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Now it is time for father-son bonding. BOND WITH ME, JIMMY!
~ Hugh Neutron

Hugh Neutron is a main antagonist from seinfeldspitstain's Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour. He serves as an antagonist in the video.


The video begins with Hugh and Jimmy watching the television. His wife Judy comes and informs them that she'll be making dinner soon. Hugh unexpectedly pulls a gun out of his pocket and shoots her with it, killing her. Hugh then tells a nonchalant Jimmy that his mother is dead, and to order a large pizza. Jimmy does as he is told, and Hugh asks Jimmy to "bond" with him, implying off-screen incest.

Hugh is seen later watching television with Jimmy while pointing the shotgun at him, though Jimmy does not seem to mind or really even notice. When the pizza arrives, it jumps out of the deliveryman's hands, and slices Hugh's head off. Jimmy then ends the video by concluding that it was "just another day in the life of Jimmy Nutrin".





  • The video was based on a dream that the user had.
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