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What! Thou art not jesting? Can the dead come to life? God be praised if it be so! Our poor lost boy restored to our arms after all these cruel years! Ah, it seems too good to be true, it IS too good to be true—I charge thee, have pity, do not trifle with me! Quick—come to the light—let me scan thee well!
~ Hugh Hendon fakely claims that the real Miles is dead, while talking to Miles Hendon.

Sir Hugh Hendon is the secondary antagonist of the 1881 fiction novel The Prince and the Pauper, by the late Mark Twain. He is a greedy and ruthless brother of Miles Hendon and Arthur Hendon.



Hugh, younger than I, a mean spirit, covetous, treacherous, vicious, underhanded—a reptile. Such was he from the cradle; such was he ten years past, when I last saw him.
~ Miles Hendon criticizes his brother.

Hugh Hendon is completely a greedy, stingy, covetous, treacherous, vicious, underhanded and sadistic person who only cares about for money and title, and according to Miles, Hugh was always like that even when he is a child. He is a liar and cunning intelligent, and sophisticated, he firstly tries to eliminate his enemies with a faux affability, and if he doesn't succeed, he uses his charisma and oppression, imprisons and tortures them.


Hugh Hendon is a twenty-nine years old man with a walrus mustache and goatee. He wears a huge coat, a sweater and a short pants.



Hugh Hendon is a member of the Hendon Family and the youngest son of the Sir Richard Hendon. According to Miles, Hugh is the most loved son of Richard because he is the youngest and everyone hates him. His elder brother, Arthur was betrothed to Arthur from the cradle, but Arthur loves an another woman, and Miles loves Lady Edith. Also, Hugh claims that he loves Edith too but his only goal is earn money and title. Arthur's health goes bad and Hugh thinks that if he overthrows Miles, the title and Lady Edith will marry him. Hugh frames Miles by placing a silken glove of Lady Edith's, and convinces his father that Miles was minded to carry off Edith and marry with her, and Sir Richard states that three years of banishment from home and England might make a soldier and a man of Miles.


After seven years, Miles Hendon goes to the Hall with Edward, and encounters Hugh. Miles wants to hug Hugh amicably, but Hugh refuses it and claims that Miles died six years ago and there is a mix-up. Then, Miles wants to see Sir Richard, Arthur, and the old servants, thus he can be recognized easily. But Hugh states that they died and only five old servants remain; Peter, Halsey, David, Bernard, and Margaret, and leaves the room. Some time later, Hugh comes with Lady Edith and the five servants. And he asks to them if they recognize Miles or not. Lady Edith claims that she doesn't recognize and immediately leaves the room while crying. And the servants claim same thing too. Whereupon, Hugh says that the servants and his wife didn't know him. After Miles hears the 'wife', he pins Hugh to the wall and starts to choke him. Hugh, red-faced, and almost suffocated, reeled to the nearest chair, and commanded the servants to seize and bind Miles. The servants hesitated and one of them said that Miles is armed. Hugh commands the servants to arm themselves and he sends one to fetch the watch, and turns Miles and states that it's futile to try escape, but Miles challenges him and says that he won't escape.

After Hugh leaves, Miles talks to Edith and convinces her to believe him. But Edith states that Hugh is the master in this region and his power is limitless. He commands the people whatever he wants and he will convince everyone that Miles is died and the man is fake. While they talk, officers burst into the room and overpower Miles and Edward.

Some time later, Miles and Edward are punished by whipping him publicly. Edward confronts the officer and yells at him to set Miles free, states that Miles is his servant. The officer gets angry and tells that whip the kid several times. Meanwhile, Hugh appears and suggests that half a dozen will be better. While they prepare to stroke them, Miles yells at them and states that he takes Edward's punishment. Hugh's face lighting with a sardonic satisfaction and orders them to let Edward go and stroke Miles a dozen times. Just Edward while protesting this, Hugh tells him that Miles will get six strokes each word that said by Edward. After that, Miles is punished and later, they set the two free.


At the end of the book, after Edward becomes the king again, Sir Hugh and Lady Edith had only arrived from the country during this morning and and had now been in this room only five minutes. The two look at Edward and Miles in a sort of torpid bewilderment. Some time later, Edward spots him and angrily orders to lock Sir Hugh up for his actions.

Hugh is not punished because his wife and brother would not testify against him. He abandons his wife and went over the continent, and dies at there some time later.


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