Hugh McRae is the main antagonist of Disney's 1972 live action film Run, Cougar, Run, which is based on the 1969 novel The Mountain Lion by Robert William Murphy. He is a professional cougar hunter who wants to hunt down and kill Seeta and her family.

He was portrayed by Stuart Whitman.


After McRae had found Seeta's location, he tells Etio that he is going to have a hunting party with Harry Walker and Barney. Etio tries to warn McRae that Seeta is going to have kittens, but McRae does not listen.

The next day, McRae and Walker bring their hunting dogs to hunt Seeta and they find her and her mate. Seeta and her mate split up and the group chases the Tom. They manage to corner the Tom and shoot his foot with a tranquilizer as he leaps above them. As the Tom is being chased, he ends up at a cliff and tries to make a leap to the other side, but the dart's poison caused him to fall to his death.

A few days later, McRae and his crew find Seeta and they begin chasing her, but the cougar manages to elude them. However, the group returns with a trap and they successfully manage to snare her.

The next day, Etio again warns McRae not to kill Seeta and that she would not harm anyone. McRae does not listen and Etio frees her. Walker comes out and tries to shoot her, but misses. McRae and his crew once again chase after her and Seeta ends up at the same cliff where her mate died. Fortunately, the cat makes a successful jump. McRae fail to catch up to her and demoralisingly return home with failure.


  • Hugh McRae's defeat is similar to The Colonel's defeat from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.


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