boss uses the device and travels back to 1942, with the heroes pursuing him. After they destroy the Huge Boss's war machines, they are warped to 1999, where they confront Huge Boss again, who escapes to 2373. Continuing their pursuit, the heroes are taken to the year 4580, where they have their final confrontation with Huge Boss, finally destroying him for good.


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